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Fish food for the whole week

A week ago selected, when no food fish found. Well, sometimes it whining seems to be worth it, because this week let’s eat fish!

The end of last week the thunder were tormented by the Finnish, but luckily they calmed down for the weekend. We had the opportunity to fish and ”this island” for the whole weekend and if the weather would have permitted, we would köllötti been hammocks from Friday to Sunday, of course, between a little fish. On Friday we monitored the weather forecasts all the time and we hoped, that the thunder had not come to Kuopio, but the hope was vain, and the thunder and the rain teased us the whole of Friday.

Friday not been fished for this reason (screenshot: the meteorological department.en)

Our island trip was forced to move one day and, fortunately, Saturday was better weather. It’s not rain mind you, but thunder is scary, especially if it comes at breakneck speed on, when you’re in the middle of the lake fishing. I’d rather be the thunder with being overly cautious and that is why the internet ukkos and rain radars have become familiar.

I woke up Saturday morning, half past five, and the first overview of the internet weather forecast does not look good. Meteorological department issued Kuopio every hour for the old man svaroitus, although squalls or ukkosrintama not on the map shown. Also no window view, the weather did not look bad, but of course weather is always unpredictable, changes can come quickly.

Was preparing little by little on a trip and pack were duds and a box lunch. The hours passed and also the forecasts kept changing all the time a better direction. Perhaps it the courage to go and gets me there lake always off, the island is not worth to go for the night, if a bad one comes on.

Went home nine countries and was directed towards the sotka of the peninsula. And no, I really wasn’t going to Sotkalle fish, because there I don’t have probably the last couple of years nothing much experiences. The destination was Koirus, which is sotka’s south side.

Lowered boat sotka of the cape of

Left was towards the Koirusta, but stopped, however, along the way a couple of places to try Sotka offer. We’ve never really received there in the summer time bass and winter very rarely.

Saturday morning the weather looked so unstable from

Wonder was great when we found a few stripe shirts and still pretty good size. Just this one time, when you can’t take the ”smoke bass”, then Ahti give them. We had to release all the fish for the food fish to be able to take until the next day on the way home, if Ahtiherra them then bog.

If this should Sotkalta a little more often..

Sotkalta also found this, who to identify as their own? =)

The journey continues Koirukselle and there tested last summer to find our places. A few hours, the balance was keep the standard and small perch. Many people have now told me that he had received bass really low, even for the metric, and we decide to try some shallow shoals. And indeed, the place was full of bass. But! The perch were very small, the largest perhaps only 200g.

In this area, find a perch

However, was really special fish so shallow, because every time you threw towards the rocks and got the fish to seize the line of the head, then the coil when the entire flock followed the fishing line from the catch of the fish. Yes, it was great to see, when the boat’s side studded stripe shirts. That it apparently means that the perch is a schooling fish. Guys don’t leave ? the Fish also tärppivät jigiin just from the surface, when lowering the jig to the boat next to the surface below.

Rantamäen Manu made by small jigipäät are really good and sharp, the bass certainly doesn’t get to run away

We didn’t fish sinttejä long, but we continued our journey. Almost every stalemate was full of fish and ”unfortunately” they were to keep the standard. Well after all, keep the standard too nice to fish in and the ai that it is also a good food fish, but a little sometimes frustrating, when you drive ten fishing spot through and all have walleye. Perch is, however, always me the one fish, so the fishing rod as a board home direction ☺

The afternoon began to hear the rumble. I don’t it out on the lake when I was a long listen, so I wanted to leave as soon as the islands get away. I looked quickly ukkos and rain radar and fortunately ukkosrintama was small. It seemed that it could with any luck, even went to the north side over.

Was being selected for a place to stay your hood island and as we were almost to the island next to the already finished, the island was a short distance run. We went to camp and it was hoped that there will be time to tune in tarppikankaan before the rain.

Could it be this time a five minute job?

The sky appears dark clouds and a bit of matter could be heard rumbling. Any flash I seen. Hood island was really a lot of perfect thick trees, so the camp site found in an instant. Also camp the erection of a managed quickly, and to my eye the camp looked almost professional hiker did it ? I Was so satisfied and well, I had a hammock to also visit the testing and at the same time, rest time legs. Järvellekin when no thunder yet made it back.

This ain’t no the heart never unloaded?

A small break was a very nice thing, and hubby as well go in the end thankfully over without wetting us. It was decided to make a little snack in our ”tour of the kitchen in the” before the lake.

I bought the trangia a hammock for a field trip and now food manufacturers will succeed where the island only, even if there was no campfire, and forest fire warning need to worry anymore. Morning coffee is protected ?

I’ve never done a camping stove for food and a surprising set out, how easy and fast it is. Good shopping!

Relish the dinner hummock to sit in the awesome scenery while watching. Top ?

The clock was six and the sunset was still several hours time. We went back to the lake in search of bass and actually was pretty good, that the camp was now erect, as we get from fish comes directly pötköttämään.

Bass was tight. Walleye can be found all over, but only in the evening after eight o’clock we found the first bass. They were found on rocks amongst shallow, so yes now weekend, it appears that five meters (or even more) back pateilta it is vain to look for bass at the moment. Perch was in the evening just at the surface and was tricky to get jigillä. Light jigipäällä quick reel of a few, however, become prey.

