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Lost prop hunters

Squee, it’s already April! Now ice fishing day short 🙁 Here in Kuopio area still enough, but because of the clear ice of the proportion is perhaps only half, sunny and warm days, due to ice soften quickly.

We’ve been diligently ice fishing, but no wild prey was not obtained. Maybe just the sunny and bright day due to the bass eating schedule more sunrise and decline, so the game day has to be the right time. The whole day push, push at least not to have happened. Almost feel that food fish you might get two hours of quick bites. After that you can focus on the other, although the sausage broil or propeller driven, if the wind did not export to the propeller in the back..

Last weekend I was Kallavesj-fairs, so pilkkimiset need to forget for a couple of days, but the weekend before was being on the ice. It was a Saturday afternoon and we were moving really good time. The clock woke us up already at three, because they wanted to have a fish in the place eating at the time.

Ice fishing trip went Suvasvedelle. We bought a few weeks ago Eslan folding propellers Honkkarin sale and pimp them yourself for ice fishing use. Kairalle hook, probe location, etc. Acquired still wide sliding skids, so that the movement is successful lumellakin.

Snowmobile on the ice movement starts to be awkward when the ice is not any snow. Spring on the rocks of the propeller in the fast access long distances. We had dreamed propeller for several years and now happens good luck, when I spotted them on sale.

A week ago Saturday, was taken to the propellers for the first time ice fishing. Propeller have conveniently packaged all the ice fishing stuff and when we left the beach, kicked of control pace and wondered propeller awesomeness, ease and speed.

These are nice pieces

We had a GoPro with it when the purpose was to make your day of fishing a small video. The weather too favored, although the wind was really hard, gusts to 20 meters per second. Fortunately, it does not involved the jigging effect so badly, because the lines are thick. There would have been a nice town to over ten meters in the water with a thin fishing line, the wind would have gotten it pretty quickly…

Was ice fishing on the scene and under the ice was immediately life. I put the Gopro out to film and I got a couple of holes from the filekalat up. After that, I went to John’s house, which ice fifty metres away.


When I get to the John, I noticed that he was sitting in your ice fishing backpack on. I glanced around her and asked that where your propeller is. Juha said that it is me behind the back. Try to squint my eyes and look closer, but still I didn’t see it the propeller. I thought I was going blind or does the propeller really been there.

Juha began to rotate back and forth and he didn’t see his own potkuriaan. It wasn’t anyone people who could have the propeller take. It was such a strange feeling, when the moment then His next to have the propeller was gone with the wind.

Lake back length from shore to shore is over 8 miles and we were watching every direction for miles, but the propeller was nowhere to be found. It was perhaps the best magic trick I’ve ever seen. Do not taikuritkin part to lose a big prop like that.

Disappearance wasn’t any other explanation, like the wind. Although the propeller was turned crosswise to the wind direction, still wind was caught. Does it help any other, than to go in search of. Eating fish was forced to forget, there were left in the striped shirt you’re hungry. Left auger up on the ice and were both slightly different directions, Juha walking and I own propeller.

Wind force discovered only then the best, when it’s going to carry me and the propeller itself. Didn’t have to do anything, when the wind pushed forward. And the pace was really hard!

Try looking to the horizon and both sides at the same time when the wind gave a free ride. It was really fun and I don’t have in that moment had never crossed my mind that at some point I have to turn around and go back upwind. I don’t worry about the future but enjoy the hubbub.

Miles to go in the moment, soon a second and a third. John the propeller is, however, nowhere to be seen. I had just broken up my shoes slip when I tried to brake the propeller speed. Slip on the fly all the ”pins” along the ice. Oh well, get a new one. Except that it broke down after my shoes had no longer any grip. However, I don’t realize it yet at that stage, when you travel with the wind ride with the wind.

Three and a half miles after I decided to give up. Far away on the horizon was the island I was still several miles away. The propeller may be in one of them, would have to leave later on any motor-powered vehicle looking for it. Foot game that the trip was hopeless.

Try to turn the propeller back towards the morning’s ice fishing place, but the wind had a different opinion. It turn to force the propeller backwards. I had a probe and a million pounds of ice fishing backpack ride, which are at least facilitated the journey.

I had to forcibly turn the propeller the correct direction and tried to leave potkuttele country back. Does it become anything. Shoes hit the brush and the wind kept trying to steal my propeller. Then it annoyed me so much! I was going to stay there märisemään, but if I had stayed still, the wind would have taken me even further.

I left a small inch of a step towards the destination. All the time the wind got a hold of the propeller and turned it forcibly the other way around. I’ve never been on the lake under such circumstances. Big back, the wind volume must still be iterative, and it was a nightmare.

Slowly progressing during the trip I thought that I source ever ice fishing. Well then I thought, this ain’t ice fishing a fault had but the wind, so I changed my decision enough that I won’t ever ice fishing, if the wind is blowing.

It seemed like an eternity, during a trip to think about even more and eventually had that decision to change, that I don’t go in windy weather fishing, because this winter almost every trip is the wind. Well, not in these conditions anything can, maybe it is but in the mirror look of the place. Of course the wind will take everything off to get. Next time, the goods need to be tied up.

It was awesome feeling when I finally got there, although of course missing the propeller annoyed. We left pretty soon on the ice off and a trip to the beach went a little differently than the morning trip to the fishing spot. We namely was packed all the stuff in my propeller and invasion, yet both of us on that ride. Well managed it as ? Fortunately the route to the beach go to the island behind where the wind does not spread the same way.

