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Big bass information for jigging

First of all, I would recommend sonar to all the big bass information for fishermen, because in that job in the probe is a great help in many ways. I actually used sonar pilkinnässä for years and almost I dare say that when the big bass pilkitty balance jig in the intermediate water, the catch is a probe with better than without the probe. Nevertheless, I have no facts to that argument, so the responsibility is by reading, as in all other in this article presented claims 😄


Fishing involves a lot of different genetic information and I have myself heard the arguments and ”truths”, when the fish eat. And, of course, also fish syömättömyydelle is always a reason and that reason doesn’t think I’ll ever find a fisherman of the mirror 😉

I accidentally witnessed many of these ”facts” are wrong. For example, I always check the direction of the wind fish to go with and I heard only many years of fishing already had the fact that the fish does not eat itätuulella. Oops. At least your fishing line to the head is stuck to the fish itätuulella too. Maybe the fish doesn’t care about wind direction, if you’re hungry.

How could things be so, that when the east wind the word has such a bad echo of the fishery, so many leave, therefore, to go fishing, I have heard of those cases. It’s fish, of course, then be able to eat, if a fisherman vieheineen is at home.

A good tool that can check the fish-eating to you, is the lunar calendar/fish calendar, although I suspect that it’s simply a matter of greater significance is the fisherman with her own beliefs and dreams. When the calendar shows that the fish eat, the fisherman the direction a fish. And perhaps the prey, which will prove as a claim it a fact. And when the calendar said that the fish does not eat, then stay at home.

Self-tracking between the air pressure, because you can hear judging by the fish-eating willingness. I’ve heard arguments that the fish eat the high air pressure. Others believe that low pressure is better. Some say that a drastic change in air pressure triggers the eating. Well in all possible conditions is the fish in after and sometimes ”pressure theories” have their place and sometimes they don’t.

The amount of air pressure theory, I personally believe that many times if the air pressure drops quickly, it means snow. And maybe a little bit better fish eat bright drew eyes to the lake when the weather is gray. It can of course also be a coincidence and the fact that bad weather often becomes directed rather go there to bright lake.


Map and fishing spots

The lakes where I fish, are medium depth fairly deep, so also ice fishing often occurs in rather deep. On average, kalastusyvyys is from 6 to 12 meters from the lake depending on the. The brighter the water, the deeper you can and should fish.

Although I’ve had involved the jigging in and your area of the lake and the depth curves have become familiar, yet every time you look at your day fishing spots on the map in advance. Usually I move around on a snowmobile and I outline in my mind of the day’s route. Of course during the day may plan changes, especially if found in natural patches, but more about that later.

If you talk about the back waters of the bass, I’ve noticed that perch’d love different places in summer and winter. Of course, in the summer the perch may rise to the low temperature of the water and the little fish behind, but yes mainly perch to reach always more or less the same locations. Therefore, the phrase ”the old mark correct” should very often a fisherman’s map in its place 😊

Always so you might not want to start fishing, so to speak, with a clean slate, but can very well rotate the familiar some places. And of course in the process I found another of those new places, that remain somewhere in the main memory compartment on the fisherman’s head.

It’s a funny thing, that at least I myself have the memory of almost all the fish in our own basic from the lake, which I visited regularly in the fish. They just come back miraculously to mind, if you can see the lake map depth curves.

And if the memory starts to play tricks on me, too, I don’t really mind, because the places where the perch thrives, are quite similar in all lakes. And here between the need to point out that when I talk about ”all lakes”, talk of North-Savo, the lake where I fish. I believe yes, that in inland waters perch thrive in pretty much the same in places like that side, if food is trout/smelt and fishing as a place of pretty deep lake in the back waters.

Fish game information in addition to mouth up smelt

Sonar in addition to recommend the acquisition of your phone’s map program. It allows the fish a place for the navigation is easy and fast. The maps are a miracle of precision and depth keep in a very place. And the final depth can check the probe with the help of.

Like I said earlier, the brighter the lake fishing depth are slightly more than the darker pulled up to that lake. I started fishing the place to find the map of just the lake water based on the color. If it is known that, more generally, the fish is even in more than ten meters, mapping of the lake’s potential place in the depths no. 8-14 meters.

