FLY TYING: After the Fly with a Built-in Asset, the Head đŸ”„ (Hover Fly 2.0 by Niklaus Bauer)

Some days when pike fly fishing, the difference between succeeding or not can be to fish a fly extremely slow that also stays 100% suspending in the stops. That's why Niklaus Bauer created the original "Hover Fly" more than 10 years ago – a great pattern that has caught a lot of big fish but it hasn't gotten too much attention in recent years. It was time to make the Hover Fly 2.0. MATERIAL LIST:
Hook: Partridge Predator CS86 X 4/0, Partridge Z4 size 1 or Ahrex TP610 #4/0 and PR382 #1
Wire: Bauer pike wire titanium Glue: Zap brush on, Epoxy, Gulff UV resin Classic
Thread: Textreme Power thread 100D Tail Connection: Fastach size 0, 3mm bead glow in the dark
Tail: Dragon tail XL, Holo silver or Copper
Eyes: Epoxy eyes 5,5mm glow in the dark
Head: Brown Bucktail, Bauer’s Premium Nayat in Nightmare before Christmas, Flashabou in Copper, holo copper, Polarflash in Gold, Ripple ice fiber in copper and Peacook, Predatordubbing in J.K Craw
Tail: White Bucktail, Hedron Magnum Flashabou Opal Mirage, silver and Holo silver Body: Polar Reflector flash in silver, Double barrel Popper medium White. Check out the orginial Hover Fly from 2010: GIVE AWAY! Leave a comment why you need this one in your fly box and we will give away the exact fly tied in this video. Follow us on Instagram: Check out the Tie TV playlist for more fly tying videos: #flytying #pikefly #tietv

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