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Perhaps the most difficult weekend ever. Well I’m sure sometime before said the same stupid trip, but now it was really inconvenient. I probably shouldn’t have banging suspenders and ”complain”, when Savo lakes are full of walleye. Heh Heh, that’s what you get ?

Guess how many the dimensions of the walleye to come this weekend? Zero! Kuhamato were totally lost everywhere and only a few undersized fish can be found. Was amusing situation on Saturday, when we were fished ten hours like 20-30 feet keep the standard and then when the boat rose to 40 feet tall, they were staring at John with each other, puzzled, that what, is that big keep the standard of there!? =D

Two days of fish search after it began to be already so desperate that rooster fish fishing line from the received time of the madly feeling of success. Good thing you didn’t already facebook I put a guppy photos out. Then I realized that maybe not everyone will like it hannapartasahventa as a great achievement, as I am myself. Work the fish to the front, however, was made.

The weekend was really windy and I don’t think less than five meters the wind be at any stage. Saturday was spent in the North-Kallavedellä and we were already a little before six in the morning to the port. Longer does not make sense to leave in the morning to fish, as the sun comes up until half six.

Saturday morning we still don’t know how difficult the day is coming

Two hours of searching after I finally got the first fish and it was about a 25 inch walleye. Is not real.

The day’s first fish, maybe it will turn out good…

Spent another two hours and we spotted a five-meter area perch of the flock. It began with fireworks and the boat was lovely a lot of bass. The biggest was 32cm and a few other criteria were bracket, but about an hour after eating to fade.

Hours we had so much fun =)

However, I was full of hope that the perch of the flock, because now I know what areas to start looking. Looking for hours, I’ll find another, I’m looking for a third… Four hours after leaving was to watch the back side, which I’m still looking for a couple of hours. Laugh. How can I rotate so empty seats.

I got one blog reader a message that ”sonar fishing is power fishing, the purpose of which is to kill the fish to extinction.” Yes, my fishing is the real power fishing ? Or maybe those fish are already extinct ? No but seriously, the truth is that sonar is not one of those fish extinct way. Fish can also responsibly and not all of the obtained fish need to papitus.

Big back, the wind swung the boat between too much already, so the aim was to fish suojaisampia places

They were looking for fish up to kallan bridges under, not found there either =)

The weather was grey almost the entire day

We were in the waters around the clock and the home that she was only a few perch. Saturday wasn’t the problem the fact that the fish had been bad, very modern, but the problem was that the fish simply did not have any.

I woke up Sunday morning with hope, despite how difficult the previous days had been. I looked at the wind direction and chose the fish as a place Juurusveden. Landing the boat was a familiar way the tendon flow next to the bridge, where we headed to old for a good fishing spot.

Kallaveteenhän I have a hate love relationship, when it can be so difficult and stupid. Juurusvesi in the lake where fish should be found, at least keep the standard.

Juurusvesi is dark, watery, and has always obtained the perch and keep the standard of there in less than six feet. To investigate familiar and some unknown fishing spot and in the afternoon many hours of searching after was not for posterity to tell. Never found anything other than the minimum size for walleye and they nearly nine meters, so I was just thinking that I wonder how deep they perch would have been.

You would think juurusveden of the big things to find, but not

At one point I tried to adjust the probe sensitivity to enlarge, when I was beginning to suspect, that any perturbation is the thing, when the fish is not showing anything. All electronics, however, play perfectly, and who then can be blamed if the devices are in good condition, boat is in shape and fishing equipment are in good condition. Well then look in the mirror and find the culprit there.

I guess these stupid trips should take a lesson and reflection after the fact, that why the fish did not eat and where the fish actually were, but when I can’t think of an answer and continue to the weekend events seem so incredible. How billions of fish can be lost instantly?

This would normally be a fish…

Juurusvesi did not give any target fish, i.e. perch. Was used as a measure of last resort and the drive was juurusveden of Jälällä and was observed in that lake. Jälä is really bright watery and quite a difference is the probe in the picture, when comparing dark – and clear-water lakes with each other. In the clear water all of the fish screen to draw a really bright and clear screen.

They don’t fish screens many be the and actually largest part of the screen was a fish, maybe cheese. The swarm below was, however, predators and at least three of the pike were in the boat. At that point it was already all the same what type of fishing line to tighten.

I got Jälästä also a couple of bass and clearly would have had a chance to get more. Small salakan to bounce so much at the surface and between the water surface properly aroused, when bass drove the bleak flock together. Then ten salakat bounce to the surface at the same time. And those little fish going after the beasts really were perch, eyes bright in the water appear as well, when the little fish go just below the surface and stripe shirt ran small fish behind. Just insanely great looking situations, that I’ve never seen before.

Even a small perch can make a desperate fisherman happy

Tendon power of the new big bridge

On Sunday we fished for eight hours and home took was an empty cooler. How sad. But on the other hand, I guess this can little time to hunger to be, because the paragraph should begin with the so-called bass fishing in the golden era! Until then ?

The article detective is not found in the first published FISH WE LUCK.

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