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Bass summer

Perch fishing is really challenging or then fault find in the mirror. No fishing, of course, easy to be either, but yes walleye the fisherman will go better. It is really unbelievable, what kind of walleye flock to the lake might spot. At times, flocks of fish don’t count in dozens, but hundreds.

This summer has been abnormal bass fishery compared to the previous year. Usually perch flocks appear throughout the day, and a beveled probe technologies the jacket is able to always flock to the spot. This summer, the situation is another. Walleye flocks are huge and the bass often among them. Just perch a flock is seen rarely.

Keep the standard went to spawn and until then, when they were spawning stuff in, bass find pretty well. As soon as keep the standard of returned bass stayed on their feet. Maybe keep the standard drove a perch flock away, and only a few individuals were left to hang out kuhien with the same place. The end of the flock swam to the place X, whose coordinates I don’t know yet.

I don’t remember, that fish place had never been so much sekaparvia, than this year. Flock is for the most part come to keep the standard, but also perch and pike.

If the luck of the probe spotted bass and anchored fast sky anchor at the top of them, won’t take long when you keep the standard coming and run the bass off. Or I don’t know whether the bass kuhien due to running away, but now the situation is yes every time gone so that the first becomes some of the bass and all fish below the boat are too keep the standard.

This summer weather are favored in nature for traffic, even if the temperatures are not all the time you weren’t ”maxed out”. In fact, however, I’ll be cooler weather. I’m more rainy weather, upset by, like a cold ☺

Summer always makes me feel that I would like to live in the woods, 😁 One of the reasons is the hammock. I’m no longer surprised why the hammock has received a name like that, I’m totally addicted to it now. I dream of it constantly between two trees, between which to go to depending on the 😆

I love it when we can combine fishing and hammock camping. Earlier in the summer we have been circling a lot of different lakes, but this year we fished mostly Kallavedellä. Although the Lake is not that big of a fish in the lake, or isomukset are few and far between, so still the lake, its islands is so great near the tourist that go there but will always left.

I’ve been researching the areas surrounding the lakes and the Lake its islands are definitely at the top, if you’re thinking about an overnight trip. Other lake of the island is, but less, and many of the island’s cottages. The best thing is go on an excursion to the island, which is uninhabited.

Kallavedellä so often in the island is also became places, and best of all, they works with the city’s firewood supply. Your axe yes you should always carry, but yes finished tree islands in facilitating a weekend-long excursion of the goods in the multitude of. Of course, firewood might be wet and all the islands in the service does not work quite as well, but we’ll always have fire obtained ☺

A week ago was the weekend Kallavedellä. The wind was real hard for many days and hank start in earnest fishing. And the night was pretty cold, too, when sleep was just at the shore and the wind did a sudden 180 degree u-turn and began to blow directly on the lake from our camp. We should tune in tarppeja as well as a ceiling on that wall. Clear was, however, a night without frostbite 😆

The best ”sonar” bass exploration is flock of seagulls. What piece of equipment is nothing like it, because the logs revealed the perch location up to hundreds of meters away.

Logs surface eat

We were in the evening looking for a perch on the loft, when I noticed a lake on the other side of the large gull flock. The flock was so big and loud and it clearly was detected in the lake in the surface of something. Checking the gulls for a while, and thus, when they began to dive into the water. I was going to the boat in the opposite direction, but pretty quickly the bow of the boat made a u-turn, after which Alutroll leave the sliding momentum towards the gulls.

The coincidence was exciting, because we had gone to that fishing spot a few hours earlier and then it didn’t show bass. Now the place smelt and the bottom was full of bass, so to some it perch flocks had appeared. Without the gulls, I wouldn’t have that same ”empty” scene no longer gone.

Weekend the most effective jig was Savage gear’s pink jig with a yellow stomach
Something of the same silver-gray in kuoreessa and pink yellow your bait perch the view was…

The line tightened as soon as the jig fell into the water. The fish was really big area and a little off to the side logs to keep the eating surface. The biggest perch was around 30cm. Perch eating lasted an hour and I think that hitting a fade in effect at the time, because many times the bass will go to sleep in the summer the ten countries 😁 When a bass eats the silence, keep the standard of visiting the scene.

Usually we don’t ärsyvärejä used, but sometimes it’s worth

We have to stay on the scene longer to fish keep the standard, but we headed to the island to sleep. We have been every time this summer aim to wake up in the morning early to fish the morning intake, but almost always plans have gone awry. And the reason the south went to the hammock.

The hammock is simply malta climb the morning away. Although waking up in good time, so as you press the force back to the stick. That feeling no words can describe that how wonderful is to sleep in the water clean air for breathing and the sounds of nature listening. And the sleeping position in a hammock is always good, if you compare even the tent.

