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The big bass of the day

Now it is lucky to be you right lately, and I’ve found a good perch for many on the trip. I suffer from late February a couple of weeks fishing free and bass intake was really difficult. Then I got to shake the monkey of his back and after jigging has been easier. The last trip was actually pretty amazing and now starting to feel that maybe this ice fishing season perch quota is I have full. No such luck, can indefinitely continue.

Spring starts jigging about was already long and the season is not many weeks left. Ice plenty and the best most of the lake ice thickness has been more than 50cm, but of course not completely clear ice. The warm spring sun gets to make the havoc quickly, when the frosts in this release. Now must enjoy this wonderful moment, the next ice fishing season is a long time.

The sun rises already at half past six, which means that the ice has to be after six. Ice fishing day you can take, in principle, around the clock, because the sunset is not until six o’clock. I don’t remember if I ever actually got in the evening perch, at least bigger, but I guess it’s possible.

I met Kaweri-information for the manufacturer and talk to our big bass fishing. Marko himself to fish for big bass early in the morning and, in his opinion, the best moments are just too sunrise. I myself have received the best fish of the morning, and somehow I trust the morning to eat for more.

It would be interesting to hear how the big bass outfit has received in the early evening, is the bigger perch are night eating even in the winter?

I got Markolta cheese color based Kaweri-involved. Color is his main color, and he start as always fishing. It can also draw the conclusion that the color is I think I have given pretty good catch ?

I left Saturday morning fishing and just out of curiosity I put the first line from Marko’s first color. Ten minutes on the ice pötkötti two perches, 600g and 430g. I was pretty amazed and understand why ice fishing day you should start with the color.

600g and 430g
Cheese-Kaweri give immediately 600g perch

Marko talked about a half-hour eating window. Probably Puruvesi, it is so long, but in Kuopio window was closing in two minutes. Eating came and went. Maybe the weather change stopped eating in the bud, as the weather turned calm, almost a storm overnight and gusts of wind of up to 15 meters per second. Also snow started to and even though we’re looking for active fish for another six hours of this morning two minutes after hitting, no perch no longer opened his mouth. Information, however, seemed to power. Definitely a tough game, especially in the clear waters.

The weather changed and perch close his mouth

I’ve noticed that in bright, sunny weather on the ice is pointless to take the fish thing. Then you should focus on the scenery, the weather and the silence to enjoy and forget about fishing. The fish does not eat.

Last Sunday the weather was anything but bright and sunny. So, it was time to pack fishing gear into the car and head towards the fishing holes. We left home in the pitch dark, and the mobile mirror on the icy snow-covered roads takes a surprisingly long time when the cart after me could not run like 30-40km/h. Was luckily intact ship and the shore we waited for the heavy and wet snowfall.

Bass mind towards your destination

A week ago I got a fishing trip and good results, when you select the most snowfall due to the fishing line away-yellow-bellied cheese color-based Punk. For some reason the yellow stomach works tuhnukeli. Therefore, the choice of information color is not Sunday either find it difficult, the same tuhnumaha swim! ?

The obvious kalakeli, because the visibility almost non-existent

Two hours to go to the stupid probe to stare, but then it started to happen. I got a 630g perch and ai that I was happy. Awesome fish and I would’ve been happy, but maybe Ahti wanted to somehow make amends for all those times when he had been kitsaalla on.

Morning the first fish was 630g, and that’s not all…

I had to make quite a wet – and the temptation movements, just like a week ago, in order to receive life. Many of the feet lift and drop, so the fish you see information from a distance. Then if I got the lure fish to a hole in the ice below, calm swimming immediately.

The fish did not rise from the bottom of the than maximum a couple of meters, although the water was more than 12 meters. Värisytin involved, I lifted up a little and I did even though what magic tricks, but only between always one fish was interested and came for a bite to.

The right color and proper swimming, so the result will come
Big bass, but ronkelilla mood

Flasher was again of great assistance, because, for example, one stage to raise the information of the hole from the switch to the hole. Traditional sonar view was empty, but the flasher to draw the winter approaching the fish. I dropped a quick information back to the hole in the ice and lo and behold, over a half-pound perch right up! Phew!

Good heavens, what there will be!

Between the probe there was so much big bass and I said Juha adjacent to the hole in the ice, that really I’m going to pass out, when I couldn’t remember even to breathe. I’ve never been in that kind of eating, although most of the fish left tärppäämässä. It is so scary and exciting situation, when a big perch is the information below and you don’t know what’s going to happen next.

Memorable stuff, when half pounds kölliköitä climbs out of the water more!

Was one really good bass and it was certainly bigger than any up the duties, of which the heaviest was the 710g. Of course they leave you always run away ?

A situation where the breathing was forgotten

Between eating slow down and the fish disappeared from the screen, when I tried other information. However, I received no other information on the fish even appear, so some magic in that yellow on the stomach was.

Juha has Kids, but not identical keltamaha and its wild eat during the period of Juha didn’t even see the perch own avannoilla, even though we were the same at the region adjacent to each other. My fish came from three different holes and Juha circled my hole, but only got the pike. This afternoon Juha then find a different place one perch, so he doesn’t like without any bass left ?

Marvelous, that the color was so of great importance. I got six more than a half pound perch and a total of ten perch, whose average weight was 470g. The day’s biggest fish were 710g, 630g, 620g, and 610g.

Yes the cat was amazed at my booty =)

Definitely the best of the top ten, and very often not even gonna trip, when should ten fileahventa. Now need to forget about that last fishing trip and start with a clean slate, because if such a trip is a benchmark, not they one fish the trip seem longer much of a ?

Next weekend let’s go around to Savo the lake involved the frenzied crowd. I hope the long distance types get their lines tight, I can for a change .. what was that stupid ?

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