DELICIOUS Catch & Cook in a REMOTE lake (Northern Sweden)ūüć≥

This video is a part of a collaboration with Kiruna Fishing School. They are opening a new international fishing guide school the 1st of August 2021. This is the school for you who want to dedicate your life to the wilderness, to learn different fishing methods, and learn how to make a living out of your passion for the nature. Make your dreams come true and read more about this once in a lifetime opportunity at: Pike has a bad reputation when it comes to eating it. Muddy, boney and in general bad tasting. On Milles and Saras trip to Kiruna they took help from our local expert Rasmus Rannestam to show you that it isn´t that bad after all. If you are going to try this recipe yourself, remember to not take a pike that is too big or too small, a middle sized pike is perfect for eating. Here is Milles special designed flatnose mini that you can order yourself. And you can spice it up how much you want! Try designing your own colours in Photofish! Follow us on instagram:
@kanalgratis #pikefishing

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