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Finally it was back to the surface of the earth the week of a huge fish after entry. I didn’t expect this day and have to fish even eat vacation. Now they seem to start of the holiday season, I hope it doesn’t take long.

Does anyone have been recently hot? Should not complain and even go to the sauna is a Finnish favorite hobby, it would be nice that they a sauna conditions, find but there a few square puukopin. Now this size of Finland’s land is one of the sauna box. Can not be outside, and can be inside. Maybe I’ll go to the sauna to cool off…

That’s what you get when the whole winter complains about the cold. Here, you heat and a little more heat on the top of ? Enjoy now the hot, blurted out thor.

Our weekend whiz on the island. It was decided a few weeks ago that this weekend is celebrated in the island for camping and fishing. Get us a hammock island trip for and we get to test too already a couple of times before the actual trip. Those trips can be read here and here.

Yet on Friday we are trying to figure the lake and saarea where we’re going and in the end we decided to go Karhonvedelle Purtosaareen, because it was a familiar place and it was known that the landing is successful, and anyway the framework is comfortable for overnight stays. And the island was also a touch of luxury, namely the outhouse ?

Friday schedule, you shoot up and get the boat in the waters wildlife water of the harbour until the evening eight countries. I was quite sure that a huippukeli the island is busy and you have to find a new place to stay somewhere.

I drove the hundred islands and how to be, the island was free. We went immediately to camp and depending on the carpet you will find three from each other a suitable distance in the tree from the splendor of the place from the cliff-top. Was put tarppikangas katoksena, because the next day was the predicted thunderstorms.

Friday night there in the island


It wasn’t exactly a five minute job to get the camp up, but clearly this hammock camping already starting a routine you will find, for the erection faster than ever. How does three wood to just the right point in the island in the best location.

The best camp spot ever

Hammock this kind of landscape you <3

I don’t see how a hammock can be this kind of effect on people, that as soon as it is tuned to a tree, people get sleepy and yawn. Even if you had a moment before been full of flow, then immediately after it hung in a warm enclosure is placed on the nose in front of houkutuk sex, so there are but accidental to go in and put eyes closed.

Yes, the clock, of course, was already pretty much the case on Friday, when the camp was ready, but the fish I eat in terms of it was still a good time. Didn’t help other than to leave the sleeping nests on the rock alone to hang and go fishing.

Camp lake photographed

Maybe it’s fatigue was but a glimmer of the fact that the fish does not eat. The body is trying to tell you, that in vain you are no longer in the waters you go, when the fish are not hungry. Might serious have been but a scramble to pussukkaan and put eyes closed, because the fishing spots were empty. Maybe better luck in the morning…

The sun goes down…

And the landscape just beautify

Slept a few hours, though sleep was a tricky bug with the concert. I’ve never heard or seen so many mosquitoes in so small an area. They were swarming!

I woke up this morning at five, and the hammock is not really would be to send the bug the pack in the middle. During the weekend the bastards bombed me a lot of the holes, while it was being prepared for hyttyskarkottimen.

Sleeping in a hammock would be pretty impossible without the mosquito net to

I wonder what the day will bring?

Calm and hot

When you get into the waters, began fishing in certain places, i.e., where is always been fish. Well, now is lomakuu season and every fishing spot on the door was a sign ”on vacation”. That hurts bad luck.

In a couple of places we found the bigger bass of the flock, but the fish were really passive, jurottivat only the bottom. Juha caught one 32cm jallitettua, but otherwise the fish are not errant jigs.

Bass offered, but did not accept the us jigs

The weather was miserably hot and small, between the blowing breeze, helped by the heat at all. Going round and round the fishing spots a few hours, but all was shut up shop. Eleven countries, I started thinking about my own hammock and immediately started tired. Proposed Juha nap and Juhaahan don’t need very many time to attract to bed. Alutroll gasification Purtosaareen the speed of light.

Kipitettiin cliff hammock on the mosquito control and I was sure that I really could sleep at night. I can’t ever sleep a nap.

Nap time

But naps only and out for almost two hours ? , I was Surprised how quickly and easily the hammock can fall asleep. Upon waking the weather was changed so oppressive and the waters did not make the mind go. It was decided to wait a few hours the carpet in köllötellä and stormtracker, too, looked like a thunderstorm was coming menacingly towards me.

Was a bit scared that how the platter we were the thunder I was thinking, when the camp was virtually an island at the highest point. Fortunately there were some trees, but I know it lightning strikes, if any.. horror scenario, the storm threw the two green hammock on a cliff in the lake. Ugh horrible 🙁

Four countries in the thunder began to jyrähdellä and tarpin on the falls hotel water droplets. The rain front went over in a flash and fortunately the old man and circled around us. The rain freshens the comfort of air.

Thunder went over

From the back waters of six at the time and expectations were high, as many times before or after the rain the fish eat.

But not, apparently, on vacation. Still they fish, the place was empty and as something new to have a fishing strategy to come up with, it was decided to go looking for fish in the low-power more places.

Walleye appear and they were veneeseenkin, but because the perch are our target fish, we caught fish keep the standard longer period of time.

Keep the standard kuoreparvi under eating

I got all of my kuhani Shaker F 13cm Huntershad jigillä, is otherwise just a top kuhajigi!

Hard it was. I wonder where that striped shirt you were, but quite a wide variety of locations were tried without result. Water the heat were over 25C and yes the water has warmed up quickly to these scorching heat.

In the evening we handed over the eleven countries. Walleye should continue to be offered in the shallow 3-5 feet in places, but bass is not. It was decided to go to sleep, because the next morning would be in front of the camp’s dismantling.

I didn’t put the whole weekend wake-up call on your cellphone, because I thought, that you sleep as much as sleep, for at least the very wild fish inputs we miss, even if a little later the waters we go.

On Sunday we woke up only at seven. Like a sumptuous dream, and what’s more there in the hammock sleeping, the better sleep will change. And surely the fresh air, which breathe throughout the night, help you sleep better.

Yet when someone would come up with an integrated hyttyskarkottimen that the hammock, so it all verges on perfection ?

Demolished the camp and was packed the goods into the boat. The weather was maybe even worse than Saturday and the sweat was pouring a trail in the snow already this morning. Tuulikaan not blowing at all.

The fish place was still pretty empty, but keep the standard yes the view somewhat. However, not nearly in the same way as earlier this summer. This weekend the fish were in a small 3-5 fish in flocks, sometimes in flocks can be ten fish.

Less fishing trip the evening comes left home for too much good weather, but Sunday during the day was forced to give up, when you just can’t take anymore fish. At some point it’s good weather goes over and turns bad keliksi, too much is too much. The wind would have helped a lot already, but because it was quite calm, nothing couldn’t help. And because the fish you had been passive throughout the weekend, fishing was pretty pointless.

Fishing for the weekend wasn’t anything special, but otherwise it was perfect. The island had a lot of nice and cool, like a lake, and that’s why hammocks were nice köllötellä trees. Again, one of the most memorable in the page memories in a diary.

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