So, now is the trip back! There was so nearly a week Ruokkeen holiday village, summer bay, where we had information for jig lovers meeting for the fifth time. This year, the crowd was significantly less than in previous years, but at least it’s not fish number in any way negatively affected. This year was […]

Vihdoin on päästy pilkkikausi aloittamaan täällä Savossa. Ensimmäinen pilkkireissu venyi tämän vuoden puolelle asti ja vasta 1.1. jäätilanne oli sellainen, että pilkille uskalsi lähteä. Kalastustaukoa ehti tulla kaksi kuukautta ja huh huh, että meinasi aika käydä pitkäksi. Loka-marraskuussa oli pieniä pakkasia ja olin aivan varma, että joulukuun alkupuolella pääsee pilkille, mutta vaikka muutamassa paikassa jo […]

Avovesikausi alkaisi pian olla taputeltu jigikalastuksen osalta. Jäiden tuloon on varmasti vielä viikkoja aikaa, mutta kalat alkavat olla sen verran kankeita, että niiden saaminen jigillä meinaa olla hankalaa. Kalojen käytöksessä on tapahtunut selkeä muutos kesään nähden ja oikeastaan Aila-myrskyn jälkeen kalat passivoituivat yhtäkkiä. Myrskyn aikana ja sen jälkeen vedet viilenivät viisi astetta muutamassa päivässä ja […]

After a long time of time while the blog was updated to consultations. Somekanavat think I have diligently used (Facebook and Instagram) and will be there to make publications more often than here on my blog. If you don’t already follow me ko. in the channel, you should take them over This summer has been […]

The last few weeks have worn quickly. Waters has become a spent a lot of time and even if that Kallavesi familiar with the lake is, yet there is still so much uncharted territory. Just need to diligently study and observe everything below the surface is shown. I’ve been able to do with client gigs […]

Do you know what? I don’t have currently any nasty winter! Although the information for the float of kirpeässä weather in the wonderful it is, so yes these Finnish summer awesome your aktiviteetteineen are great stuff also. Recently, the Lake’s waves might have been seen pörhältämässä one of the black boat. I’m totally fond of […]

The blog has been quiet, although the summer is already long. Now things will change and I can get back to do the fish updates. The reason for silence life was a craft in default. I started this summer as a fishing guide operation, so the old Alutroll 485CC need to upgrade to a bit […]

Yes, this spring went to a terrible ride over, the last blog, the post is already several weeks. Or kevättäkin we still live, but I mean now spring ice fishing trips, I think they end this. This winter was really strange. The top worry was whether there will be any ice at all, well come. […]

We have been for several years a tradition to organize information for wild winter date puruvesi in Ruokkeen holiday village. Usually the dates have always been week four. This year it happened that way, that we had to cancel the whole date bad ice conditions because of the. Annoyed like so much, when Ruokkeelle is […]

This has been an extraordinary winter in all respects. Firstly, as soon as through the first ice fishing trip of the broke pound limit of bass, and the second trip on the ice rose still almost every night, dreams of the upcoming record perch. Every day watching the fish on the wall and I remember […]