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Fishing Keiteleelle

Savo lakes are wonderful, but sometimes it’s nice to visit the sea below fishing. Time many in North-Savo, the lake has already become a fish and that’s why it was interesting to visit some of the central global in Finland quite new waters. We chose a three day and two night fishing trip to the destination of keitele lake and it was a great choice.

Keitele is a clear watery trout lake and past the clear lake experience, we know that the perches need to look more than ten feet. It again not jigikalastajan for longer a very pleasing depth, especially if heittojigaa. Then need to use a heavier jigipäitä and then again the feel of jigiin may not be so good. And if the fishing depth is nearly 15 meters, the jig sink while you await time to even eat lunch… Luckily like also bass vertical jigauksesta, it was the men fishing style keitele lake.

I love and hate clear lakes. I feel that such a lake might get a real surprise in a pot and perch size and perch swarm size is bigger, but the fish finding, again, is considerably more difficult, than the darker waters. Fish also is a lot deeper.

I had some trauma suvas of the trip a few weeks ago, and it was feared that the fish Keiteleellä three days empty. The trip’s goal was to get at least one perch, which, fortunately, I already found the first day, thanks to the seagulls. And even if would not have been even that same perch, it was still nice to see the new lake and its nature.

Keiteleellä is cheese, so with the understanding the road cheese color deficient jigeillä. We already had a little experience in cheese-eating perch, as fair a week earlier we were in the Kallavedellä perch surface to eat on, where the bass drove the vendace.

Cheese spotted Kallavedellä!
And I wonder why again Savage bleak work… =)

It was a rare situation, because always before the perch are eaten Kallavedessä under bark and only one perch is spit from his mouth the cheese and it’s been four years time. So, yes, smelt is the bass’s main food Kallavedessä.

Perch was on the surface, but always a few meters below the surface, but it was really hard to reach jigillä. Between the flock whirled pohjankin season and then got vertsun have a few fish.

Juha got the surface wobble by throwing your own ennätyskuhani in (67cm), so yes there kuhatkin were eating. After the road trip I went Samfishingiltä acquisition started a few small surface wobble.

Enkkakuha Juha
Ajoparvia intermediate water
The night the island in these landscapes
The old familiar camp, already the fourth time here…
The next day the fishing was a little bit more challenging weather conditions due to

The lake trip after we had a break from fishing due to high winds and. Was being designed to further your bottom fishing trip a couple of weeks and only trip the day before we decided our fishing trip to your final destination, Keiteleen. We need to observe the wind situation, as the heavy weather Keiteleen for the back would not have been any issue. Or at least fishing would not have come to nothing.

Wind conditions favor, so last week on Wednesday morning a car heading towards keitele lake and the purpose was to fish there until Friday. I was asking in advance for information on boat ramps Facebook and mobile we navigator with the help of towards the boat beach and ramps.

The city changed the country landscape…

When you get down to the beach, so yes, there any boat landing place was, but it was a giant boat in front. Had to be replaced plan as well as the fishing spot that the camping of the island for. I was looking at a map in advance of fishing spots, and now and then a change of plan just on the fly and I didn’t have any fishing spots ready to view the.


We had the option as a couple of other boat landing place and in the end we decided to head for the haystack in the bay, although Keiteleen on the north side of the island wasn’t as much as further south.

Finally reached the beach and free luis kalle. The weather and the front opened up to a huge Keitele. Not other than it, i.e. the bass chasing!

The initial enthusiasm was about to dissolve when the probe is not drawn by the time anything. They were looking for fish for two hours 8-12 meters from the waters, but saw no sign of life anywhere. Difficult days ahead…

Where’s the bass?

Finally I saw something in the life, but it was on the water! Gulls and terns were screaming a few hundred meters away and well, you know, what does it mean when birds syöksähtelevät head above water. Gas the bottom and birds in the way!


Thank you again for your birds, that you facilitated us to find the works very much. When they reached the birds, the fish had. But what was strange, was the depth. Perch were 14-16 feet and I can quite honestly say that I would have never been able to actually go in search of fish so deep. Now were lucky that the birds were hungry.

Never jigattua so deep and not we, in fact, very deep didn’t need a jig count, because the bass will rise up to ten meters from the bottom. Between eating almost faded away, but Juha invented the technology, which got the fish.

