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Fishing break

The blog has recently been quiet, because I haven’t been able to fish. Annoying really, when free-time has not been able to use fishing, but it is supposed to come up with something else activity. Well, luckily it is autumn, and the fungus time, glad it’s roaming through the forest after all.

Fishing, therefore, is on hiatus for reasons beyond my control. The finger of blame points to Juha, as he drove the boat the engine of the stones 🙁 the Boat is now a service centre and check the repair schedule is not information. Hopefully yet this fall to get to the lake. Juha became friends with his fish in when I was wandering and so only had Kallavedeltä found a map to the unmarked stone.

Mind spinning big bass, which are parveutua and waiting for me, but here we are on the beach whining. Not help crying, have but hope that the boat can be sorted out as soon as possible.

When I went to the last fish in.. feel that it is in. Fishing is however, so much a part of life, that even a small break is too much. This feels like torture ?

We used to before the engine break Kallavedellä and Industry-cane water and the only things, what’s in those trips I remember are the horrible wind and fish free.

A couple of weeks ago on Saturday was the South Kallavedelle and calculated the boat Kumpusaaresta. Wind hampered fishing all the time and a bow electric motor to sip the air, even if Juha was the bow weight.


Kumpusaaren in the foreground is the wreck, fortunately not my own =D

This heavy weather had not previously been fished

The only place I found was eating perch and good size food walleye, they had to reject due to wind when the bow of the water in every wave. The rest is then no longer fish found and was directed back to port already after midday, when the rain front came menacingly towards me.

Day the only walleye leave the road

Although the fishing wonderful it is, so it’s not so wonderful when the water comes into the boat which, without the direction and wind rocking the boat from side to side. And when they kalojakaan wasn’t any.


Home that she was at least it one of the food fish, so the afternoon was utilized in the sauce ingredients by searching the nearby forest. Luckily, I found a small amount of black trumpet mushrooms, so get to cook delicacies =)

Yes these sauce made 🙂

Sunday’s weather looked good, except for the wind. The morning was, fortunately, still quite calm, so we were early on the move. Went to visit a lake named ”Minäentuletänneenääikinä”. And maybe that lake the name already you can deduce how the day went. Sometimes I’m cursed, that yes may the fishing be difficult, but it seems like I don’t know then hard on anything yet.

The morning was so pretty

I wouldn’t have believed that this great framework give such a lousy catch =D

The lake was so Industry-cane water, I named it again until after the fishing trip to end. You know that feeling, when you’ve searched the lake from end to end without finding a single fish? I hardly know you, no one can have such bad luck with fish that know how to dodge every single eväkkään big lake. Or was the lake simply stupid? I’ll never know, because I’m really not going there again.

The lake was really challenging the base of the design, there’s not really been their traditional back patti, one bridge I used to fish in search. The bottom depths varied so much and the fluctuations were rapid, somehow came to mind Juojärvi, which is, incidentally, the namesake of this ”Minäentuletänneenääikinä”-with the lake.

Try in the lake all the possible places, but to no avail

I like to visit different waters and learn how to fish a different lake. Ahem, so I really have not yet learned how to fish a different lake catch of the judging. Kallavedellä are a few places where you are likely to receive always the prey. However, I don’t see the point, that always go to the same place them a few of the food fish.

More fun around the different lakes, when their however, in this Savo enough. Empty trips include fishing, at least for me. If sometimes the fish get a taste, so yes, it catches the feel better, when you know that fishing income is never certain.

I know that this sounds unbelievable, but this was the only fish Sector-cane water

Now, then waiting for the thumbs twirling that wonderful phone call that the boat would be fine again. I hope that by the time these September storms let up!

By the way, how many other bruised your engine to rock? I need peer support, although personally I don’t blame the stone hits I wasn’t, at least not at this time ? Heard the saying that there are two kinds of boaters; those who have hit rocks and those who have not yet hit a rock. So until then ☺

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