For example, the Navionics map app is good because it can get custom depths different color, making the map interpretation is easier. In fact, I put less than 11 meters of water on a green, when I can see at a glance potential fishing areas.

Site selection the experiment worthwhile, if relatively wide and flat area next to deep water. Himself the fishing spot is then either a wide and flat area at the highest point of the way or a deep way to land in the flat side in.

That area like you should try different depths and prefer to start ice fishing from shallow to deep way. The map program allows the first hole to make supposedly at the lowest point.

I marked on the map places where you actually try I

If the fish is not ice under the perch, however, sees land balance jig from a distance, that is why it is important to keep the patient involved, when the information drops the ice-hole. Information not should never fall directly to the bottom but float at the top of the intermediate water.

Balance jig swimming

Information can float the best way that you could. I myself don’t have a single style, and sonar using I vary different styles. For example, I have received a record ahveneni holding the information in place about five meters above the base. And I also got the big bass by information drastically big raise in. The right and wrong way is not, and both itself tasurista that fish depending on the behavior, decision uitto style to put on the only hole in the ice on.

My record perch 1087g fish bandit information for the

Between the information below may appear on the fish, which require fast wet before tärppäävät. And sometimes a quick movement to scare the fish away.

In such a situation, the probe is a vital tool. I myself made a mistake and swing, making information, once the perch has been approaching. The fish is immediately turned out of the way, but the situation is still was still salvageable.

I have calculated information for the moving away from the perch and started to rattle the information of the perch’s nose. And pam, the fish is struck to catch up! The game is not necessarily lost yet, although the perch turned out of the way. But without the sonar of the game most likely is lost.

At times, the hole will appear below the fish, which swam only the bottom of and do not rise at all intermediate water, although would make what tricks. Then the information should slowly begin to fall towards the bottom. Fish you may were looking just from the bottom. Information for the värisytys either stationary or slow-up is often irresistible thing ahvenelle.

Sometimes also involved in the way imaging of the bottom and after a quick feet or a few lifting can trigger the fish to eat. And perch is for some reason used to get hungry at the same time. When one of the perch makes the decision to work, everyone else wants a piece of that treat.

We need fast hands and that kind of situation is alone involved the fishermen to the top the moment when the sonar screen is full of fish and all the fish you want to eat you information of. Heart racing and hands shaking. It is a feeling, which is hard to describe in words.

Sonar allows the information of size and color variation is easier. There may be a situation that the hole in the ice below is not displayed at all fish. Still worth a try to repeat although a little bit of different sizes involved in. Sometimes more severe wet movements attract fish to the scene. When the hole appears under the fish, sonar tells you in real time what the bass tasurista think.

At times, the ice gathering under the perch, which clearly are tasurista interested in, but not a bite. Quick information color/size change can trigger eating. Information pilkinnässä all means are allowed.

Balance jig colors

I think tasureissa is not like no other lure on, just one right color for a particular lake, the weather or the fish. You should always be open to all colors!

Information: The Fish Bandit
Information For: Fish Game
Information: The Fish Bandit
Information for you: Mr. Manu and the fish game
Information: Kaweri
Information: Veikko
Information: The Fish Bandit
Information: Panucci
Information For: Fish Game
Information: Mr. Manu
Information: The Fish Bandit
Information: Sepeteus

I used to think a lot of narrow-minded and I think that if the perch eat the food of smelt, then works kuoretasuri. Trout lake trout involved. Lower broken places särennahka balance jig, and if the area is kiiskeä, then ruff loaded… I Was quite wrong. The truth is, that what is involved just can’t work just anywhere! The same is true for all the lure of.

If I had to choose which is the most important thing, when pilkitty’s involved in, so I would say that the lure of the behavior. It was then stillness, slow swimming, intense swimming or vibrate, so it’s the thing, due to which the fish lure him out. After the fish of interest is reached, can be gimmicky colors.

The fish can see the information was already several metres away and the brighter the water, the farther fish involved sees. And lateral line-to sense will certainly help in the observation, perhaps a perch on the feel information of the existence of already much longer than we can ever imagine.