Zander should be…

Koirukselle walleye average size is better than Kallavedellä, although the minimum size even in the boat went

The sun began to go to the horizon and my mind it the most wonderful sleep nest. Always if you even think about a hammock, you will automatically start to yawn. Had to pack the fishing rods and jigs, and head towards hood island, before the lights went out.

Good night!

The night was not coming rain and the temperature wasn’t going down very down. Went up pretty soon pussukoihin, as was being woken up in the morning so in good time. The sandman came almost immediately and I was asleep one waking up tactics until morning. In the morning three after I used my eyes open and was forced to take one photo of the sky from the shore, but after a while I passed out immediately and slept more than six.

Good Morning, Finland 🙂

Night’s sleep was really good, the best of what the whole summer trips. The air was somehow special, fresh and no mosquito no mosquito had inisemässä ear. At night there was not hot nor cold, but just right. I recommend every sometimes to sleep one night in the woods in a hammock, because it can’t be said to describe that how good you sleep it can get. It seems to me that people are created to sleep in a hammock ☺

I’m so glad that I found this(kin) hobby and I can summer time combine two of the world’s most comfortable thing, namely fishing and hammock camping. And who knows, even if I sometimes törötän there in that beautiful bag winter frost, then it needs some better gear ?

The morning was warm and beautiful. Made some in a little snack, and boiled some coffee in the morning. After that, it was in front of the camp demolition and, after all, tarppikatokset had been a little unnecessary, when the whole time it didn’t rain a single drop of water, but everyone knows the law of karma. If shelters had not been put, so hood island was hit with a century of hard rain, so better this way.

In this picture it has it all; ambience, setting and of course that morning coffee =D

Hut decoding

This turd is a hammock hassle (also sleeping bag), and this package tamped then, finally, the storage bag =)

Was packed the goods into the boat and went towards one of the first fishing spots. The purpose was to take ruokakuhia, if they could and I was 99,9% sure, that the dimensions of the walleye should be. The previous day the boat was ten keep the standard and the largest were over 50cm. Credit patteihin was hard ?

The island was easy to drive the bow of the electric motor with the help, didn’t need to be afraid in the shallow, that the outboard hit the bottom or rocks

The first pat windward bench was pretty full of fish. Was put on the GoPro to rotate and began to lift the fish into the boat. Every roll tärppäili or was the fish caught. Unbelievable and fish the average size was surprisingly good, the biggest walleye was 55cm.

No one can be without getting walleye this

Throughout the long bench was full of fish

Was taken five walleye and after that went to find bass, because in addition to also smoke bass would go great. If Koiruksen no bass to be found, the last resort would be to try sotka of the previous day’s place, where we got a bigger bass. But it was not until the journey home plan.

Juha got the day’s biggest walleye, 55cm, this fish was C&R

We are this summer been wondering kuhien quantities in the lake. I mean, we everytime ruokakuhia to get, but so many on the trip anyway. Walleye is a fish place always pretty terrible number. I don’t remember the previous summer, that the probe would never be drawn about large flocks, but I guess they then have been in the past, I don’t necessarily find them.

This afternoon we were one the island side of the sky anchor in, when the walleye flock to the sea blew in, a few big active perch on the sonar screen and one of them scored. The desk I attached a GoPro to record the entire time of the trip events and also when 36cm cute stripe shirt get in the boat. The rest of the flock disappeared as quickly as it came, but at least one nice fish was on video.

36cm cute stripe shirt C&R

After the shaved area around and try to identify the kuhien among perch in the shape of balls, but nothing came. All the fish in the display looked the same. After some time away I noticed that the water ”live” probably 200 square area. A closer look, I realized that the little fish swam frantically to the surface and the water surface looked like it was boiling. Surface eat kind it was running and for once we were before the gulls spot ?

The weekend that works best for luottojigi of the Savage Gear Bleak Real Tail in a couple of different sizes, perhaps a picture in the fish oksentama cheese is one of the reasons the functionality =D

I started throwing kiehuviin and bass tärppivät jigiin just the surface. Too bad, while anything bigger is not the line I get stuck, but always a super fast guppy get jigiin first. I guess there are better fish would be there was when they main came it 36 inch ahvenkin.

Surface eating takes maybe 20 minutes, after which the water surface calm and jigiin become more bites. It’s too bad when the video is obtained from any of the giants on display. It was decided to go Sotka side to check out the Sotka perch place, when the bell began to be already quite a lot.

Sotka was hushed. There was not found any more the first perch and the empty probe to stare at the old, difficult times. I feel like I experienced this sometimes before and I feel like sometimes I swear that here I come again. What am I doing here? The carburetor to the beach.

Bye Sotka!

At home began to finger you syyhyten watch the Gopro recordings and, for once, had good footage and ”evidence” decent walleye for eating. And as a bonus still it 36cm perch.

Oh. The memory card is defective and none of the video clips working. Is this love coming ?

Well the main thing, that weekend is saved on your noggin on the hard drive and the evidence of the ten walleye fillet in the refrigerator. This week omega stocks is met ?

The article of fish food throughout the week was first published in the FISH WE LUCK.

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