EXPLORING Small Remote Lake with Float Tubes (BIG PIKE SURPRISE)

This video is a part of a collaboration with Kiruna Fishing School. They are opening a new international fishing guide school the 1st of August 2021. This is the school for you who want to dedicate your life to the wilderness, to learn different fishing methods, and learn how to make a living out of your passion for the nature. Make your dreams come true and read more about this once in a lifetime opportunity at: In this episode Mille & Sara travels to Kiruna, in the very Northern parts of Sweden. In the first episode they reach out to the local expert Rasmus Rannestam to explore a small lake from the float tubes. There is pike in almost every small lake in Kiruna, but how big do they grow in this small remote lake? Fishing from a float tube can be challenging, but also very rewarding since you can reach any water where it would be impossible to launch a boat. Enjoy this video and share it with your friends! Find all the gear used in this episode on Create your own style of Photofish colours here: Follow us on instagram:
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