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Jigailua and hammock camping Kallavedellä

Do you know what? I don’t have currently any nasty winter! Although the information for the float of kirpeässä weather in the wonderful it is, so yes these Finnish summer awesome your aktiviteetteineen are great stuff also.

Recently, the Lake’s waves might have been seen pörhältämässä one of the black boat. I’m totally fond of that new tool my and now need not be always before the lake leaving to make sure the wind speed and direction, as the new boat dare to go to the lake in heavy weather. The old boat was so short, that big backs don’t bother to just always go and often settle was fishing suojaisemmissa places, if the weather forecast promised a storm.

Workhorse is out to explore the Lake’s islands, this cookie break forest fire warning at the time of the

I am now so then, a fishing guide and many probably think it means all-knowing fishing guru to. Perhaps the biggest part of the guide as is, but personally I can admit that fishing knowledge is still a lot of gaps.

That would be easy, if the book shop sold books: ’the lake I fish I was there, eating time, and all other possible information’. I was going to get that book ages ago and read through it immediately. Fishing should be really easy and fishing guide job can be made a confident catch guarantee.

But such books is not. What in nature happens, you can never fully come to write books. There are so many puzzles and in fact, I learn that the road traversed only a small distance. And on the other hand, it’s great that you always get to learn new things and see unprecedented things.

Maybe that upper was able to a little between the lines to read, that I’m completely lost on the Lake’s perch with 😅 keep the standard are slowly beginning to crawl up to normal for summer in place, but they are wonderfully challenging track shirts are nowhere to be found. I have no idea where the perch flocks lay about the. Or maybe they go in midwater, like a week ago watching my flock. Or are they after all one of the Lake’s billion from the shallows, as were two Sundays ago, when Juha grabbed a 41cm bass in three feet of water.

Detective found, but only one
This grabbed a couple of metres of the boat under eight feet of water

I have now driven several tens of hours looking for fish and perch are not doing this job easily. Walleye flock you have managed to fool me several times and I thought I had found my perch in the flock, but not keep the standard they have been and at least the last weekend may be almost said, that keep the standard are too with oittaneet the Kallavesi. And this is only the beginning, now flock size there have been some dozens of fish, but as long as you live, a few weeks ahead, so flocks can be satapäisiä. Let’s not go there right perch no longer fit.

I think ahvenkin my
I think ahvenkin my
I think ahvenkin my
This thought ahvenkin me =)
Walleye flocks were found among between individual perches

So I don’t have anything to keep the standard against and walleye is excellent food fish as well as a nice jigikala, but I also like bass, and I would hope that those would be space. Anyone else had challenges to find the perch loft this summer or is this just a mirror to view the place? 😄

This summer I have seen only two times the perch of the flock, and the average size has been small
This was the only perch that I could grab above the flock

One of my favorite things was fishing in addition to hammock camping. After a few years and then get in the hammock and began to stay overnight in the wild, on the fishing trip changed yet comfortable. The carpet in köllötellessä time to look at the surrounding world quite differently.

So ”bedroom” window actually finer landscapes anymore?

The island hides inside, though what is interesting. Many will think about that I wonder what all those islands have over the years happened. Living in a city as annoying, when really all the original nature of the edit by is by man, put in the new faith, but the island is lucky to still be there ”sources”.

There, surrounded by nature doesn’t need electricity or other household frills, except some kind of cell phone slaves have to admit that the charger led will always slip into the excursion bag side pocket, cell phone when you can load the boat 😅 And Thermacell also belongs to the standard equipment, the mosquitoes are not my best friends.

A week ago these landscape
Is it the boat pretty big, when I show the little girl in the back seat =)

The toughest heat I think I will this summer be over, but that doesn’t stop in nature, hang out. Fish too I eat now, with cool weather better. If you want to go on a guided fishing trip, so welcome to Savo, the heart of the Kuopio!

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