I don’t think that bass is so super vision, that it can be seen from a distance, to imitate you involved cheese or salakan on. More interested in the information form and behavior. When the bass interest has been reached, but sharkbait still missing, you should experiment with different tango styles and colors. Sometimes nirsolle ahvenelle tastes only it dozens of color, which change the fishing line to the head.

Color performance will certainly affect at least the luminance, because the winter conditions under the ice vary so much. The average winter daylight is short and if the sun don’t shine, under the ice, going only a little light. Other colors appear in the water better than the others and also the color of the water affect visibility.

I believe that the light also affects how a bass sees a nutrition of the fish in the water. So many times I’ve rolled in my hands bass spit smelt and was amazed by the many different colors, which side reflects. Certainly, fish of shades välkähtelevät the same way in the fucking water. Maybe that’s why the same information do not always work as well. Although your eye information always looks as great, lakes the color of visibility will determine the conditions.

Colors have great importance and sometimes I’d ask perch the evening, that really it is so precise 😄 Is the experience of the situation, when I tried the same hole in the ice at two almost identical information to with the difference that the second information in mahakoukun base was orange shock point. Just slap a scoreless involved gives bass. Amazing.

Balance jig main feature is to be a fish in the eyes of credibility, otherwise it will not work. And pretty sure is that one of the information can not be everywhere and always credible, because of their own toolbox to find information in a number of different situations.

Balance ice fishing and fishing equipment

The world is rife with various balance jig, and surely every fishermen to find them they are their favorite. Balance jig mimics a fish and it can be made either entirely of lead or lighten the border version, which involved the weight does not go too high, although the information increases in size. Kevennyksellä can also be slow-motion involved in swimming.

Involved the size of the accordion is great. I’ve seen up to 16 inches involved and the other end of the spectrum are small micro information for you, whose frame dimensions are just a couple of cents. Also the tail there are several options; information on the suit can be found in the plate, jig or hair.

Involved the can floated wide range of ice fishing rods, but I use mainly kehivapa on. Kehivavat has the advantage that the depth variation is very fast and if you want to, so to speak, to exchange information on the fly, too, will be successful, because fishing line can develop on the rod so quickly.

Kehivavat does not have a coil or vaparenkaat, which usually will freeze in freezing temperatures. If tasuroinnin in use kelaonkea, you should make sure that ongessa is stiff enough tip. Then counter-attack succeeds and the tip also takes sharkbait, rate information for the upcoming big bass bites can be freezing.

Information pilkinnässä lines may be quite thick. I myself use involved depending on the size of 0.25-0.40 mm classical line. And because of the lake of pike, the danger is obvious, your fishing line will find self-made leader (tippet for example. Fortress Predator). Just smaller and lighter involved in I don’t use a leader at all.


Patches are involved the fishermen of credit friends. If the ice is any snow, no snow point can be a gold mine. Patches was born as well as himself, for example, if the breach of the rising water on the ice and water to melt the snow. If the ice is not a lot of snow, also the wind can make patches. And of course patches can also be done yourself although snow no snow-free areas.

Patches can also arise in fish at the scene, if the region is to make a lot of ice and heavy snow presses the ice down on the cover when ice is able to get rose water on the ice. Therefore, also other old ice fishing holes, but worth a try for bass.

Less snowy in the ice from below more light, which again causes that the ice less than begins to form the plankton. If this is calculated as one plus one, soon there are little fish on the plankton behind. And where there’s little fish, there are also predatory fish. Sounds simple and easy, but it’s not, because laikutkin do not always work. However, I would recommend to test the patches theory.

Sometimes patches surprise

One lake holds numerous fishing spots. I don’t have any idea that why the perch thrive in certain areas. Perhaps sometimes the cause may be dietary, and sometimes warmer water, than the rest. Or then the bottom is a formation where the bass is easy to hide.

Between a fisherman to find bass hiding place and home will be empty-handed. Fishing is full of surprises, I guess that’s why it’s so addictive the hobby is =)

I’ve photographed a few information for videos on Youtube, I’ll put them here below. Tight lines and I hope these tips help!

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