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A week ago I thought about winter and the fact that I wonder if next weekend’s weather to fish. Well, fortunately, I was!

It was on Saturday fishing South Kallavedellä. A wheelbarrow is not required, but bass fishing the most important thing, i.e. luck, was needed. Fortunately, I was lucky.

Here Savo is already night frosts and it was decided Saturday’s fishing spot until Saturday morning, because our primary intention was to go Suvasvedelle. It was, however, it’s small but, that yöpakkasen chance.

When the meter was showing Saturday morning at -2C, was rejected Suvasveden plan. The road would certainly have been the dawn of a slick and did not bother to take the boat back for repair, when it only was okay. Likely Alutroll should kellahtanut the narrow and slippery road somewhere in a ditch, so played it safe and elected to fish a place closer to home.

The boat was in the morning frozen 🙂

Deer in the back was seen last weekend and that trip was that little fluke with the exception of really hard. Couldn’t find fish anywhere! I didn’t want to spend a similar fish of the day to the same places for strolling, because the fish searching was so challenging. It was therefore decided to go fishing a little closer to the city and was lowered to the boat Kumpusaaresta.

Towards the port

Kumpusaaren marina

Really nice October weather!

Lovely autumn colors

It was the first test by a couple of weeks ago near the place, which was pretty good for a food fish. Now not a single sign of life, but the bass had gone away. We headed straight on olli’s back, which is really good perch memories of last summer. Jokes that one day, when the counter clicked 162 bass, phew.

On Saturday these wild summer perch karkeloista could but dream. Didn’t see it the same strawberry spot about anything and I thought to myself, that looks like exactly the same, so are olli’s back, or the deer in the back, perch is not found.

Kuhatkin have been something in the new place, when kuhamato you are lost completely. One spot shows individual fish here and there, but they were very sparse, no flocks.

Desperate, however, it was decided to try even a few of them to keep the standard, when nothing else was available. They individual keep the standard have now been really deep, over ten feet. I drove the boat to the embankment back and forth and trying to decide a suitable sky anchor place. Challenging to fish, if the fish appears at ten-metre intervals. It’s not going to reach heittelemä with either their distant fish.

Time penkala deep way and I told Juha that put the Motorguide down. In the same sonar screen began to draw a lot of fish, although in the past this, but long intervals keep the standard. Could this cluster be the perch and where the heck are they suddenly appeared when I didn’t spot them earlier, even sloping probe?

I put immediately after the sky anchor the top and took a eager rod in your hand. Now let’s test whether they are bass!

And they were ? the Fish began to rise in the boat as a summer top trips ever and get was perch up to them by the intermediate of the water. It’s such a wonderful feeling when you find active perch flock! It’s like getting seven right on the lottery, except I don’t have the lottery of experience. Know even if the perch loft finding seemed to be even better.

The flock was both smaller that the bigger fish

A little matter of the boat appears around the surface eating and yesterday was probably the first time in life, when we were without logs on the surface of the eating party. I wonder if the birds have already traveled to the south.

Jig for tärppine the perch spit under bark and boat around the float as well as the already half-melted just fresh kuoreita. By the way, was a really great situation, when it was discovered John with the boat next to the surface of the smelt and came to perch on the envelope beside her and sucked the fish into his mouth, followed by perch press into the depths. Never seen a similar ☺

Bass … also had to keep the standard and Juha got up to one of the dimensions of the walleye, too. Held bass alamittana about 30 cents and the smaller the count was back. I’m sure the counter would again seem pretty nice to read by the end of the day, if I had the bass been calculated. I didn’t think this year could have been getting some good perch catches ☺

This baby kuhakin bite the perch loft …

Vertikaalijigasin most of the time and always between the sonar screen was quiet. Then a few minutes the screen begins to draw kuoreparvi, followed by the display shows the predatory fish. A good tactic was to put the jig in the middle of the kuoreparvi (or less), and only keep the jig in place and wait for the bites. Will really miss winter and involved the jigging, while also then in place held the lure to fish very effectively.

Bass kuoreparvi below, my jig was to flock the inside and the picture shows the perch sharkbait

When kuoreparvi appears on the screen, the jig should immediately calculate the flock under and after the bass started tärppimään

Yesterday in place, the jig was more effective, than the store. Perhaps the water as it cools perch they want to make us something slower moving lures. Seems you think otherwise water cold expansion also kuoreiden movement? What is the summer crust of average speed compared to the winter kuoreeseen, would anyone have research data on =D

Yesterday definitely the best jig was Lucky John 3” Makor. Size match to the perch to eat by kuoreissa and in fact when you look at the landscape as well as the water and sky color, makor to color match them also. Blue sky reflected in the lake surface and kuoreissa appear in shades of blue, just like Makorassakin.

Like two peas in a pod (or Makor?) Makor the colors are faded, when the bass are eating it so much.

I have sometimes heard, that the lure of color should take the tips for the current weather and the scenery. Came to mind one summer evening, when the sunset appears in shades of orange and at the same moment I got a big perch orange jigillä. Coincidence?

Was olli’s back to fish the spot for five hours. Well, it really couldn’t go anywhere, when the active fish once was under. Do the fish a place hiljennyttyä always small, a few meters transitions and clear bass, toured for a spot of shell. Between kuoreparvi läiski at the surface and in between it went to the bottom.

Was a good food fish, the biggest bass weighed a little over 400g

It may be that yesterday’s fishing trip was the last of the season. The weather may change in an instant winter sex and boat winter storage put for the is forced to reckon with every day. Now the waters still do ice fishing overalls, but as long as the waters cool to about eight degrees of add, and average air temperature fell close to zero, then it is maybe better to stay on the mainland.

After five ports, because the night falls early

Rospuutto the time is not fun, but it is a necessary evil in this hobby. The same thing it’s always in the spring, but yes it takes, when you know that after that get the hobby again after a long time a ”new” fish.

I guess it must be starting to involved the stocks to watch and do a little inventory for the winter. I have many winter complaints every trip ice fishing with my hundred involved. This winter the number will be reduced for all vieheille simply does not have time to give the duration of the swim. This coming winter will also need to try the jigs harder when they pikkujigit work even in the summer vertsussa so well. Why not in winter?

But now let’s go a week at a time. Of course in the direction of the lake again next weekend, if the weather permit.

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