On Sunday the wind had somewhat died down, but it’s just hard for me. We dismantled the camp and packed the boat. We found olli’s back on the big perch of the flock and the time when it would have been perch below, the wind was too hard to fish.

Yes, this would be fishing for, but too hard the weather 🙁
And bass, interspersed with, surprise surprise, also had these =)
Olli’s back the wind

Due to wind we had to search for fish protection places, but one small perch in the loft, except for what is no longer found.

Little perch in a little deeper
Involved the flock in and fish up =)
Information for re-flock in and fish up =)

Weather forecasts are many times the beginning of the week to scare him, that the weekend’s wind and rain. Then the closer you get to Friday is gone, the smaller the rain forecast for the beam are shortened. And finally the water may not have rained as just a little bit or not at all.

Last weekend had the original according to forecasts, the rain just pouring down for two days, but eventually pour rain were only a little deaf old man as spiced up with.

We could spend the whole weekend on the island, because already on Saturday afternoon was in store as terrible weather conditions, that the kind of observe you prefer your own home window, as tarpin over the island.

Friday was the purpose of the first fish until the evening, after which go to the islands to sleep. The day started really hard. Bass or any fish, not to be seen anywhere. A few individual small to keep the standard view, but I got the first bites only after three hours of searching after.

And actually fish where you finally went, was one of the old ”emergency site”, which is almost always life. And then there was now. Keep the standard was pretty shocking the amount of 8-9 meters of the embankment and the embankment back and forth to run in the sloping probe to draw a page too keep the standard. Keep the standard were very large area and fortunately the same bank, but to find a perch on the coat, they just were a little deeper, about 9-10 feet.

Walleye is a lot then, if the probe draw this several hundred square meters of area
Hey, I found there a few ahvenkin

Kuhamato in all sizes of fish. Or maybe they mörkökuhia not the goal, but we were perch trying several no. 30-50cm keep the standard.

Perch fishing is in that kind of places challenging. Fish has hundreds of them, but keep the standard of them probably 95%. And jig of choice can not keep the standard to avoid, because to keep the standard of having mikrojigeihinkin.

Continued bass searching, but to no avail. Actually, going back a piece or the island side of the but, there was keep the standard. I’ve noticed that keep the standard are ronkelimpia jig of the color because although the below would be what kind of walleye carpet, all the colors do not really fit them. If there would be a similar perch on the carpet, yes there’s at least some bites would almost all have jigeillä, what box of the find.

Day eight went to find the island, where the camp. In many of the island’s rocky beaches and landing for that reason difficult. I’m scared also always the stern of the boat to the sensors. Many good island is supposed to skip the landfall problem.

On Friday they were looking for one of the island class and the appropriate face, which would get the boat nicely parked and tried no matter how many nooks. Fortunately, the island on the other side I finally found one kolonen.

And supported otherwise, search for it the point of landfall, as we were perhaps the greatest camp spot ever. Just a staggering place. I took a panoramic photo of the beach and when I looked at the photos, I was wondering that can this be true, that I myself get to be this image of the main character, i.e. happiness pekkana, which is that the hammock crawls the night. That picture was all ❤

This television will always a good program, this could look forever <3

The next morning, fish in the morning eating was and went, I was for a time the sleeping 😆 I Looked at the weather and know that weather conditions will deteriorate this afternoon. I was browsing through the coming hours of the forecasts and what the heck, the weather had been a miracle of healing.

The storm wasn’t anymore and since the weather looked nice and dry and wind-free until the next day, we decided to continue weekend trips to one a night. This summer we had spent Kallavedellä so many nights that we wanted some variation, so the lake was selected Juurusvesi. Before Juurusvedellä transition, however, we had still time to fish Kallavedellä.

Life cycle of beach cliff

Camp after unloading left we see the previous day’s walleye carpet to see if there would find now more perch jacket. Nutrition in fish, certainly there is, because there was so much predatory fish, so why food will not attract also perch there.

They reached the place and still there was a walleye, but no longer quite so much. The probe is difficult to interpret, if there is a lot of small walleye, as they may show the probe also perch night. To always try almost all of the fish screen, to get a confirmation on the species.

Keep the standard of there immediately grabbed the fishing rod, so they moved on to clear. The probe began to draw more bass to the suggestive arc and the first to throw a giant swarm gives a 33cm bass. Oh, now we’re getting somewhere!

The first roll of the perch loft and immediately 33cm perch

And sure enough, as soon as the first perch after the sky I heard thunder. What was that? The weather report is not yes in the morning seemed no thunder refers to the Kuopio. I turned to the jyrähdyksen direction and there was half a sky sized dark gray cloud cluster coming toward us.

I looked at the weather radar of the meteorological institute of the page, and yes, ukkosrintama was coming directly towards us. Can’t be true!

I don’t want to play the thunder, and since the cabin of the bay to the port was more than 10 miles, we decided to go towards the harbour.

