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Jigikausi opened in Kuopio

Yes, the monthly whiz quickly. Here Savo ice fishing season ended as the wall, when you stay deteriorated quite suddenly. Yes, it already guessed that the ice left the spring quickly, while the whole winter did not become a super sustainable ice and the clear ice was so little. Warm April weather put the ice breaks up even more momentum and time to quickly get to rospuutto through the past.

Our ice fishing season ended when His leg humpsahti two uveavannosta through. Although the ice was visually still good, its quality varied depending on the site much. No longer makes sense to leave the risk to themselves and ice fishing stuff on the ice. Even though we had that trip, flotation coveralls, dry suits and ice picks on, no it still doesn’t want to drip on weak ice. Was packed so ice fishing stuff in the warehouse and began to wait for open water season open.

Juha walked blissfully ignorant and point the foot through the…
And half an hour later again on foot through the

Was applied at the end of April our boat for winter storage. Was to maintain the boat VML sponsor’s premises and thanks to the Pasille, that the arrangement was a success! Eased a lot of boat for the winter … putting when you didn’t need to wrap the boat yard ”in the wild”, but the boat had wintered lämpöisissä indoors ☺

At home again =)

May day dawned the openwater season opener. All Kuopio boat ramps weren’t open yet, but Julkula boat from the beach to find an open ramp, which we had been to check on the previous day ready.

Drone was first thing in the morning to the port and lo and behold, during the night the shore was drifting on a giant, thick ice floe and where’s else, like directly to the boat ramp. Hmmm…

Seagull enjoying the ice floe, ride

I was beginning to wonder the next available ramp, but fortunately, Juha had found on the beach with her stick and transferred to an ice floe that much aside, that the fit was calculated to the boat ramp.

Labor day was pretty warm weather, but it’s not warm air on the lake comfort, if below the water is almost zero degrees. Yes it’s cold there so bright aluminum boats in. Acquired Typhoon rescue suit spring and autumn to cold weather and now three of the trip experience, I am very pleased with the purchase. When under inject the merino and fleece, so the suit is doing very well viileämmilläkin the weather, because it is completely wind – and waterproof.

Ready for the waters!

The beginning I was scared that if the suit is too ”koppura” fishing material, but the fear was useless, cuts, etc. planned is yes, do fishermen in mind, not haunted or squeeze anywhere. The high collar is perhaps the best feature of the entire suit.

We have been Ursuit MPS drysuit already in use and in the winter they are on that trip. They fit well for ice-fishing overalls, but in the spring and fall boating ice fishing overalls might be too hot, therefore the immersion suit is to be for a long time in mind.

I myself have sore feet at the lake both in winter and summer and I don’t want to take unnecessary risks. The lake is much nicer to go when you know that the water contact is at least some safety equipment on. May day horrified look, when the port in the crowd jumped into the boats of their normal clothes and part of it wasn’t even a vest on top. If the boat crashes in the middle of the lake and the water is two degrees, then the outcome can be bad.

Me through the first trip is always a great trip. Usually the first trip is almost fish-free, and it applies to both open water season as the ice fishing season, but it is fish free you don’t mind, because that thing has been so very, very much. The main thing, that enter the lake.

I was excited like a little child, when I put the probe on and off to drive the port towards something. We didn’t have even a destination, I was but to get the boat out and jump aboard. And then when sonar draw the fish to the bottom, the stomach had butterflies. It was so strange, when you could see the bottom all the time, not just a small ice fishing hole through the ?

The best time of day, the sky anchor on top and snack nassuun

On may day the weather was pretty windy and the bike was only in sheltered areas. Fish appear in some places, but they were small. We’re always trying to find perch, because perch is the best fish, but yes we might keep the standard, to fish, especially if the below is sekaparvi. Labor day weekend, I’ve spotted only one perch flock to the probe and I got it one of the fish. Small, but the objective must be ?

This it the season again begins =)

After labor day come back in winter and fishing plans had to forget, because the boat ramp was 10cm snow. Well, on the other hand, the lake is a lot of events this time of year, so take your time to wait for water warming.

