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Phew the heat!

Warm weather continues and no end in sight. The heat of the weather, the bad side is the hard thunderstorm and we went all over the Saturday a thunderstorm waiting.

When I woke up on Saturday, so the meteorological department gave the old man svaroitus of each hour of a day. It was therefore decided to recommend not to leave Saturday’s fishing trip. Once we are thunder happen at the same time to the lake and then the lines rise many meters in height to himself. It was a scary experience, which I again want to experience.

Well, not fished it 🙁 (screenshot of the meteorological department.en)

It was Friday, the fish in the Kallavedellä and the previous weekend island trip poor fish catches haunt even the back of the head. I wonder how lake Kallavesi can be found in fish…

Every place seemed empty. Or well the traditional minimum size for walleye to köllötti their fishing spot, but anything bigger doesn’t probe the screen to draw. We didn’t want to fish pikkukuhia but his mind was a big perch.


Usually a perch is found in the lake Kallavesi 5-7 meters in the summer and the depths I’m looking for on Friday. Coincidentally, however, I noticed a perch nine feet and I was a little surprised. Now bass are normal in the deepest?

Generally, if the probe spot active fish, the fishing line start to tighten almost immediately. I parked the perch loft on top and the sky anchor kept us in fish above carefully. It was easy to start picking the fish to the boat.

Fish size there was nothing special large, but, oddly enough, the flocks did not have any like a small perch, when many times their 50-100g of fish will flock to among always.

Friday night at the big I

I have since last summer used the panfish cheburashka-jigipäitä and they are less than 8 inches for jigeistä like the best. Jig swimming is really a life-and perch are also not allowed to destroy the jigs as easily, as a way jigipäätä when hard eat the jig tail off all the time.

Like cheburashka-jigipäätä is also really easy to change the jig when hooked is not the collar, which would violate the jig. Especially just for small n. 5cm jigeistä that’s pretty absolute. And also for floating jigeistä that’s a good roll of the fishery, when the jig swims so vividly on the hook.

Cheburashka works

On Friday we found only a couple of perch flocks, but both had fish so much. Clearly bass are now really in big flocks (and a little bit deeper), but flocks have to look for more and many standards of the place were empty.


Some little beast lurks shred flocks

The sun goes down, so the home had to

As I mentioned earlier, Saturday went to the thunder fearing. I followed the rain – and stormtracker and yes, they looked like rain and thunder, but guess you see them in Kuopio? Well, not seen, not heard. This afternoon it rained ripsautti maybe an hour, but otherwise the day would have been a top fishing. Duh and duh. And the fish was reportedly eaten like crazy on Saturday…

We went Saturday night early to bed, in order to get to Sunday morning fishing. We were cabin bay, in the harbour already before half six, while on the other hand, it was really late, when the sun had risen half an hour earlier.

On Sunday at 5.30

Thunder is scary, that it may become because just and because of it I followed also Sunday, always between the certainty stormtracker. Fortunately, the ”salami” was not shown on a map of ? Rain showers was over the day today, but warm summer rain is not bad.

Let’s go long time no see deer in the back and a couple of hours of searching after I found the jackpot. I have this summer noticed that the bass find have to be very careful, because the flock do not always draw the probe so clearly. Although the probe was drawn for the first time the fish place over run in only a few of the ”superimposed” to be fish, the place more than worth the drive several times. One over run on the basis of might himself abandon the place, but now a little wiser with the time slot in more detail. That is, even if the boat is slanting the probe, still fish a place worth driving more than once through.

At times, the fish draw properly and not have to guess whether the fish spot. Perch are usually ”superimposed” and in many of the floor, especially with active bass.

Yesterday was such situation, that fish place affected the start of the stupid four fish clusters with the exception of. Previously, I would be gassing the place out to another fishing spot, but now approaching the fish screen a few times from different directions and eventually it was revealed that it was a really big swarm of fish below. Fish, therefore, may be a real small area and only once the place over run by it does not get the right idea.

To so drive really carefully fish through the place and often they are the same old good fish places are good still. Yes there many times always fish to be found, with enough looking.
Well, not always ?

Between the toughness rewarded with this view

And in this view

And in this view

Sunday fish found in three locations. Or yes, the individual fish was almost everywhere, but the big perch flocks found in three locations. Still the fish was a bit deeper, 7 to 9 feet.

Anybody else see the same as me?

=D Ahvenhan it there!

An osprey guarding the nest

Big bird’s nest

The third fish the place the fish was no longer so greedy and eaten all the offered jigs, but I got a fish to eat only when I hold the jig in place three meters above the bottom. I fished almost in the same way as information on, and between the bottom always leave a determined line towards the jig and bite hard. The fish ate 10cm v-pyrstöjigin completely drinking and sharkbait were really hard. I almost missed ice fishing, when the fish behaved in the same way as in the winter ☺

The probe display shows the jig in the water bath technique and sharkbait, and the image in the foreground of the outcome =)

On Sunday the rain was surprised, but went fortunately over quickly

How about that desk to find one umbrella, under it was nice to watch the rain =)

Special week end was the fact that the dimensions of the walleye didn’t see them at all. The boat went to some minimum size and they keep the standard they found perch flocks among, but the bigger walleye of the screen were missing completely. Online I found discussions on the same topic and the gang suspect kuhien press the deeper waters, when the waters are now warmed up so much.

The smaller the lure, the smaller walleye?

Food fish, and the rest of the grow

I have this summer fished as a rule, the UL-set and always thought that ahvenelle and kuhalle needs its own vapansa, but very is the walleye come up to the perch vavallakin. Of course, there is always the problem that a very big jigs is 5-15g rod can throw. The same perch rods I have väsytellyt also a few more than four pikes, so yes it kicks enough =)

This year I’ve moved completely over two meters in pole and today it shorter feel and look really small. The last few weeks I have been kuhavapana Okuma Carolina LRF rod, which probably really is intended for carolina rigattu of a jig for chucking, but can joke that rod is a good all norm perch – and kuhajigi them to debate.

The rod has a length of 240cm and at first it seemed ridiculously long, but the first few uses I had to after I said that, oh, my goodness, what a feel of fishing and the jig. Fishing rods viehesuositus is a 7-35g, so it threw so small ahvenjigi you than a bigger kuhajigi you.

Okuma LRF Carolina

I was sure that the tip of the loose rod would not get infected keep the standard, but there has not been any problems. No longer I can’t fish with a stiff short stick after that, the feel is so different. I recommend to test just out of curiosity, was the most surprised very much, when I had been so prejudiced. The rod was too long and loose. Now my former walleye stick, which is 180cm long, is too short and rigid ? So quickly the opinions change ?

That Okuma fishing rods is really, really, really good price-quality ratio, when the time to get fishing rods ahvenelle and kuhalle. In fact, I put a free Okuma Helios sx 20 reel, it is lightweight and a good coil and fit it well.

A week ago was celebrated this weekend in the island fishing and camping. The fish didn’t really, although with the understanding trip Gopro. The video will then figure out everything else. Or well, mostly, I think it went down, but what was driving in a lovely boat in a lovely scenery in wonderful weather ?

Go on Youtube watching a five minute clip of our weekend, the video can also be viewed below.

The article is hot outside! published for the first time the FISH WE LUCK.

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