Of 120€ to the Swimbait vs 2€ Softbait CHALLENGE💰(what works best?)

Is this 120€ swimbait worth the money or do you catch just as much pike on a 2€ softbait? Let's find out! GIVE AWAY! When this video gets 5000 likes, we will give away the 120€ swimbait (Lycky Pirahna by Lucky Lures) to one of you. Like the video and leave a comment why YOU need it! Feel free to follow us on Instagram to follow our journey between the videos: Get the Monkey Shad 14 cm here: Do you have a fishing shop and want to start selling our lures? Send an email to Sara at and she will set you up! We are currently looking for people who would like to join our subtitling family to create subtitles in German and Russian. Please contact us at and we can continue the discussion there! #pikefishing #challenge #kanalgratis

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