FLY TYING: Sculpin/Goby by Niklaus Bauer 👌 (Perch/Trout Streamers)

If you're into perch fly fishing with streamers, you will simply need a bunch of these sculpin/goby imitations in your fly box. Well, the same applies if you prefer casting chunky streamers for big brownies… However, in this tutorial Niklaus Bauer from Fly-Dressing will walk you through step-by-step exactly how to tie one of his favorite flies for perch and brown trout. GIVE AWAY! Leave a comment why you want this exact fly tied by Niklaus and we will pick one of you within one week of the release of this video. MATERIAL LIST:
Hook: Partridge Attitude streamer 1/0
Shank: Articulated Fish spine 10,15 and 20mm
Glue: Zap brush on, Devcon Epoxy, Gulff UV resin Fl. Orange and Black magic
Thread: Textreme Power thread 50D
Wave tail Connection: Fastach size 0
Tail: Dragon Tail Medium Copper
Head: Flymen Sculpin Head small brown
Eyes: Gulff UV resin Fl. Orange and Black magic
Body: Articulated Fish spine 10,15 and 20mm
Whiting Brahama hen or Coq de Leon Hen SH/C in your choice of color.
Polar reflector flash brown Follow us on Instagram: Check out the Tie TV playlist for more fly tying videos: Subscribe to kanalgratisdotse: #flytying #streamer #tietv

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