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When ahvenelle going hungry

Half the summer went that moment while waiting, but now it so happens: the bass began to eat! Or ate them at least two days, now let’s see how the situation develops or is again lent order.

A little over a week ago, it was a difficult moment. Still has his neck stuck and sick of the empty probe to stare at him. I ain’t even gonna believe it, how hard can perch fishing between be. And sometimes bass comes from the doors and windows. Nothing in this life, as fickle, as the bass hungry.

A week ago this weekend was great for bass jocks in mind Suvasvedelle. Bright trout lake with big perch and if the pot falls on the properly, you might two pounds of snaps broken. Last summer, the fishing rod was so heavy mörkäleitä, when I happened to Suvaksella ajoahventen on top of that, sharkbait come even in dreams. They mind was packed the hammock and other gear in the car and was directed to the alder stream.

The weather, but the wind volume does not. We were on the lake Saturday morning already six at the time and was fishing a pretty sheltered place in the big waves is why. Or let’s say, that they had to ”fish”. We didn’t need to drop even jigs in the lake, when the probe draw a complete blank.

Of course we know that easy will not be. I wasn’t at all concerned about another five hours after, when I fish I fish. Ten hours after I started to think that the processing this thing then no way…

We were driving and looking for fish well over 20 miles and by all counts should soon start to find the bass, since the time of the big area lakes were already mapped.

Ten hours in the waves a wobbly and stupid to ask after I get a foot in the surface of the earth. Suvaksella is so much of the island, which I can’t camp, so also in camp trying to find a place was challenging. Fortunately, they found a camp spot in one of the small islands of the guys I tip, and were put into it camp up. Eaten stomach full of campfire cooking snack and a new hope that we left the night whim.

During the day we were looking for fish from 1 to 17 feet and no more properly invented, that where it should be looking for. A few fish came to a low, but it was a comic, that Savo perhaps the largest bass in the lake will be a summer of lower bass.. the skill it is too.

The sun goes down

If Saturday was a fast day, maybe Sunday is the eating day. Woke up on Sunday before four and went to find perch at the breakfast-table.

The sun rises

They found only one perch, which obviously was lost, because the guy is nowhere to be seen. Wasn’t the suvas of the perch in the morning-eating and night-eating mid-day not to mention. Maybe they ate at night.

A trip to the ”big” perch Suvasvedeltä

On Sunday they were looking for perch overall, similar time and distance as Saturday. The two-day km during the 40-50 and fishing hours over 20. I catch a few perch, but Juhalla not a single perch. It is more difficult to inject worse. Yes Suvasvesi be us in peace again for some time.

Suvas the water is clear

I went last week with the daughter of the island excursion and I taught a girl with the same jigailua. Kalattoman after the weekend was wonderful to go home to the lake, i.e. Kallavedelle. This summer I am starting to like lake Kallavesi more.

And those on the Lake’s islands, they are just the best! Many other lake annoying, when the islands are built full of cottages, but fortunately Kallavedellä still have a few empty islands. From the shack-less, too, enjoy the peace of nature and the shores of lake…

I don’t know if the reason appears, or has been involved in bananas, but the first place where the fish they were looking for, was full of bass. It was a strange feeling looking at the probe, when both under the boat that the sites draw hundreds of small dots. Wasn’t Suvaksella points of information, either.

And fish began to rise immediately. Was good bass, and there was among small to keep the standard too. Made in the same place in the evening still a quick sting and perch among bite 65cm walleye.

After a long time a little better walleye

Was spent the night on the island and the same fishing spot a bike in mind yet this morning, so I was still the third time to visit there. And yes, there still was so much fish. Perch was below the boat so much and I was totally psyched. Girl again wasn’t very excited about fishing, although the fish would come all the time. Yes people are different 😁

The girl is not interested in fish like this =D

They had to suspend tours of the island during the day, when the thunder appeared next out of nowhere. Home mail box, waiting for the surprise, when Rantamäen Manu was sent incredibly wonderful streamlined hair tails boat pilkintään.

Mr. Manu streamlined the balance of the boat pilkintään (as well as next the winter ice fishing), thank you Manu!

Last Saturday we left John with the bass of the morning to eat for super early. Maybe in the summer for bass don’t have that exact morning eating, while in winter, eating often is limited to morning and mid-morning. I guess it is due to the light amount. The winter light is just a little time and eating is bound to happen bright of the time. Summer light can be through the night, then not so accurate is the sun risen or fallen, when to eat will see in any case.