Through the second trip was last Friday. The cabin of the bay, boat ramps had finally melted, so I made a quick stab Kallavedelle. The weather was really foggy and originally it was planned to head the deer back, but because the boat did not dare to fog due to the drive more than 10km/h, didn’t bother to go 12 miles.

Not very good visibility

Went then a bit closer to the one familiar place, even if it, too, 8km drive. All the time should run silently, the sliding speed was useless to dream. Fish we did not see any. Pretty excited that driven it 8km cabin bay harbour and the whole time they were staring at the probe, so still that the place was empty.

I trust, however, that the destination of the waiting fish place, because it has always been visible in the fish, when we have there been. I said a trip Juha, that hand on top of that, there comes the fish, the amount of hard credit I have to that place was ?

Unbelievable, how hard a boat is run in the fog. If not all the time staring at the chartplotter, the boat went where it hurts. For a while, just staring forward into the empty fog, and when I glanced again into our chartplotter, I thought the map was going crazy. How are we supposed to go back, I guess chartplotter broken!

In an instant the boat was turned 180 degrees and was heading back towards the port. Juha asked, that what would you do if a plotter and a cell phone would go dark, what would you drive? I said that I have no idea. Without aids in a fog, navigating is impossible.

There will appear a boat, if you look carefully

Was there fish on the scene and there was stupidity. Previously fish-rich areas were empty, but I don’t give up. Shave the area criss-cross and finally the probe to draw something. I doubt they kuhiksi, because they jurottivat just on the bottom. The amazement was great, when the fish revealed were ahveniksi. Looks like the perch are so cold and stiff that they do not show on the probe either the same as the active bass in the summer temperature of the water at the time.

I got a flock of a dozen perch. If in the summer to find a perch and parked the boat on top of them, they blew in the bottom of the meters trade upward when the jig falls in the water. Now the depth was 9 meters, but the fish are rising only a meter or two and pretty quiet compared to how they are in the summer just rushed by. The fish were also quite cold and no wonder, either, when the water heat were the same, as over a week ago on may day, i.e. only 2-3C.

Feel good =)
Bass spit smelt, Lucky John Makor would like a copy kuoreesta
Most were small perch and awkward it was to get them a bite to

At eight we headed back towards the harbour and the fog was but worsened further. Between even scared that someone’s driving on, because several boats drove the sliding momentum of the past and hard to believe that all had been examined. Maybe they just trusted in the fact that there’s no one in front. Driving yourself around was it 8km distance of about ten, yes the time passed, especially after the passage of the act of the chartplotter from the tracks was really, really complicated. The boat went forcibly all the time in the wrong direction, when our eyes couldn’t get any reference points.

In the middle of the picture really fast-reaching boat

Yesterday was the paddle water fishing. The purpose was to drive Melavesi through Karhonvedelle, because Melavesi has every time been challenging as there has been and a Swath again has been nice. Well, isn’t there game water harbor in the fog there, when were there. The previous day the lake has fog had started to moderate, but later it turned into a so-called. thick as pea soup. I don’t really source Karhonvedelle up to thread through heavy fog…

Fog, but not yet very thick

Fog except the weather seemed perfect kalakeli. And certainly those fish are somewhere popping even under bark wildly, but that ”somewhere” wasn’t a paddle in water. Driven to the lake to get to the end and examined all the recesses, but the minimum size for walleye except the lake was totally empty. One perch flock to the spot in the sloping probe and I could catch two bass, but otherwise the trip went to the provincial tourism.

Pretty Melavesi perch
Perch number two, and the fact that fishing income, then the end =)
Minikuhat eating cheese or smelt

Tried deep and tried low. Now I would like to know one small, simple thing, where are those bass are this time of year? Can someone throw a couple of tips? ? Or are they spawning? As well as the Lake that melavesi the perch’s stomach was bulging with roe, i.e. at least not those individuals were not yet spawning activities. Where do you people fish for bass in the spring?

Fog ”or” all the time and it just came out of nowhere
Water it sometimes

Keep the standard are probably currently in power in places. More familiar to has got keep the standard of power, but because we are perch hunters, so it’s a shirt with stripes of the life of the soul would be interested in. Or are ahvenkin’s current place in the envelope after?

Juha pictures of your ice fishing season of the last trip of the video and it can be found on Youtube, if someone wants to visit ☺ a Link.

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