FLY TYING: Tying a Topwater PIKE POPPER (Tie TV ft. Niklaus Bauer)

Using poppers or other topwater flies for pike might not always be the most effective technique, but we can all agree that there's NOTHING like seing a pike, big or small, completely DESTROY the fly in the surface… In this episode of Tie TV, Niklaus Bauer will tie his all-time favorite topwater pike fly. It has a Howitzer popper head which creates a lot of noise and attraction, but still the body and tail of the fly rides quite low in the water, which makes it easier for the pike to attack, and this fly will usually work even when regular poppers don't. GIVE AWAY! Do you have a good name suggestion for this fly? Write it in the comments and we'll pick our favorite, and you will win the fly tied in this video (it's pretty well-chewed, but it still works fine). List with all exact materials used: Hook: ​Partridge Predator CS86 X 4/0 in the front and Partridge Attitude Extra 1/0 in the back.
Glue:​ Zap brush on, Devcon Epoxy 5 min
Thread:​ Textreme Power thread 100D
Connection:​ Partridge 49 strand pike wire 40 pound. 20mm Fish skull Articulated shank,
One 6mm articulated bead your color choice.
Connection for Wiggle tail:
​Partridge 49 strand pike wire 20 pound, Fastach size 0, one 2mm bead
Head:​ Howitzer Baitfish Popper Head Large Yellow Chartreuse
Eyes:​ Epoxy eyes 5,5mm
Tail:​ Dragon tail Large Fl. Yellow or Wave tail XXL Fl. Chartreuse
Body:​ Extra Select Craft fur in Fl. Yellow and Fl. Orange, Polar reflector Flash in Yellow and Hot Orange, Ripple Ice Fiber Shrimp pink and Electric Ripple Ice Fiber Fl.Orange Will you tie this fly? Where would you use it? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Check out this fly in action: Follow Fly-Dressing on Instagram: Check out the Tie TV playlist for more fly tying videos: Subscribe to kanalgratisdotse:

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