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Eight-day ice tube

Ice fishing is wonderful! It was christmas after eight times ice fishing and even in between had a stupid day too, still a species of addictive to the fullest. Empty days until the weight was fortunately something food pöytäänkin ☺

Eight days, actually contains a variety of weather conditions. Between kirpsakka frost and between pilkitty the slush.

The ice movement starts to be pretty challenging snowfall due and yes the condition probably slightly increased by a few ten thousand step. Between the pulk behind us, really nice and smooth, but was also freezing cold days when out on the ice, the slush froze the pulk bottom.. one of those days is not bad ?

It was after christmas Virmasvedellä and those trips already wrote earlier. The road after is not do you think Virmaan and therefore are pörräilty other lake along the North-Savo.

Was last week in Siilinjärvi Jälällä and that lake either give properly to the fish or it will not give any. We had bad luck and perch on the balance left on that day to zero. It’s amazing, when you can’t even see the probe in one perch all day!

A familiar view

Beach lake left to see the snowmobile tracks and it was thought the ice was pretty good. The first test drilling will tell the clear ice to be 14cm. Continued the journey towards the fishing spot and soon we began to ihmettemään wet ice. Juha made sure again koekairauksia and the ice was only 6cm. In addition, the ice was all fluff.

Hui, weak to ice! Suddenly towards the shore…

Went quickly towards the continent and towards the ice began again to confirm. Most likely in the six inch point someone was in the power of the place, because it was the island and the mainland. Surprised pretty hard, when some time previously there had been a lot more ice.

Were the rest really careful moving, and to drill short distances, at intervals, to keep was track of the ice conditions. The day was almost MP. I got the last of the ice from the pike, but it does not feel warm, as was the perch.

The next day was to visit winter for the first time Sotkalla. I had heard rumors that Sotkalla is already so much ice, that there will dare to go-and yes, there was more than 15cm clear ice from that place where was.

We were Sotkalla four people and was mapping a large area the four of us. In the morning the first few holes was quiet and it was just the normal continuum of the previous day Jälän trip. I was fully accustomed to staring at the empty screen.

Ten time something strange happened. Soaked I His box I found the fish bandit perch leather small lighten. I was just last night seen John involved the box I caught a glimpse and there my eyes hit the-year-old information, which Tommi had ever sent me. Information had apparently been Juhalla loan in many years, so it was time to take it back ☺

This was such a great moment, when Tom surprised me =)

Bass began to rise involved, and they were pretty tough. Part of the fish was only a hundred grams of hujakoilla, but the big ones nearly four hundred. I got a hole in the ice, 21 perch and even hands get pretty sore, when all of a sudden was put on the empty avantoihin accustomed to the fishermen lift the fish. A rare treat!

I put the small fish back to the hole in the ice and I just took isohkot filekalat food fish. Only wild after eating I realized that what information for them to perch properly eat again. Fish pirate perch leather is from Sotkalta ?

Small back grow
Drone-photo from above (photographer: Ilkka Turunen)

Eating was and went. I got the longer individual fish other avannoilta, but it didn’t matter at all. I was so happy when I get to hit the bass hard and Jälän stupid trip, too, was forgotten in an instant.

Good batch 🙂

The end of the day, was compared with the catch of the bag and we all four were a good food fish, although pilkitty’s a big area. Perch, therefore, was moving during the day well and it was a lot.

The next day the ice fishing place was still a work in progress and Sotka yes interested, but in heavy snow, slush walking, not so much… the solution came to acquaintance of the gang, who was going to Sotkalle ice fishing and they reportedly received ”taxikyydin” sled. The second next day of the ice fishing place had been decided ☺

The catch was almost guaranteed. There was as soon as the sun came up the fishing spot and we started to wait for the probe to draw the fireworks. I promised that the ten-time start eating.

Twelve o’clock was surrounded by the empty probes, and confused facial expressions. ”Oh, yesterday? did you get this good fishing?” Yep, was obtained. For some reason the fish were now gone.

Oops, where are they sotka of the bass disappeared?

I got during the day one fileahventa and the previous day’s ferocious eating was just a memory. In addition, I got one whitefish, which I released.

Also siialle tasted perch pirate

Fortunately, was taxikyyti back to the shore, although maybe I was promising too much in the morning ? according to rumors, the perch had started again, wildly eating as soon as the next day, when we were already far from the ?

Sotkalla so was perch eaten, but we were ice fishing just like the rest. Maybe it should have been, but to continue Sotka bombing, as the new place to give just a couple of food fish. Nice looking and a potential place, but sometimes I wonder how on earth we can almost always go to a fishing spot, where you ate last night or it will eat tomorrow. Rarely happens eating day.

Many is yes now got bass activated to eat, by using morria, but I’m still not the larvae jar to pick up.. then see information for wild winter after a date =D

The new place gave me a couple filekalaa, lips Chap-balance

Yesterday was a one fish day. Or I got several perch, but only one good ☺ was Being Kallavedellä and quite strange that there is ice just 10cm. Or not I guess it’s weird, when the Lake hasn’t been even a long time still frozen, and now it’s been snowing, too, as insulation. I certainly would not dare yet to go Kallavedelle without Ursuit and floating overalls, let alone drive a sled, as some..

We were early on the move and they had to wait half an hour for the sun to rise. I got the first fish at nine, half an hour before the sun rises.

The morning of the first perch, there was a miracle of light, although the sun had not yet risen
Juha ice fishing =)
Embankment depth mapping

The morning was quiet and I was about to give up hope, until noon a little better perch going from the bottom towards the temporary swimming in the water, smelt Heads. Perch rose involved and scored immediately. I was happy, a very nice fish until the end of 2018 =)

Chap-involved the lips

Last night was just incredibly wonderful aircraft! The sun was shining and although there were more than ten degrees of frost, no cold, it doesn’t really wind. Fish there was no way the wild have eat, though I wish I had, because of our food fish the average size was over half a kilo.

His biggest perch was 630g and my big one-pound hujakoilla. Sometimes when I would get it to the size of the bass, fireworks sonar screen… well, that day wasn’t yesterday, although the new year’s eve was ☺

His biggest perch validate my fish bandit top gun
The middle of the day the ice was torn crevasse

Were still today, ice fishing, even though the weather wasn’t exactly ideal. Snowing since this morning and without pressure last night than cow him. This morning, I was pretty sure that the fish does not eat, but always that little glimmer of hope exists, but if it did…

That’s quite a drop (screenshot
Manu Rantamäen jigipäät are good micro jigeistä
Today some small bass up

A few fish fall information and jigiin, but the bigger bass I don’t probe even seen. The snow fell in large rätteinä throughout the day and conditions were really wet. Jigging was still nice, because there weren’t any cold and waterproof clothing to keep dry. Nice day, although the fish did not come. The norm of the day.

Waterproof fittings are absolute in this weather!
All is not waterproof =)

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