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The summer of 2019 the fishing trip you

Now when the open water season starts to be in the package, it’s nice to reminisce the past in the form of photographs. Behind is again an awesome summer and a lot has been seen and perceived during the last few months. Summer can be summed up in the words ’between the ate and between’, but in reality the fishing excursions are a lot more than just fishing.

Nature is for me really important and it ultimately makes no difference whether the fish come, the positive vibes when you get a lot more than just fish. Of course I’m not against the put, if Ahti bass swamp 😊

Open water season 1.5. so, quite early, the season lasted roughly six months. During the summer, was fishing several different lakes, with the most of course Kallavedellä. In addition, there was sotka’s back, Koirukselle, Juurusvedellä, Jälällä, paddle water, Karhonvedellä, Suvasvedellä, Unnukalla, Keiteleellä and Virmasvedellä.

Perhaps the most memorable part of summer was in the hammock, nights spent. The island sleeping in, but there is something so indescribable, that it should self-experience, before that feeling can understand. Next waiting for the summer…

In may

May is usually pretty quiet catch because the waters have not yet warmed up. Perch and keep the standard of preparing for spawning activities and fish can be difficult to reach the back waters where I usually fish. Something events was, however, already in may too =)

Through the first trip Kallavedellä was still a little ice on
Open water season the first perch is a fact =)
The next trip I found already a little bit bigger…
May the first heat of the day give a taste of the warm summer
Koiruksen broken perch


In June, the waters and the weather began to warm up and finally after a long winter to get to relish will also be hammock camping. Bass, too, began to find better.

North Kallavedellä
Summer’s first hammock night’s sleep
Paddle water
The lake’s perch on the envelope eating party


Weather in July and Ahti gives good catches, so you get to enjoy the fish delicacies. Savo island in come spent many nights.

South Kallavedeltä line get grabbed summer’s big walleye
Juurusvedellä depends on the mass
Perhaps a summer of great moment?
Rarely are the Lake’s bass this good in the flesh
Halsteri bass
Food fish Kallavedeltä, these north side


In August the nights began to get dark and the autumn give small signs of coming. Ahti was still hövelinä and stay was fish food. Bass had already bit him rounder, than the beginning of the summer.

Keiteleen köllikkä
Trip Keiteleelle was lucrative
Sotka back surprised
Karhonveden palm-sized perch


Autumn weather began to cool and also the rain became more frequent. I feel that was fishing almost the entire summer in dry conditions and the rain came to very little. The deaf were local and quick. It is, of course, we didn’t mind, although otherwise, the drought was bad. Drought also waters fell really down and we had challenges in some of the ramp and come ashore from the island, if and when the beach had big rocks full of.

Fish September went well and the perch loft seemed maybe slightly bigger than earlier in the summer. The perch were hungry, but that’s what they are always, when dining, the loft does. At the end of September we spent another night on the island, after which it was put in a hammock you wait for the next summer.

Unnukan pretty stripe shirts
Unnukalla good balance
The rain too was
Suvasveden perch in the loft is the size of
Hunger, what a wonderful excuse
Perch’s mouth flying cheese
Suvasveden offering


In October, began to be ice fishing overalls weather, and snow was on the ground. The waters however, not yet been very cool, so were on the lake looking for active fish. September wild syönnit were over, or so we thought, because the fish were we missing.

Most likely the perch is, however, ate a cheese and smelt quite normal, but hidden from us. Virmasveden perch stomach to find the smelt, which stomach found kuoreita. Maybe it was the October special case, I’ve never seen anything like it, even though I know that the smelt eat also fish food.

At the beginning of October Kallavedeltä find more food fish
-Knock, knock.
-Who’s there?
Virmasveden bass spit small kuoreita, so the jig should choose it according to
So they but the waters cooler, Virmasvedellä the water was only four degrees
A possible fishing spot =)
Shell is a beast
Suvasvedellä stupid to ask for rain didn’t matter, when the suit had water on the outside

Although at times it seems that the fishing is difficult, and I’ll never have fish, so blog photo gallery scroll in need a little change their opinion. Yes it Ahti is more given than taken. Thanks to Ahti and thanks to the Finnish nature, better sport could not be. Considered together with the care of great nature and the fruitful fishing waters of the.

Kuopio is a land of white and frosts in store. Involved the frenzied thank and acknowledge 😉

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