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The last few weeks have worn quickly. Waters has become a spent a lot of time and even if that Kallavesi familiar with the lake is, yet there is still so much uncharted territory. Just need to diligently study and observe everything below the surface is shown.

I’ve been able to do with client gigs and it feels so good, when he sees the boat of pleasure, it was pleasure from then, from the resulting fish, or even if finally successful throwing. This job is incredibly fun when you get to witness other people learning and successes. For many, the mere boating in itself is an experience-and yes, the world really looks different from the lake by hand. A fishing trip can involve many new experiences.

More customer has received a life first walleye and although some of the fish have been undersized, it’s not the size of a fish affect its moment of pleasure in a feeling of. Even a small fish feel good and the most important thing in this whole fishing stuff in it, that can transcend itself to some fact and get it through the feeling of success of. Customer success seemed to me like super good.

I now have had a ride in two just insanely talented fisherman began. A week ago the boat was involved in the 10-year-old fisherman-Emil, which amazed me fishing skills. That boy didn’t need advice! Or of course the guides first, try to look like a model how to jigeillä fished, but it turned out that way, that I have left my teaching throwing in the middle when I started haavitsi country Emil’s fish! Time was, therefore, to be at anchor in maybe two minutes, when the dimensions of the walleye were already in the boat Emil’s by! Emil, therefore, to guide me, that how those fish get to be 😅 This boy heard yet 👍

I started to look Eemelille how jigeillä fish… (Photo: Merja culture for the university)
But Eemelipä showed me how jigeillä to fish =) (Photo: Merja culture for the university)
Small professional fishing (Photo: Merja culture for the university)
And again rises zander! (Photo: Merja Culture For The University)
Not Emil’s mother badly relegated to second place, Merja caught this big bass!
They had to leave a little early to the beach, as the thunder began to approach menacingly (Photo: Merja culture for the university)

Also, the 8-year-old Nicklas was a great fisherman. I don’t even understand how these so young children can be so adept at fishing rods processors and fishermen, when do you think we’re self an adult yet, either part of the fish as well.

Gig Nicklas was with this afternoon and I had visited in the morning driving to fishing spots ready to go through, so I saw little of what kuhien and bass relationship go. All looked good and mark was on the map for who knows how many fish place. Sloping draw between the big schools of fish. In one place I made one test shot, and I got upon the dimensions of the zander.

This afternoon when we left again towards morning, the fish were moved into one. Now have to think about that is it useless to visit the driving seats in advance through, if the fish you’re once may be lost in the moment completely…

Fortunately then, however, to find fish in the first quiet hours after and Nicklas target fish, i.e. keep the standard became a dozen, three of which were legal size. Bass also became the walleye swarm of amongst a few and one of them was Nicklas’s own record. The weather was a long time for the top good and I can’t remember when I last time had become a lake of sweat.

Nicklas snip a good size to keep the standard
I was amazed how long and accurate throws, this 8-year-old threw
Elaborate by jig of uittamisella kuhien among you will also find my record perch!
In addition, find other bass, yes we had a great day!

I get to take two customers to hammock camping and the whims of an unpredictable weather despite the succeeded pretty well, dodging a thunderstorm and rain. Only in the early hours of the morning overhead was pouring rain, but fortunately, tarpin below was dry sleep.

The boat is watch this space, this wasn’t even all tour rig and in addition, there were still customers in the goods =)

Started tours Tiina and Ville, with fishing. I had toured the previous day a few of the fishing spots through the finish and put in the map signs. Fish will then be shown a lot. To become a good and confident feeling Ahtiin, those fish rykelmistä customers would be easy to raise the fish.

We left from the port of enthusiasm towards the first fishing spot and well, that place was rich in fish, but the perch average size was about 40 grams. The journey continues to the next scene and even fish appear, but it is then undersized walleye, with enough self-preservation instinct, that the jig wasn’t good enough. Kolmaskaan the place was not lucrative, nor is it neljäskään. Started already anxious to do so, how can this be this hard, when between the fish really is though other to share and then when I would like to share them with other people, (i.e. customers), so whether the faucet you put in to catch up.

Fortunately, finally started the fishing line to tighten and that nice batch of smoke perch and as a bonus a couple of food kuhaakin. Close go to when the storm outside began to menacingly approach. The fish in the cooler we left towards the island and camp.