I drove Alutrollin gas in the bottom and Juha acted as a ”backseat” in real time stormtracker in. Now struck by lightning! And now it strikes again! During the trip you will see five bolts of lightning and yes, it was the right moment to go towards the beach.

We went home and were watching the weather forecast. If the air is any thunder, so I’m not sure of the source waters. A few hours of rain and thunder after the weather began to brighten up, so we dared go toward the hedgehog to the lake and Juurusveteen.

Lowered the boat from Siilinjärvi heatsink of the lake 😁 We had time to fish two or three hours, after which we went to the island.

We drove to the hedgehog lake Juurusvedellä and we are looking for fish from a few fish place. I think that the lake Kallavesi is hard to find a perch, but what about then juurusveden of! Not stripe shirt stripe shirt and kuhaakin much less, than Kallavedessä.

Well I must confess that the fault is there in the mirror. Yes the other fish in those lakes lifting presents, but I don’t yet know. Well, maybe practice makes perfect…

Was finally a few perch and keep the standard of our island next, after which there was a good go ready for bed.

This kuhalla was really nice fins

Magnificent camp island just keeps getting better. Although Juurusvesi was almost a year, so it didn’t matter any, because it offers such a nice setting for overnight stays. Can the island stay on the hook? Well I can answer myself: can.

I read one article in the middle of tourism and I realized immediately that hammock camping near the lake is real close tourism. No need to go on a plane thousands of miles away to experience something awesome.

Night island is a real experience. I have learned to appreciate the Finnish nature even more now, when I’m so close to it. Of course nature has always been wonderful and the fishing often remains but to stare at the stunning scenery, but now when the hammock retkeillessä has been able to spend time on the island and sleep all the water, waves lapping to listen, nature has become even closer. It really is unique, that a few miles from the doorstep you can experience something this great.

Juurusveden the island had become a place and anyway the island was really top. Think it is the finest of the island are rocky islands, which grow mostly coniferous trees. The island was exactly the kind of and best of all, the landing was really easy to sand beach thanks. We enjoyed the wonderful campfire made the evening meal, after which it was time to go to bed.

In the morning I was woken by seagulls sounds. I was thinking that I was asleep and had a dream surface to eat from or whether I was already awake. Listen to the screaming a little while and if he was asleep yet so much, opened my eyes, that where the voice properly heard.

Little groggy from my nap I saw a white lake-breathing birds really large area and the moment go, before I realized what was going on. Although the hammock is always hard to get up in the morning, this time unihiekat rapisivat eyes a record pace, because I realized that now is really the case.

Surface eating the horizon =)

The previous day we had but a few perch contact and maybe we will now offer was a raft more of them. Seagulls ate some really gigantic kuoreparvia fish, because the birds were really large area.

I woke suddenly, John and I said that now is not the time to eat breakfast, I have to go now. Juha stagger half asleep to the boat and we went directly towards the gulls.

When it came to birds, smelt splashed at the surface and clearly someone or some of those in the drove. Usually, when has been found the surface of eating, or whenever you have been found in surface eating, water is to be below a reasonable amount. Probe is seen, when the bass syöksähtelevät from the bottom towards the kuoreparvi to.

Now the situation was a little more tricky, because the water was below 18 meters. Smelt was a mat six feet, but no larger predatory fish we probe seen. The scene was difficult to stay in the fish without predator fish sightings, so we continued on to the lowest.

They were some time in the shallow rock next to it, but the catch was only 20-150g perch. I was thinking afterwards that if we had then advocated the vertsut the logs of the house, because there is kuoreet for fun in the surface bounce…

Mr. Manu spinners have a small, but real multi-track bass

We returned to the island for breakfast. I looked at the-day weather forecast and there was coming with the thunder this afternoon. It was decided to break camp immediately after breakfast and fish until the weather permits. We had a relatively short trip to siilinjärvi to the port, so a flash to explore follow was map thunderstorm movements.

The fish is still found. Or mini size for bass was a lot more movement, but they were a little tricky to fish, when not even the jig fit in the mouth. Went was Jälän side and there were a few perch, but not in a cheer where the amount of fish in there either.

Return was Juurukselle and afternoon to find schools of fish, which were again their sekaparvia, where the majority of is zander. The sky was getting dark synkkene and rain fronts coming from the east. The rain dodges were we started pretty well, but because it is now seen several times, when thunder was born in an instant out of nowhere, so it was found that the best thing to do is go towards the port. When raised to the boat on a trailer, it started raining. Good timing. The weekend was still top, even though much of the fish catch didn’t come.

I brought a couple of food for walleye and smoker they ruodottomina fillets, yum!

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The first half of June the fish were and hammock camping was Kallavedellä. Juha described the weekend a video and it can now be found on youtube of the Fish we luck channel. Channel get put in order 😁

The article Bass summer holidays was first published in the FISH WE LUCK.

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