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Fishing and camping

Yes weather! The last few days of hot weather due to the celebrated weekend in the island and yes it indeed urban life to win. I could move there 😁 Though around mouthing off billion no mosquito, still the island camping was wonderful!

This month I’ve been fishing a few times. A week ago Saturday, we will consider the fishing spot, because the really hard wind set their own challenges to fishing. Too ”island-free” lakes have forgotten, so in the end the fishing spot of choice was North on the Lake.

We calculated the boat to the reeds of the bay and almost immediately after beach left, it was clear that fishing should take place the island behind sheltered from the wind. Too much surfing at the bow of the electric motor to sip the air, so the fishing there will not be any. I just need to trust that an active fish is found in a sheltered place.

Reeds bay

Passed half an hour, took an hour. Empty was and we had already toured more of the island. One and a half hours of searching, after I found giant pile of perch. I had already completely given up hope of fish and then suddenly a tray was a probe full of fish. Works for me!

The swarm arrived

I decided already in the bud, that we don’t move anymore, the rest of the day, because the place was real nice island protection and fisheries managed it well. And best of all, the bass were really hungry already right from the moment when the fall of the jig for the first time with their nose in front.

The fish come up all the time. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take any food fish, because the beach we discovered the cold corpse of a forgotten home. Well between is a nice fish C&R style.

Fish were really tough and they take many different jigimalli and colors. I also tried the hair tail involved, and even those tasted. The place was amazing, the eating continued there for more than five hours as hard all the time.

Usually eating will fade at some point, especially if the fish will release when the released fish can take the rest of the flock before, but now the fish was in the area so much that eating didn’t end any. In fact, we forced our self to go home and leave a hungry flock there.

The day of the big perch was 34cm and anyway the average size was pretty good, because we got much more than 30cm perch. Many times we keep the food fish limit as 30cm, so yes it would have been gutting that night, if cold fish would have been included, except barely we were all ”scale bass” taken.

Kuoreita flying around the perch’s mouth

Week I went one night kuopuksen with Kallavedellä, where I taught him jigailua. The lake was surprised for the second time this summer, and we found again the largest perch of the flock. It was nice to fish for bass and daughter jigailu started already good to. We got it from our trip to food fish, according.

Daughter fair 30cm record perch
Bass spit mini kuoreita
The dimensions of the walleye, too 🙂

The weekend weather looked warm. Actually, the weather was getting painfully hot, so we decided to go hammock camping a couple of nights. It’s too bad that the scorching heat was therefore the permit also thunderstorm. It’s pretty scary if the thunder comes on and self köllöttelet hammock sheer fabric ceiling. Fortunately, this time the thunder dodged us, or actually more than one thunderstorm went around us to the island 😁

Trip to the islands

Kallavedellä is a lot of the island, with a fire place. Now when there is no forest fire warning in force, so food can make a campfire. Then when warnings are in effect, so go with the trangia.

Reached Friday, moving only in the evening, but fortunately our home port to run quickly by a familiar island. Deliver on was done immediately after the camp and after the barbecue was supper over a campfire. The purpose was to wake up in the morning early and go to morning intake.

Hammock sleeping is something so wonderful that it cannot properly describe in words. When there crawls, there would not want to come off. Quietly rocking a carpet, peaceful and quiet environment, stunning landscapes and a comfortable, ergonomic position. All of it had been really hard to miss the whole winter, so it was wonderful to get back to enjoy depending on the mattoi of of.

The first night sleeping without a roof
Good night…

Summer in nature, being however, there is one small minus, namely mosquitoes. Them otherwise was enough and their ”song” is not slowed down even for the night. Fortunately, there hyttyskarkoitteet, so I didn’t get more than a few dozens of bites during the weekend 😆

Saturday morning I woke up at four the birds. And of course, the mosquito access to the concert. The day was getting really hot, so we started fishing almost immediately after breakfast.

Such a view when you open in the morning for you <3
And such
The ceiling of the sky
They put the canopy in the morning in case it rained before we went fishing
”Island home”, the camp pretty nice location =)

Sweat flowed already seven in the morning. The air was sultry and the lake used by wind virekään. We walked through several fishing spots, but the fish didn’t show. Small a few fish for the flock was here and there, but they were junk fish.

Perhaps not the best weather for fish to eat in terms of

We found a couple a little bigger perch flocks, but those fish average size was minimal. Really, really, really small and hungry perch, good, that sharkbait feel. Or Juha yes snip a little better bass swarm among, but in my line I get grabbed, but the small fry. Twelve o’clock we gave up and we left towards the island. The purpose was to cook in the afternoon and then go to continue fishing.

When you get to the island, began thundered to. Stormtracker looked several ukkosrintama in the Savo region and it’s not like they have been able to know, will there be someone on top.

This thunderstorm dodging us (screenshot: the meteorological department.en)

Cook was wonderful food at the campfire, after which ”we had” to go to the hammock in the approaching thunderstorm due. Actually, it was very nice to go köllöttelemään carpet full stomach.

Hunger left in these fight with what you have

Checking stormtracker in the afternoon and always when it seemed that soon we could go to the lake, out of nowhere the emergence of a new thunderstorm. It was pretty exciting, when you did not know whether there will be thunder on top. And isn’t lightning always higher in the tree, I don’t think we cliff had a hammock fastening the trees were the island’s smaller..

It was really disappointing to have the hammock on call of thunder =)

Miraculously all the millions of the lightning went around us to the island. Thunder came from three different directions, but still all went somewhere in the past.

Thunderhead, the center of which is the lure to the rising pound perch, isn’t it?

Finally after seven to get back to the lake and I was pretty hopeful of fish, but still we found only a few small individual fish.

Half of the ten was the evening meal-making. It was decided to try the next morning to fish in the morning, eating, weather permitting.

I love little rock rantaisi islands
The sun sets every day, still the sight is always amazing
Warm night

The forecast looked aamuyölle thunder, but in the end it never came. I woke up before five and the weather was still in the stage of brilliant. The air was muggy and clearly felt that the thunder was a Sunday night in store.

My little friends waiting for breakfast

Ate breakfast and dismantled the camp. The intention was to fish the morning as long as the thunderstorm arrived. We were still frozen in the cooler in the bag, so if Ahti would ring, we would take food fish, according.

Island in the sausage you eat also in the morning =)

Weekend fishing theme had been emptiness and the same thing continued on Sunday morning. Did not find a fish anywhere! We are looking for different depths and different places. Maybe bigger keep the standard are the spawning places and bigger bass from who knows where, but our regular place is a food fish found.

On Sunday, I only got one small perch

The weather forecast seemed to Kuopio thunder in the morning to nine and ten to nine meteorological institute pages appear when Sotkalla lightning. Black clouds were pouring and we had the wisest head of the harbour. Thunder is soon over…

When was the boat dock and the goods you carry in the car, it started raining. And the rain lasted for seven second drop amount. After the rain had passed and the same thunder dodge Kuopio, again. Well let you. Not that fish should be eaten, however.

Alutrollin accommodate half of the property easily

The weekend was a complete fish free despite. Perhaps the variable weather affected the fish eat for or even the fish were thunderstorms somewhere. The night the island in the hammock sleeping is an unforgettable experience. Perhaps I may in the future organize similar fishing trip to the other, where the demand is.

A week ago Kallavedellä Juha pictures of your boat fishing footage, go on youtube watching (link). And put the Fish we luck channel order, over the past weekend island trip is also coming up the video as soon as someone edits it 😆

The article on Fishing and camping was first published in the FISH WE LUCK.

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