The beach meet was one of the fishermen and I asked him whether he had seen a solitary propeller. And he was! Fortunately, the propeller had not hit it ice fishing a man, for he told me that his past had gone a propeller like a horribly fast pace. We got to know yet suunnankin, to which the propeller had been traveling.

Did Facebook update the wind from stealing the propeller. People wondered that how it is possible, but we’re not to that part answered. The update also saw a few at the same time the direction of the resident people, some of whom even pledged to help in the search for.

Same and next day four different people came in looking for a propeller without any result. It was a marvelous thing, that the propeller could not be found, even though we were spending way too known.

The home was Juha with laughter, when I look at my picture by GoPro video. The video background displays while propeller ran away with John next door and left a terrible ride toward the horizon. In the end appears just a small point. And yet no one raiders didn’t see the propeller any more!

We actually did not reach the snowmobile propeller to look for before Juha built the bandwagon raapijat. A couple of days for the disappearance we went around the area thoroughly. We were touring the islands beaches and all possible and impossible place. The propeller does not, however, against the wind, to be able to pass, so ”backward” not in vain, gone.

A fugitive searching for

We view the chartplotter in like a ridiculously long route that was being traveled and been looking for the propeller. Not found. The island was in the cottages and we thought the propeller went someone to the beach, where someone was injected to prop the stock up with. We don’t no other reason invented. Handed over to find.

Was cooking sausages and headed towards the shore a little different route. Juha drove and I watched the scenery. Thus, far from a black point and asked, that I wonder if that points it in the morning we met ice man, quite a long way to walk on slippery ice.

Juha turned the sled toward the points. We approached it, and Juha said, that it is my propeller. I said well isn’t it! Not that there couldn’t be. Point of convergence and the snowmobile is accelerating. Juha said again, that, yes, it is my propeller. I was very incredulous and still thought it to be some fishermen.

I started to describe the situation in the video and what closer points go, the more it begins to resemble a propeller. Juha started to become mad and happy. Yes it is otherwise the propeller!!!

Get to your destination and Juha ran to hug the propeller! It was happy after seeing that ? we Were 100% sure that the propeller is not found again, but apparently miracles do happen! Juha said on Saturday, after the propeller disappeared, that don’t ever call me Hannu Goose. For two days I didn’t say, but on Monday the nickname was taken up again ?

Overall, just an incredible thing! The propeller was frozen in the ice to catch up. At some point the wind direction was turned, when the wind had turned the propeller and it was moved on a different direction. The propeller was still heavy backpack in the other horn closed, so that the propeller is passed through a little one-side. I don’t know how many miles the propeller was altogether alone gone, but the missing person’s place discovery site was more than 4km. The end well all well ?

There it is a fugitive now on =)

A couple of weeks, there have been other fishing trip, but they have not been quite as eventful ? was Iisvedellä my uncle with ice fishing. My uncle lives in Iisveden on the beach and wanted to ice fishing tips, fishing places, and he also wanted to explore the information for jigging. I watched the previous day on the lake the depth of the curves and put on the map a few characters ready.

Iisvedellä was still really good, so transitions on the ice made the car ride ? was Tried during the day the last three days of the map to mark my place and the end result was a big bag of bass!

Iisvesi is clear water, so the fishing depth was well over 10 meters. I got during the day a good amount of bass and the big ones were a half pounds. Day managed really well considering that it was all new to me involved the lake. John day, the balance was only one perch, but maybe it is due to the fact that I got all my fish Rantamäen Manu making cheese hair pyrstöllä and that is Juhalta find.

Iisvedeltä to find a good winter, these come in a few minutes =)

The premier got very perch, but he ice able ice fishing, making bass a whole was not so great. Information and vertical jig the difference I noticed well, when pilkitty the adjacent avannoilla the same flock and uncle got a small perch and involved again collected fileahventa. My uncle swore that he would study information for jigging any more and intends to get himself involved. Good ??

Iisvedellä was a nice size perch
Mr. manu of the little fur tail is a one credit game of

We had a really nice day and was already planned for the summer contact jigireissu to Iisvedelle, the lake seemed that much interesting.

We did last week one of the trip Juurusvedellä. The fish was not at all otilla and home she brought us to was just a few filekala. Fortunately, in recent times the food fish has become well enough, that the hunger does not die, although between were stupid to ask =)

Juuruksen ahvenelle tasted like fish game new stick-shaped information, Kesseli
Juurusvedellä often have to watch this widgets

Yesterday we made a short trip roikan water. The purpose was to make a long trip, but because the weather was too good for jigging, the sea bass was delicate. We had those infamous propeller included and fortunately, this time nobody of them stole, even if hard it the wind trying to do the same trick, like a little over a week ago.

Awesome scenery before the sun rise
Ferry Onto the side of the

Days the balance was two fileahventa. Small rooster fish was on nearly every hole filled and yes there’s a fish rooster needs would be received, but time slow it would be 14 metres to be you ?

The morning started well, but then fell silent

Drive was several miles, and it’s really fun to move the propeller on the ice. Was cooking sausages on the island and enjoying the sun and weather for outdoor activities. Nice day, although the fish did not eat.

How’s the rest of Finland the ice conditions, you still get ice fishing or setting up equipment in the boat for open water season? If there is still ice fishing weather, so remember to keep the propeller of the stick ?

I got then a week ago Saturday to describe a short video on the ice, take a look the video on Youtube and leave comments like would you watch more fishing videos? A link to the video.

The article the Missing propeller of the hunters was first published in the FISH WE LUCK.

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