When the jig fell to the bottom and then starts reeling ”like crazy”, the fish bite was. And it was strange, because the jig’s pace was really hard and still perch could grab the jig in his mouth. And sharkbait come always so many meters above the base.

Wow big perch looks like a small John in a big paw =D

The fish was awful and muikkujigit tasted. A couple of times I tried them there, but it was really slow and for some reason for the enormous amount of fish mass did not come tärppiäkään. Bass did not want to eat from the bottom, but closer to the surface, therefore, vertikaalijigaus working really well.

Bass spit cheese and also stomachs were bulging big cheese when we had a few fish that We kokattavaksi. Halsteri perch we can have this time to cook, when the forest fire warning was in force.

Sloping the probe was a really big help, after 15 meters depth saw 40 to 60 meters of both sides. Loft could be 20-30 fish a flock and not those necessarily found, if no luck have run right on top of them. Viistolla searching was fast and the fish turned on it was easy to ”park”.

In the middle of the pictures of the perch loft
Perch on the left

The fish was a large area and we changed always between a little place. Eating took four hours and I think it would have lasted longer, but we had to go in search of the camp of the island, because the big squalls and possibly a thunderstorm outside were approaching.

A few fish according to the

Fortunately, they found a suitable island in less than an hour and reached almost to the shore until the boat with. Now when the waters have fallen so low in rannoissa landing has been challenging. The ice was only a few feet from dry land and Juha from the rocks along the skipping to attach the boat and build a big stone, a stone path, in order to get to the driest feet in the island.

We were in a hurry to set up camp and get a tarpit in place, so depending on the carpet and the goods do not get wet. Dark clouds converged in a threatening manner and, fortunately, a hammock camp is a ”five minute job”, at least almost, so camp was quickly piled on.

Camp and cooking canopy

When the camp was ready, it started raining and the rain lasted maybe half an hour. Well it suited us, although some still wonder if it perch on it still rain after eaten..

However, we chose to start cooking and continue to fish on Friday. Thursday namely had been promised such a terrible conditions, that the waters doesn’t make you think. Hard rain, and thunder on top of it, keep us all day in a horizontal plane hammocks. But it’s not nothing, what is depend on the carpet in köllötellessä.

Juha cook
A little later in the image capture thunderstorms were promised the whole afternoon

Thursday morning came and I glanced at the weather forecast. Well what the hell, now is the meteorological institute of the page are messed up. Six hours earlier I looked at the forecast and it was terrible and now shines the sun and there is light rain… Can this be correct?

The rumors I’d Juha he depends on mattoonsa, that not we, perhaps, can be köllötellä all day, because today is a kalakeli. Juhakin marveled at the forecast u-turn. Started the coffee and checked the weather many times.

Super healthy breakfast =)

During the night it had rained a lot the water and even this morning was a little unstable, but after nine o’clock, the weather was perfect. Was circumvented and examined in the morning the island before the fish leave and it was incredibly gorgeous island. Me come from Lapland to the mind, although never in Lapland been 😁

The island rannoissa had dozens, if not hundreds, of holes of rocks, and I’ve never seen anything like it. Perhaps you inherited it from ice age or what.. Also the bottom of the lake shows ice age (?) brands, when the sloping probe with the drove. Perhaps the ice packs are gone and left longitudinal striations.. Interesting.

The island examination after we headed to fish and because we only had one fishing spot Keiteleelle marked, we’ll go straight to it. The place was so the previous day spot, which birds us who tipped off.

No, we didn’t need to run even a note of when the birds were there, while eating in the restaurant. And again the same things go on and the fish was terrible. Now there was a small bigger fish to fry perch, while the previous day the average size was really good and almost all the fish filekokoa.

Hungry birds
First came a good-sized bass, then the size of a small my

Fish began to be so small, that we continued searching. After we found the fish 12 feet and they were revealed kuhiksi. We got the overall, often to keep the standard and the biggest was about 50cm and the smaller 40cm, so it’s pretty small to keep the standard not been found at all. Special that walleye, however, be that amount, when it is so clear lake.

Immediately if you start to come zander, change of venue, because on Thursday we have still been able to keep the standard according. We didn’t want to fish them deep and then release.

