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Looking towards the summer

Yes, this spring went to a terrible ride over, the last blog, the post is already several weeks. Or kevättäkin we still live, but I mean now spring ice fishing trips, I think they end this.

This winter was really strange. The top worry was whether there will be any ice at all, well come. Then were afraid whether there will be fish at all, well come. Then began to fear the ice thaws and it is now going to be a fact.

Winter go somehow, perversely, I feel that the whole ice fishing season left way too a good start, because the first ice fishing trip go pound limit of bass in the broken, the second trip went to the 1.8 kg limit for perch in the broken and then still came out really good bass pots along the start of the season to. It wouldn’t could no longer improve in any way, so after January ice fishing catch changed all the time smaller and smaller. Between them were invisible.

In early winter I remembered the earlier ice fishing year and I think that, fortunately, long gone are the days when fishing trips to return home empty-handed. How it was even possible to go ice fishing without getting anything? It’s not like having it 😆

Then joke and feel that every winter will do to the wrong place. Even if you try to use all possible ways and the logic of the perch to find, fish not found.

I looked at the air pressure, I checked the wind direction, look for ice signs to the right of the hole location. I studied the maps almost night and day, I asked tips from other, changed even superstitious: ”If I take the 43 step in that direction, could it be a active fish?” Well guess was it? No snow by the point you will try to, in the snowy point you should try to, all of the crevasses of the environment you point to. If you find other old hole in the ice, to try every.

Fishing is one hobby that no surprises missing. Between you think you know Brace shenanigans, but soon realizes that this isn’t human life at all adequate the fact that could realize and understand the underwater world kommervenkit. And I guess it is good so.

Spring is so worn perch after running and competing in races around the neck has been every time the silver medal. It häppee and the ice is in any case always nice. I’ve never driven propeller as much as this winter. The snowmobile was used for only a week and I wouldn’t put any mind if the next few winters on the ice should be about good conditions for kicking. It is so nice!

Hey people, look at how some great moments in the Finnish nature offers us! <3
The terrain does not slip quite as well as on the ice =)

This winter ice fishing came to 44 times, but always there are the back for the winter chance to, so I don’t quite yet hit the lock that number of 😅 ice fishing trips were mm. the next lake: sotka back, roikan water, Big-Jälä, Virmasvesi, Rasvanki, Juurusvesi, Nilakan, Kallavesi, Suvasvesi, Iisvesi and Koirus.

Below a few pictures of last weeks trip from:

This can already said stripe shirt has stripes while the other share

Were taken of John with the spring trips always competition for the biggest three bass connection length and the maximum profit payout. The winner of peeling on both sides, but I was struggling to find even those three perches.

These cents are not, unfortunately, calculated =)
Inch of the game, which I TOP3 wins?
Between try a jig-and yes, it tasted mm. this 560g ahvenelle
What keväämmäksi go, the less involved I become some bites, therefore, was forced to float the jig
I don’t remember ever seeing so many and so big crevasses than this winter, they had almost every lake!
Through the last trip went Nilakalle
The last trip to the perch race win snapped me

Last ice fishing trip was already returning towards the shore, when along the way I found a couple of ready-made hole in the ice. Involved in the water and almost immediately the ice of the rose fileahventa. I thought, well, now they’re the taps finally open, when the bottom seemed to have a life more.

Soaked I the small hair tail involved to 2.5 meters above the bottom, when the bottom of the left thick and purposeful line toward the lure. I knew immediately what it was. Pounds class the perch will leave just that way and, holding my breath, waiting for the bites to. Fish bite as soon as information for reaching and Juhakin stopped next to watch when the fishing line naristen I lifted the monster up.

Whether through better end than a pound of bass, not sure! I kept saying, but, that don’t shed, don’t shed. Doesn’t it come off! I raised the perch on the ice and hear when next started hearing loud laughter. Moment, that I myself realized what was going on. Perch turned into ice bounce technologies to get a fish and I was wondering, how is this possible!?

The whole winter I haven’t bought the caterpillar larvae, but ice fishing was almost exclusively involved in, so this kind of damage is simply not supposed to be able to visit. But it seems to me I can: bream involved in!

Ice fishing season ended this fishing =D

His laughter does not come to the end and I myself had the ”tons of notes” look. I put the insipid dishrag ice-hole, I turned off the sonar, I packed up the goods, shake off the ice fishing season to the last ounce of his shoulders, and walked to the beach. I thought I heard behind me yet someone else laughter. Ahti…

Was in march to a small cottage holidays in leppävirta and Juha made a trip from video, it can be found on Youtube.

Next summer I have a new pattern and purpose would be a start in fishing guide activity. It’s too bad that this corona is now messed up plans and the upcoming summer is and to me that certainly all the others still a question mark. Go for it, however, for each of you, to trust that everything will turn out for the best!

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