FLY TYING: Articulated Streamer đŸ”„ (Wiggle Minnow by Daniel M.)

Looking for an articulated streamer with everything extra on it, while also being quick and easy to tie? Well, Daniel Bergman has got you covered with the "Wiggle Minnow" – perfect for brown trout, perch, sea trout or any other hungry predatory fish. MATERIAL LIST:
Thread: Textreme Power Thread 100 den.
Front: Flymen Fish Spine 15 or 20 mm depending on size of fly.
Hook: Partridge Attitude Extra size 1 or 2.
Wings and abdomen: Whting Superbou Grizzly
Magic Head R13
Body: Long Hair Holographic Chenille Silver or Pearl
Tail: Wave Tail #M White Skin
Eyes: Stick on Eyes 5,5 mm FL. Red
Top of head: Gulff Grand Daddy Silver glitter
Underside of head: Gulff Ambulance Fl. Red
Coating of head: Gulff Classic or Thinman GIVE AWAY! Leave a comment why you need this one in your fly box and we will give away the exact fly tied in this video. Follow us on Instagram: Check out the Tie TV playlist for more fly tying videos: #flytying #streamer #tietv

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