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Perch flocks of spotted

Difficult it is to bass fishing lately, but now that is a long time to get the stomach full smoke bass, so can’t write on the weekend hearings on the blog 🙂

Saturday was really windy the weather. The wind was seven to eight meters per second and gusts well over ten. Although our boat is a very stable and wide, not in the fierce wind and waves driving and fishing have nothing to treat. I’ve had that 7-8 meters wind still reasonable fishing and I dare them to wind on to the lake to go, but if the winds are ten hujakoilla or over, I’ll find something else to do on a fishing trip in instead 🙂

In windy weather I choose the lake, always with the wind direction and try to find a smaller lake, where the wind could not get hurjistu country just terrible. For example, the Suvasvesi would be pretty hopeless fished hard mood, when there is no island at all. Sotka’s back is pretty bad, though it’s not a big area. Amazing hard to get there, however, always the wind.

Saturday night wind from the southwest and eagles water was just the right size lake windy day fishing trip. Thus, törötimme tendon power the boat ramp first thing in the morning 🙂

Span the power of a new bridge to be completed little by little

Recently, perch flocks finding has been challenging, but keep the standard again, it would seem that place. The same formula continued eagles water. I’ve gone many times to the wire this summer, when you keep the standard are pretending to have ahveniksi. Seriously, walleye flocks are beginning to be bigger than the perch loft and if anything, it’s weird. In the old days it was the other way around.

Keep the standard they these were, even more hoping

This summer I’ve come up with a good gimmick kuhien detection, when we have a plotter in Sonarcharts live, i.e. the map card to draw all the time in real-time the real depth of the curves of the boat. Usually I look for fish in the back pateilta, as they have proven to be quite effective as a fishing spot.

After a period of stalemate over, then pat the highest point is kuhien favorite place. I don’t know what they keep the standard in a stalemate laessa fascinating, but 99% of the stalemate on the fish we found on has been to keep the standard. Then again, the perch loft you have found patti on the edges, meaning not so flat areas, rather the banks.

Eagles of the water, we didn’t find any perch in the back pateilta or even their bank, it keep the standard had taken over those areas. Zander was incredibly much and we’re not supposed to complain when the fish is at least found, but yes this is starting to be a bit frustrating. Savo is a walleye fisherman’s dream area, I don’t think that any lake with no walleye to be found (well Virmasvesi of course, but it doesn’t to me have not given anything else).

That is, the time difficult it is to be without walleye catches remain, although of course there are days that the fish does not eat, but if jigikala whole summer in these waters, so walleye’s for sure.

Eagles water walleye

Note the walleye in the cute bobtail

I have been advised to go low in search of perch. A week ago the bass is already a bit and now this weekend the eagles with water a few walleye place after we went to the reeds next to flip jigs. If the perch is not back pateilla, so you don’t have to look there.

The first roll of the reeds to the edge to give the right bass and we looked at John with each other flabbergasted. Was the point to rotate the half-day walleye spots? I should just listen to the wiser and come straight to shallow.

Bass click every throw, and it doesn’t perch the whole nothing special had, but the biggest jigiin grabbed the striped shirt, however, was 32cm. It was great to follow, when the fish bite jigiin like the reeds along the edge and then when the fish reel in your his boat, so the fish was followed by a big flock of other perch. The same phenomenon than a week ago.

Shaker f’s pink Huntershad was Saturday most bass mind

It’s somehow really difficult to go fishing blind in the reeds next, when it is accustomed to the fact that the probe displays the total time the fish situation around. Maybe I’m uusavuton, when I was able to fish without electronics, but somehow it is nicer to first spot a fish on the sonar and then try to get them ?

The airport was next to =)

Bass was in the reeds next to the lot and when to shave the shallows off the coast, so between the probe almost freaked out when the boat was under so much nutrition in fish. Or at least I suspect it’s a little fish, like a really thick chop mat ”from the floor to the ceiling” and I need to bass more to do, than keep your mouth open, so get their stomach full.

What will the little fish be?