Tiina the day of the big perch
Tiina also the day the biggest walleye =)

The tune was a hammock and tarpit in shape for the night. Rain cover you had to put on because the weather promised wet. Hammock camping was just a new thing to Tiina and Ville, and I believe that their own hammock to the acquisition of go, at least for consideration.

We had a really nice place to camp!
I am so pleased with this new boat, there is plenty of room for fishing and ample space for goods, it also runs in heavy weather very nicely!

When the camp was moved syömähommiin. I had booked a lot of food, maybe too much, but the main thing was that the food at least not run out. Campfire was made for a wide variety of goodies and was enjoying the whole evening campfire come without rain.

At night so ripsautti some kind of deaf and the storm outside with thunder hotel farther away. Fortunately, it did not come on and the rain was the duration of time short. In the morning the air was good again and you come to the fire. We enjoyed the breakfast as well as a couple of pot of pot of coffee and began to dismantle the camp. The purpose was to fish for a little while in the morning, but in the west was coming again new squalls and thunder, so was seen to be the wisest to go directly to the port.

One of the great birding made even way back, when I saw an osprey soar slips her nest above. Kallavedellä is some of the nests and number of passing birds fly around the trees its the above.

The excursion was very successful and although the fishing income was a little wet, fortunately take home experience, in addition, were also a dozen of the Lake’s perch and a few zander ☺ Was awesome to get to take people with nature and hammock camping, the experience when not properly able to fully adequately describe, but must experience for yourself. Then I started thinking, why always enthused island tours <3

South Lake is absolutely top place to hammock camping, because the uninhabited islands are as much. And the city is just a 10-minute drive away, in a hammock lying in it can be admired even if the Puijo tower. It’s amazing =)

Last weekend came the fish itself also and finally the perch are starting to parveutua the country and move to the norm of the place, so finding them is a little bit easier. Throughout the early summer this is almost empty fished for bass, and only the individual fish is the walleye flock among come.

Saturday morning found initially ruokako of a white walleye and a few fish were taken by the fish for the soup. I bought the boat, a cutting board, so now keep the standard is quick to pull the fillets was also on the boat. Summer yard dumpster may namely a little bit is starting to smell, if there perkuujätettä to keep a few days, I know.

The day of the first walleye was 47cm and it left for dinner
Wow, looks like a 47cm walleye small 80cm cutting board =)

On Saturday I found summer of the first bigger flocks perch and it rose fish hard pace. The average size is not anything crazy, be you, but filekokoa however. Perch began to eat actually at the same time, when in Kuopio, it started raining and what harder the rain changed, it’s gotten greedier ahvenkin’s changed. Fishing trips should always be sure to pack waterproof clothing according to the if although the rain surprise. No need to click in the middle of the rain to go away, when sometimes the fish might eat really well in the rain.

Summer the first time I get to fish the big bass of the flock of

Sunday perch to find again, just the incredible luck 😅 the average size was better than Saturday and the day of the big perch was 37cm. The fish was so much and under the beveled probe on both sides, that it was a sight to draw in the retina for a long time. Was fishing two or three hours and was taken food fish, according to size 28-32cm, and the smaller and the bigger ones were put back to grow.

This is 37cm from back to grow

In the image below bass to mouth peeps Savage Gear eight inch Bleak Paddle Tail. Yes, it’s so amazing kumiluttero that tosikaan. The same color and pattern has been operating for years and this summer a large part of all the boat of the fish has become as. Yes other models and colors of the fish has become, but, for example, Nicklas with the jig to give all the fish as bass, except. And we tried a lot of different models and colors. Still, they occur mainly come to a single jigiin.

Was there a little small for bigger fish to fry among
Sump, go 28-32cm fish

Yes, I had already miss those wonderful stripes shirts and their fishing, because the bass is so nice, the fishing line away and also the food on the plate. Early summer go to the bass hiding places in search of it and maybe even a little despair, too, was already noticeable, but now there is again a credit right. At least until the next time, when I went perch hunting. It seems to me that the bass are in origin savolainen fish, because suattaa whether found or suattaa whether it be to find a happy! 😅

Article fisheries guidance Kallavedellä was first published in the FISH WE LUCK.

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