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Deer back

Yes was the weather in terms of a great weekend! I think the October heat record, too broken, and what fish was wishing, when any place doesn’t freeze ?

Vendace spawning must be near, because Kallavedelle was during the week appeared on the ten network. Zigzagging the boat like a slalom track, when the online tickets appear almost out of nowhere. Get yes drive carefully now ?

We had another bass in mind and began the attempt was made to find them new and a little peculiar in places, which was suspected to be cheese on the go. Maybe perch would be eating cheese somewhere?

Well cheese we really found was, but not a single predatory fish shoals. Why the Lake’s ahvenelle no cheese taste like? Always but it smelt ☺


The new place did not produce any results, so I was looking for September perch on the deer’s back. Those were the days, when the deer back to perch catches had to push kottikärryllä the port. Not when it was a dream, but yes, pretty well sometimes it clicks a ?

I’ve told the blog that the deer in the back is one place where you always get the perch. How can I be so stupid, that I even imagined it to be so? It my strawberry place was pretty empty. I fished it blank or what’s the problem? Last night I realized that the fish income can never be certain, not even deer in the back.

The day began to influence very difficult. The new place didn’t work and the old place failed. Perch location was a complete mystery. A week ago, they found a fish about ten feet and I thought the fish was pretty deep still. The probe, however, draw the empty deep, but also shallow. No longer know where to look.

One place, however, surprised us. I was already accustomed to staring at a completely blank screen, but suddenly the screen started to draw small pompuloita and had to really rub the eyes when the fish was so much.

The place was deep next to the ”table”, but a more careful examination showed that the ”table” there was a hole. The area was a map to the unmarked small hole and the fish were there. Pretty special, that’s why you all patti were empty, when the bass want now be montuissa?

Such places are really hard to find and only they can be found, with any luck, since about small holes not marked even on the map. We actually were drawn to the area Sonarcharts live, and the map was clearly drawn by a small hole and perch were found there.

Was put on the fast Motorguide down and the sky anchor on top, and immediately begin to happen. Perch were activated, and so from the bottom of the scoot hotel fish in midwater swim jig. I got every fish vertical jigaamalla and throwing did not produce hipua. On the other hand, vertsu was in that situation a lot faster way to fish and that’s the way flocks also remained well below the boat.

Less than 30-inch perch have gone back and taken it bigger. Shaker f I Piggyshad was really effective and a shovel from the tail, despite working really well vertikaalissa.

This Piggyshad color was the best

The fish was place in a couple of hours and all the time we it was fish, but fish size decreased little by little. The best fish and the bites came in the first half hour. I don’t know whether the bigger bass after that place away, or did they eat the spike over and they sank to the bottom of the jurottamaan..

Other expenditure games the hanging karvanopat, we something else =D

The probe, however, draw the area still fish, but only those less than 30-inch tärppivät anymore. We had intended to do the next day quick stab to the lake and decided that Sunday morning the first fishing spot is it in that pit. Know although körmyahventen eating thingy would be back the next day running.

Left the hole alone and went to continue the journey. I started searching on purpose for the same kind of small pit, but it was like looking for a needle in a haystack, the Lake is, however, a pretty big lake ? That one of the pits to find the luck and the rest of the day had no more luck.

Fish days are already quite short, when the sun rises a quarter to eight and counting at six. Left the harbor a little before sunset, and although we are not their kottikärrejä need a perch to catch home, so pretty good for you food of the fish we got ?

The day of the big perch was 33cm and Juha line, I grabbed one of the 48cm kuhakin

I woke up today in good time, actually even early. I had to wait a long time, that day would begin to dawn. I would have liked to be a fish there before the sun rises, but fortunately not left in a morning twilight thread there network a ticket to the track. Were the bastards still yesterday injected more networks and especially long surface nets produce a headache.

We did not have today many hours to fish and therefore, the time immediately after the hole. Yesterday the fishing spot, I still had very fish and maybe the morning eat would produce some good results in, say, pounds of perch ?

I’m a fool to lull myself back to ”secure” the fish place the feeling. And I learned at once? I don’t. The pit party was over and the pit abandoned. There didn’t show anything anymore, even if you try to shave the place of the criss-cross and find something new small bumps. Perch are masters to do a disappearing act. A wonderfully annoying little creatures ? Who continue to can not lift the big bass in the boat ?

Today was just as hard to find fish, like yesterday. All the seats were empty and not any idea that where the bass could have found. Not been no luck and a wheelbarrow illek will be necessary. The day of the last fishing spot to draw to the screen millions of perch, but in the end the place was revealed Partanen hanna’s old fishing spot. The place of the fish made them famous kalakukot.

Now you probably exported in the autumn last trip, because the winter may surprise the finns at any moment. Look at the weather a week away, and if the Lake is not still frozen, leave in a wheelbarrow to the harbour park and in the direction of the waters ?

Autumn comes and the leaves fall from the trees

I am now a couple of times leivitti have perch and walleye fillets in a completely new prescription, when I got some of the chef for the recipe tip. Usually leivitän fish fillets with buckwheat flour, because I can’t do rye flour to eat, but I’m a little tired of the constant companion of the buckwheat taste. Now then I found a dessert recipe that I recommend to try, even though the ingredients may start to sound a little strange and stranger =)

Leivitys so do polentalla and parmesan tmv. cheese raasteella. Cheese and polenta mix and a little salt. Yourself put the flour always in the bag and the fillets, and leivitys the event itself, when you spin the bag around a few times.

Totally unconscious of the very agreement that cheesy leivitys and ahvenelle that kuhalle. This is definitely my new favorite recipe, yum!

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