Also keep the standard had a flock under the pleasure from food

The reeds represent the just had the windward side and because the wind was all day really hard, so maybe it had pushed the little fish masses in the shallows of the foreground and the bass had come to chop the stern. During the day were a few criteria you need a perch and I also ruokakuhia, because it is free of food refuse. Yes zander you should eat now, because in the winter the walleye fillets is useless to dream of.

Saturday biggest walleye was 52cm

The boat was the sky anchor in and although the waves were between really hard, so it is MG of the exact to keep the boat ”under control”. It is so nice to fish when there’s no need to cuss rope anchor always on the ”wrong face” and the boat from side to side sailing.

This was a park without problems

Saturday night the swell wasn’t as hard

On Saturday I had a Brace a favorite, because I got all the food fish as the perch with the exception =D

On Sunday the weather calmed and the weather forecast looked like incredibly good fishing weather conditions: partly cloudy skies and wind are just a couple of meters per second. The truth, however, was something else. Wasn’t a breeze about and the sun beats down in the cloudless sky. The temperature was supposed to be, but the 20C, though we sweat ran noroina. Maybe more like 120C. Yes by the way place back and now I don’t mean fishing spots, regards, red ?

I wanted to leave after a long time to check out the deer in the back perch place, because they have worked well in the autumn. It was interesting to see whether the bass they normal in 6-8 meters of the place at the back, lumps side in the or are also deer in the back bass to go low. Deer in the back has a few fishing spots, which can be probably said as a fishing spot. I feel that they have become always fish, when it’s been them.

Deer in the back here I come

Go first thing in the morning on the first sure to the scene and eventually it’ll take four hours. The fish was ?

What have we here?

Lovely bass, it sure would miss a good flock

For once, the stalemate, that keep the standard had not been captured, although, of course, also its a stalemate at the highest point was kuhien camp.

The familiar view of all the back pateilta this summer: walleye carpet

Fortunately, the space was however left ahvenelle, and I don’t have the whole summer to see so much perch, what Sunday. Or that one trip was the beginning of the summer, when the counter knocking in a few hours 170 perches, but Sunday’s perch on the amount of pat’s was probably the same caliber. I’m guessing it was a bass family reunion.

Fish the average size was once again nothing earth-shattering, but not completely the mini size. The largest were fair 30cm and smoked fish were obtained. All of the perches come in 6-8 feet.

Juha had room in one step the little perch on your bait stick and I was wondering that what that old man began to come at the country. Well, bass had grabbed the bigger fish caught and it was revealed haueksi. Pike didn’t let the grip go, but surged into the hotel boat next to the perch polo-mouth.

The water got to be a vortex, when the pike took a fishing line

I expect all the time, that when the pike came off, because it wasn’t attached to anything. It remained on the line only holding the bass firmly shut. I’ve heard similar stories before, but never with my own eyes seen one before.

Pike have a perch on the corner of his mouth to

Most amazing fact is that it was pike in there until it was the size of four or five pounds. Pike remove the grip on the perch as soon there after and perch on the poor kid had quite the crazy last moments.

Perch in the side of the bad tracks of the pike’s teeth, so it had to turn necks, but on the other hand, the boat next to nakottanut logs was very grateful to our solution, when nose in front to become dinner than Manu. The cycle of nature.

You poor thing, what processing have you

We saw four hours during several times of surface-eating and small fish bounce on the surface when bass drove them back. At the same time gulls and terns were hovering nearby, so were able to snatch a small fish from the surface.

The birds of control

What do you think the little fish was, when I saw a few times the small fish in the bird’s mouth and I’m guessing fish sizes, maybe only 5-7cm. Perhaps that’s why Sunday, when the really small jigs the best, although the bigger jigs I tried.

They had to go home already in the afternoon, when it was horrible the size of squalls was coming Kuopiota towards. Is it supposed to rain and therefore the rain clothes not to be included, so the wet and the fishing is not attracted. The weather also changed in an instant really cold when the sun went behind the cloud and began to kick some ass. Yes that’s sweat dried up pretty quickly. Autumn came in three minutes.

Swing was the cabin in the bay and went home to wait for rain, which never came. Holy, I say to those predictions.

Food fish for processing into smoked fish, yum

Bass suolautua out in the hot brine

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