Introducing PHOTOFISH 🛠️ – Design of the Lures of Online 🎨

This is a dream coming true for me & my team in Sri Lanka & Sweden. With this lure designer you can customize your lures to perfection & tackle any situation. Water color changes all the time & so does the lighting conditions. This changes the presentation under the surface. Fish have been proven to have three & sometimes even four cones (colors) to distinct & separate food in the water. Humans only have three cones. Some fish use the 4th color (cone) to see UV light in juvenile stage & adult fish and their UV visions is not scientifically established yet but we can guess it’s there. Anyway we know the fish see colors for sure & we know colors matters. How they matter is probably only you who knows best. It is our jobb as an angler to figure out how & when to use certain colors in combat with the right movement. Before only custom-made pretty expensive wooden lures were nr 1 solution. I always heard the comment, I love this lure but can’t you make it with a blaze orange tail. That would hit the spot! Now we can make it happen & in the future more lures will be in the Photofish. For now, try it out & let us know your thoughts. Special thanks to all of you who was with us from the first Open Source Lure 2015 and all the way here. Thank you for all the support! You can find the Photofish tool here: #PHOTOFISH #luredesign #kanalgratis

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