Being Saturday, however, as a precaution in time and I guess their morning and evening syönneissä something to it is because it was found-eating perch only in the morning and in the evening. Fishing trip was directed to the North-Kallavedelle and it was also our first hammock trip North on the Lake side.

We have been in North Kallavedellä quite a bit, because it is somehow challenging the shape of the bottom of the perch jigausta I thought. The depth fluctuations are so fast and bench steep. The south side of the perch this year has been flat, the side in 8-10 feet, but the north side of the deep is more difficult when low back pateilta, shoals or islands bank depth can drip a couple of meters to a few ten quite a short distance.

However, we were lucky that morning as soon as at six o’clock to find a perch and eating it took more than two hours. Was taken a few perch so as to be able to grill them on the island.

Saturday morning keep the standard and perch were sekaparvia in

Morning eating after spike was driven for hours to fish, looking for. Walleye yes seen small flocks here and there, but bass is not. This afternoon we left the island, because the weather was miserably hot.

Erected camp and grill was fish and taken a small nap because the previous night did not come too much sleep.

At six we went back to the lake and probe continue the same stupid plotting, where the day left off. After two hours I no longer could drive a boat, but I asked Juha at the wheel.

A little while later, I heard the question: do you think those perch? Look at the probe and drive me crazy. What the hell, how did you find those? And yes, yes they are bass! Oblique the probe to draw the fish on both sides and in addition the fish was röykkiöinä below. Suddenly, the sky anchor on top and a jig in the water.

And that began the history of the best bass gig Kallavedelle. Wasn’t the rooster fish in my life, when every single boat surfaced the fish was filekokoa. I couldn’t wait to throw a jig, when the boat was under so much fish. As soon as the jig fell to the bottom, flock to the perch to eat it.

A one-pound perch came several and the biggest was maybe 700g. The biggest bass had a length of 38cm and boy, that was a nice fish for its size perch. Suvakselle think we went to that size boulders in search of and found the only rooster fish. And then the Lake treats us so well? Wonderful!

I would have liked to take food fish, but I didn’t start to empty the cooler of fish. I think that will be in the morning do it again and then take food fish, if the fish still in the same place is. And if Ahti is still friendly.

Saturday night eating takes over an hour and yes there was a perch of average size right. Can go to time for many years, that size of perch for the flocks came across Kallavedellä again…

To sleep…

The next morning the weather was totally calm and really hot so all other than kalakeli.

A wonderful wake-up
Morning coffee is cooking
View from the ”breakfast table”
You’ve gotta eat fish =)

After breakfast we went to the same the previous evening to the fishing spot to 7-8 meters in the water, but there was no fish. I thought that the fish must be far gone, because it was in the evening so much. I left to descend the embankment to the deepest.

And the happy reunion happened a probe through dozens of meters in the water. There they perch were waiting for us a little bit deeper and the fish was still pretty terrible. The jig in the water and the fireworks part two was underway.

Now flock became more sekakokoista fish and even rooster fish, too, but we were a little better size of food fish that. And funny coincidence, when I got the previous night vapauttamani perch again 😁

The left images are from Saturday, right Sunday

The weather wasn’t supposed to be kalakeli, but I think it might be so that it’s not bass hungry keli to see. Then we eat when the stomach is empty, rain or shine. Perch ate, so to speak, from the floor to the ceiling, as under bark läiski the surface up and then go to a probe according to the time also the intermediate in the water.

And exciting, that the smelt were on the move both days, two different sizes. Others perch spit just a little about 5-6cm under bark and others bigger than almost 10cm smelt. Maybe that’s why the jig of koollakin was not so great importance, almost all have fish. Best yes Savage Gear Bleak Paddle Taililla, surprise surprise.

Juha received this special revelation, two under bark up the same time in the mouth
Hi Juha, let’s take a selfie with our double bites of!

The exchange was between always place a few tens of meters and the fish was enough. Perch ate five hours, after which we lift our hands up and we said that now we no longer have strength to fish you.

The next hunger while waiting.

The fish ate like hotcakes even before the nine
Hunger had not abated anywhere yet ten
Half-day countries of the perch they could still murnin to
Perch oil is really a large area and which place they were as hungry at one o’clock still eating running…
A small part of the catch from the left according to

Recently, the blog is no longer updated so often, as in the past. I’m still writing the trip rapsa whenever I have time, but one text I could go all day. Last time I did a blog post about eight hours and the first blog comment was negative reviews. After that, I thought, that was again wisely used the eight hours, if the feedback is that the class. Well, fortunately, between the should also a positive feedback, thanks for that!

If fishing interest you, then take the Fish we luck monitoring instagram at and facebook at, they are updated more often and there will be images, but also videos.

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