Thursday was a challenging day for bass, and although we toured a lot of different places, the days of the only perch were found for ”bird place”. We got it even in the evening, over a half-pound of fish and I was going to come pick them up on Friday aboard.

I asked for this fish to come to the Friday in the same place, did not come 🙁

We had limited space in the cooler and we didn’t want to take the fish for a long time in the cooler, so on Friday, when it was home to the departure date, we can take a bit of food fish to take home.

Thursday night bass a little shallower
On Thursday we fried perch fillet trangia in, great!
One of my life’s best place to camp, even though that’s what I always say =) Each trip has been so wonderful!

Friday fish number was reduced even further. ”The bird place” was empty and I was just laughing my tyhmyydelleni, when I thought I could just come pick the fish up. Not them so just be taken. On the other hand, annoyed a bit when I wanted to make a perch chowder, but earlier in the day, the fish had not yet been possible to take, and now they no longer come. Well that kind of fishing is.

Then, fortunately, just luck and without the bird’s help, we found a perch flock. Small flock was and kalakaan are not giants, but are however actually found in the loft, it was being proud of 😁 it was food fish you, and still hurts mini walleye rug probe shown in, where Ahti give a couple of food for walleye, according to Kuopio take.

On Friday a few food fish, according to

Fishing Keiteleelle was very successful and they liked the lake and our camp island so much. All went brilliantly and the weather become u-turn was crowned the trip. First contact with keitel cream was good and I will go again chasing those fat perch. Perhaps already next winter.

Saturday was made a day trip Tervoon Rasvangille. That’s clear lake also and there should not ever go to the pacific and perfectly sunny weather, because then the bass, finding it is impossible. The weather looked cloudy and three meters against the wind, so it was a very good Rasvanki-keli.

When was Tervoon and the lake, the trust meteorologeihin shake. Now it’s become just too much for sudden changes in the weather and Rasvangilla the sky was cloudless and the lake mirror calm. Fish should not be found.

Yeah true about the wind…
Yeah really cloudy…

And no fish found. Shave again because you screwed-up for hours and trying to spot a scratch from the bottom of something. Merino wool underwear and thick waterproof outerwear were too much.

Finally found one with a large perch on the loft and was it in the end food fish, but because a large part of the flock of fish was really small, had filekaloja to find than a needle in a haystack.

In addition, the reeds from the edge came a few perch surface wobble have =)

Part of the fishing trip of fish bred to the soup, just great!

Soup 1.5 kg of perch fillets and in addition to other goodies

Scandinavian Tackle asked me last year, I wanted to design with them the Fish we luck fishing rods jigikalastukseen and happy to leave the process. Design and testing after the rods are now on the market and I’m really pleased with both the rods of the activity that the appearance.

The series has two free, second ahvenelle and the second kuhalle, and this summer I have been fishing only this rod in.

Ahvenvapa 3-15g, 210cm and kuhavapa 10-35g, 210cm

Ahvenvapa is just perfect and although it is a ’PERK’, it has come up also to keep the standard and the pike. Ahvenvapa I’ve had most of the summer use, because our target fish is perch. Bass among will between the also other species and ahvenvapa has lasted well even with a four pound pike.

Although the rod is from the tip of the flexible, eye gets infected kuhatkin surprisingly well. Rod aligns really well with the fish movements. Perch always trying to shake himself loose of the fishing line away, but this with a fishing rod it does not really work tip flexibility, thanks 🙂

The second rod is kuhavapa, ’ZANDER’ and it has a length the same 210cm than ahvenvapakin. Difference between perch freedom is sturdier tip, but the rod does not, however, have a ”stiff stick”, but with a fishing rod to get a good feel jigiin. Power can also be found backlash in the making. If you fish just for walleye, then this rod is better.

Rod is a really good price-quality ratio and three-year warranty. For more information about rods can be found in:

Ahvenvapa PERCH

Kuhavapa ZANDER

Facebook’s side is running the rod raffle, with two lucky to win a brand new Fish we luck fishing rods for himself! Use like a draw from the publication, so perhaps you’re fishing with a new rod already this fall 😁

Article Fishing Keiteleelle was first published in the FISH WE LUCK.

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