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Summer is here!

Yet a few days and may change in June. The waters are warming up slowly and the fish seem to activate the signs. Perch seem to pretty much be a spawn, even if you arrived late, too, among them to accommodate.

A little over a week ago was enjoying the lovely weather. Actually, it went a little over, because the sun was enough, so much so that I burned my skin. Fish leaving never crossed my mind that going through the summer and sunscreen should be included in the standard equipment. It’s only then, when the ear leaf and neck started burning painfully. The damage being wiser, I put sunscreen fishing bag just twice and after no sun in Finland in the sky seen 😆

Rantamäen Manu knows how to make great information and yes, it was a nice surprise when the mail box was waiting for hair the tail of the transmission. Just amazing colors and the information you get to use immediately, no need to wait for winter 🙂

Alakoukut free little information is quick to fish for perch with vertical style. Fish is easy to disconnect the end from the hook, and although the jigs are my ykkösviehe in the summer, so between the frustration, when the vertical jigaa the bass are tearing constantly jig off the hook. Little information on it, no problems 🙂

Bitch and the old man thank you =)
These work perch vertsussa well

Spring has been pretty challenging fishery and the fish has got to look in earnest. Spring is always difficult and no one really seems to know, that where the fish are hiding.

It was over a week ago a deer on his back and flank was that even sotka on the back side, but the stupid was. Not even the minimum size walleye, which are usually Kallavedellä visible on every side, been on the move. They were looking for fish from 1 to 14 yards and after had to give up and say that the fish you drew the longer straw. I just figured out that where the fish could find.

I was going to choose to fish disloyalty, but then I saw this stunning landscape and decided to be quiet…
I think come the summer…

Throughout the day the balance was one of the minimum size walleye. I decided that Kallavedelle right source again, receive the waters warm up a bit first.. because it fish free can of their skills is due, but the temperature of the water, doesn’t it? 😁

The lake’s disappointment after we headed to the tendon power and Juurusvedellä. Juuruksen is easy to come by also Karhonveden side, because the distance is not long.

I got a tip that the bass should search for the strait places. Kallavedellä strait places is pretty low, but Juurukselle and Karholla instead of more. Map examination after a potential fishing spot had been deemed ready and it was time to lower the boat on the water.

Span power the new bridge was really cool, was at first a little admiring it.

Tendon power bridge
Driven to the bridge tapering with
The bridge bar (the picture is of poor quality, when it is a screenshot from a cell phone)
The old bridge of leftovers =)

The weather could not have been better to be and the afternoon rush was the heat readings. The water temperature was already more than 12 degrees, which was the Lake’s temperature a lot higher.

Twist was first familiar summer spots, but they were empty. So we headed toward the strait places, and there they ahvenkin I then finally found. The previous day’s stupidity Kallavedellä and Sotkalla was forgotten pretty quickly, as the probe began to draw wonderful jigille hurled predominate bass.

This poor thing was pretty suffered

The fireworks lasted one and a half hours and we had lines the entire time tense. Fish size varied a lot and also rooster fish ate a jig of control. The biggest perch was 35cm.

All the bass were spawning and they come in 8 to 9 meters, i.e. spawning locations had already returned to the back. Was also a few to keep the standard.

The fish place was the only one where we found a bigger amount of bass. Else shows individual fish here and there, but pretty scattered and bass that keep the standard have been.

Went was also Jälän side and yes, clear watery Jälän perch are the world’s one of the prettiest!

This afternoon, I was wondering, when in the hands, neck and ear hurt. I realized that I was burned. Usually I use protection always well, because I’m summer winters lime the captain of the ship, i.e. all white and a piece of delicate. Now and then I forget about such essential things, like the sun.

The day was burning with the exception of awesome and was really fun to fish for bass like a lot. Any fish I couldn’t even throw jigaamalla and start to the season for all other fish had come vertsun. Water heats up then starts heittelykin to work.

Falling from the sky parachutists

Last weekend it was like new waters Leppävirta. Lowered boat Konnuksen channel next to it and the fish was Koirukselle. Yes, we have in the past Koirukselle been, but we always go there Sotka.

Konnuksen channel is immediately around the corner on the right
The bottom had a lot of logs

They found a surprising amount of fish compared to that were there the first time. The only downside was that the fish were small. Maybe the water warms the catch size increases…

The day of the big perch was 32cm, and we found a perch in many places. The fishing depth was 8-9m and it has now lately been having a depth which side.

Manu involved are working

Perch came a lot, but for the most part was pretty small. Also Koiruksen perch had already spawned and there the water temperature was about 10 degrees.

Perch flock among come also these

Although the bass and keep the standard were small, so the fish was even a mat and fish in flocks. Maybe it is one of the signs of summer, that kalamat which began to find. Carpets got the fish also their recombination, so now has been the summer of the first heittojigaus fish ☺

A small rug ”on the floor”

Because we were in the morning already early in the morning of the game day, had a lake home in the afternoon squalls arrived. And yeah, I should have Finnish the game also get to see…

The rain arrived

On Sunday morning, made a quick stab Kallavedelle. The last time I was Kallavedeltä perch, they were not yet spawned. I think that if the perch have still not spawned, they are impossible to find.

Throughout the weekend the weather was cold and unstable, perhaps due to their sunscreen bootle, with the fishing in the bag with me.

Kallavedellä water heat were less than 9 degrees, that is quite low considering that a week ago Juurukselle and Karholla in some places was up to 14 degrees of the water. Of course, there was the heat…

Lowered boat Kumpusaaresta and had to wander around a bit suojaisampia places, what it was originally intended, because the waves were so hard.

Typhoon wasn’t too hot this weekend

Morning traditionally begins with the empty probe from staring, but at some point the screen begins to draw the arch and the amazement was great, when kallavedessä also shows a small kalamat functions beginnings 😁

We found a few things bass and lots of them. Whole again 30 cents, but it’s ok the size of the Lake’s fish and, with one exception, all fish were spawning.

Was also keep the standard perch flocks among men, but they were small. Would the walleye then, in turn, migrated to the spawning grounds, when they appear so little. Fish were found 8-9 feet, again.

I love it when jigikausi is here and wonderful, when bass began to find. And above all, the lovely lion are wonderful 👍

Article Summer is here! published for the first time the FISH WE LUCK.

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