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When the perch take

The mystery called bass parveutua of. Now I must admit that I don’t think I know or understand what bass parveutua of means. Yeah, I’ve heard and read, that in the autumn the perch start to refuel for the winter and that magical moment, I always every fall I expected. But then, how can it be possible that the perches are, however, always in a flock, was in time to any. So tell me now wise growth they perch flocks in the fall a size larger or what it parveutua of means 😄

I have now a few times asking about that either perch is parveutunut and difficult it is to answer, because always when I find active and hungry bass, I think the perch is where the parveutunut. And if the bass is not found, then I imagine that it is not yet parveutunut. Now then every other weekend perch has been parveutunut and that the second does not. Take these savolainen fish clear 😄

The perch clearly was parveutunut a couple of weeks ago, when we did a day trip Suvasvedelle. Hate love relationship with my lovely challenging Suvasveteen strengthened even further, because after five hours of searching and an empty probe stare after I was sick of it in the lake. I was thinking in my mind that why are you Jaana again you wanted to come here in the pit of fishing. Two big meteorite by the left of the pit are very challenging fishing spots. Closer to was catch more sure of the Lake, but no, had to get the torture to themselves.

I got tired of the probe’s staring at. Water rain and ice fishing jumpsuit, despite it was cold. Neck stuck and headaches, suffering, I asked Juha at the wheel. I give up, Suvasvesi took this 1-0. The previous trip Suvakselle was also ended Suvasveden victory and yes the lake now can be me in peace again for a few months.

But life can change. Half an hour later I swore my love Suvasta point. Juha did some amazing trick, and just moments after he grabbed the wheel, a probe screen was full of bass. Headache lost, neck vetristyivät and kylmyyskin was no longer just a memory. It’s amazing what kind of emotions the fishing can cause. It doesn’t matter who the fish finally found, after the award of the head, however, enjoy the crowd.

I’ve never heard of such a thing’s sting of the water surface, as Suvasvedellä. Big bass chasing trout to the surface and yes, we have surface eating you been hit before, but now for the first time on the surface was really big perch. The clear water appears, when more big perch chasing trout and those stripe shirts by the way were flocks of 😄

These guys were very hungry
7cm LMAB jigs work well

Rarely have I jigillä received fish from the surface, but then I got and sharkbait were crazy, when six pounds of fish for a bite jigiin just the surface. How it Suvasvesi can’t be as awesome lake 😅

Good size kölliköitä surface jigaamalla

Assholes flying around in the perch’s mouth to the boat and floating the boat around in the water. Cheese of the whole was essentially a pretty small and maybe that’s why less than 10cm jigs work best.

Perch food

Yes they are fishing for a star moment, when you first make the hard catches, and actually had time to already give up, but then Neptune comes second thoughts and decided to remind you why fishing is the world’s best hobby. Thank you again the Pace of these stars from the moment.

The day of the biggest perch weighed no. 700g
Bracket work the fiercest hitting time sumppuna

A few hours of eating a spike after we left the food fish with us towards the harbor. Yes Suvasvesi is Savo, the lake it where you can play it fast or nothing. Generally there have nothing to eliminate, but sometimes a jackpot hit. After the road trip was able to make a conclusion: the perch is parveutunut.

Perch is parveutunut, at least the boat on the floor

A little over a week then had to eat his words. Celebrated Kallavedellä night on the island and the company was in the process also to fish, but it was a bit challenging, while there were not any fish to catch. Not flock to flock and fish. Well, okay, some sinttejä, but not really Suvas like a flock. So doesn’t that perch are not parveutunut, take these out.

In any case, a night tour of the islands was pretty awesome atmospheric September weather. The dark night and the fire came the heat. After the sleeping bag, crawl in and hand you a sleep in the hammock. What about the little people more needs. Well, maybe fish.

One of our favorite islands
Calm morning and a stunning sunrise
Grey, but still so great

Last weekend fisheries should forget the terrible wind and big snow storm due. On Sunday, however, there was a small break in bad weather, when the ball of yarn was to make a quick puncture Kallavedelle.

Winter almost surprised…

The beginning of the day was quiet, but by chance found the big perch flock to some completely new place. And place to find a way that I was driving in transition and while driving I spotted a map of potential-looking area, which I stopped the boat immediately. And what do you know, the place the bowels of the earth to find a perch. Have started to examine the lake’s map in more detail, when there still after all these years will spot some of those gold mines.

Autumn again

Greenish kuorejigit were all one and the Relax Super Banjo gave me all the fish except for one. Cheese color didn’t work at all and it is no wonder, because the perch stomachs were only under bark. And that’s what it usually Kallavedellä is, that the perch’s main food fish is smelt.

But I don’t think the bass grow kuoreella as well as cheese, yes Suvasveden perch have him rounder than lake’s. Or food fish, but is considerably more there Suvasveden left montuissa.

Dinner was again =)

The last fishing trip of the sum is that me is at least worth asking, whether the perch parveutunut, because I give it savolainen answer: suattaa more or suattaa more not be.

Find garage sale hunting and fishing magazine of the year times since 1927. There eyes fell upon a slightly older ”blog posts” from before the internet. I can relate very well with this bass fisherman enthusiasm =) Thank you author, I borrowed the heading of your text for me, because it fits there so well! Perch took a hundred years ago and the perch take now.

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