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Six days of ice fishing pipe producer in

So, now is the trip back! There was so nearly a week Ruokkeen holiday village, summer bay, where we had information for jig lovers meeting for the fifth time.

This year, the crowd was significantly less than in previous years, but at least it’s not fish number in any way negatively affected. This year was a fish of average size in terms of the absolute best years and the pound class bass rise several. The couple went over a kilo and many stayed a little short. Yes, it’s a funny thing, you know, that they pounds exceed the perches are pretty great and rare fish, but then if the size is ”only” 990g, so a fisherman comes off 😅 Well, not really, yes every fish is a success, but it still pounds the magic number that breaks the perch remains a very different way of mind.

Tuesday Hummonselällä looked like this

We were, therefore, six days on the ice and the weather are really popular! Every year it’s the same thing, that everyone involved the rattling started already in November to watch the weather forecasts and your hands crossed let’s hope, that maybe could be Hummonselällä ice by the end of January. Often you can get it to root just at the last minute since, and last year we had to cancel because the ice was not.

This year, fortunately, came with a decent frosts in early January, and some ice was then quite nicely, so the engine kelkala even dare to pass.

One year of the date during the frost trailing close to -30C and it’s a treat to have in such weather ice fishing, especially if any wind. During the past week the temperature was fortunately, all the time close to zero and there would be no better weather could have hoped for. Movement kelkankin with was easy, when snow or slush wasn’t much.

During the week it snowed probably 20cm if not more

Our first ice fishing day was Tuesday. When reached on the ice, so the events begin to have immediately. I’ve already got the second hole from the filekalan and the fish rise at a steady pace the rest of the day.

Date of the first perch Mr. Manu balance
Date started brilliantly with an intense bass to eat!

However, considering that how much of the sonar screen for fish during the day appears, they are not on the ice, obtained nearly as much. Perch were driving on and moving in big flocks. Almost all the time on the sonar screen flashing lines and tärppejäkin come, but because the fish hit the etukoukkuun, was of so much. And each involved the fishermen complained of the same thing.

The basic Hummolainen and Mr. Manu
Oh that bass is a nice fish!

Or one of the fishermen did not complain of fish to poor adhesion, but is the fish on ice until. It was Sami. Sami was booked Tuesday day työhommiin and if you get your computer work done, he might make this afternoon a quick sting on the ice.

Well work were completed after midday and Sami packed up the previous day fishing in the game, i.e. Leino Pekka acquired information of the backpack. Then headed out on the ice, made a hole in the ice and raise the hotel about the kind of fish that I almost fainted. The two biggest were over a pound and in addition a big pile a little smaller.

Sami and double information

The fish in the backpack and back to the cabin. Phew, certainly a memorable day for Sam and she can’t get it to remember afterwards trofeita watching, the biggest fish, namely from the memory of the wall. Congratulations again to Sam information for a record bass!

Part of Tuesday’s fish, Leino Pekka conjure up these mouth-watering perch dumplings

Wednesday morning started ice fishing the same place, where on Tuesday will fish. Morning started right just fine, when the probe display fireworks. This morning I received several filekaloja and then something happened. Eating namely the end was like a wall and I don’t know whether it was eating spike over or are the fish swarm in the rest of the meal. The probe display was in any case a quiet.

Wednesday started well and 12 inch fish bandit involved the staple crop, but a few minutes silence..

They were looking for fish in new places and not nothing. Well, it still couldn’t be worried, but I think that yes it the next day to eat.

When the fish is eaten, then gathered around the campfire and ate itself
The neighbouring cottage tiskipöytäpönö Wednesday, part of the fish was a bit wrong, I fished from the date of the theme in relation to 😉

Thursday afternoon came and still had a hard time. Sonar didn’t show anything. Twist was again to new locations and try different depths under ten feet to twenty. Did not help! And the fish of your inaction complained all the others. On Thursday, I only got one filekalan and I thought, that positive however, is that the worse can no longer go.

Thursday’s catch remained skinny

But yes, it can go! Information pilkinnässä will also often completely empty trips, and Friday was such a day. That’s when I noticed many holes, that the ”bottom live” a probe on the screen so the bottom of the moving fish, but they do not rise to intermediate water. I guess I can go ice fishing and morreilla fish could get, but involved the date pilkitty just involved in. And I have morrivehkeet would have been. The end of the day to the beach arrived tapsipilkkijä told me he got crazy catches and a half pounds of fish had become just from the bottom.

Friday time to describe the scenery, when the fish weren’t willing to do photos

We have every year had a playful competition date to the higher perch and the race day has always been Saturday. On Friday surveyed the possible day of ice fishing spots and because that day was fish, Saturday did not have high hopes. Fish locations were completely lost.

I wonder who takes playful competition trophy in 2021?
Was it really so playful competition, when my backpack involved were experienced during the night sabotage =D

Saturday was just as challenging as feared. Really big fish pot will not come to anyone, but the fish were isolated and few in number. Was John with the leaving, already starting toward shore, but the stop was fishing one early in the week place. I got it a couple of perch and then His hole started to hear some noises. I glanced at Juha and ice lötkötti big perch.

Juhahan got the previous date trophy fish by day of the biggest perch and even Saturday Juha got only one perch, the size was enough to fish the race to victory. Well I got a beat even in the same family 😅 of John fish weighed 750g.

Lucky, Lucky Duck, and I wonder what other nicknames Juha date received =)
The prize was awarded Ruokkeen resort restaurant and oh that food was good!

Most of the dating of the gang goes out from home already on Sunday morning, but because we don’t have such a long way home, so has been still Sunday picking up. Fortunately, it was when the fish started again for activation and on Sunday came the week the best catches. Still perch ate etukoukkuun and grab the supplies there were problems with. Probably when they are driving a boost in the cheese loft, then swim into the open mouth and haukkasta quickly fast food on the way.

Sunday’s big bass was 670g, and it came from Mr. Manulla
During the date most fish give the fish bandit a little Flash involved, the picture in Sunday’s catch
On Sunday the fish average weight was 444g, staggering perch on the pot!

Thanks for the date, it was an awesome week! And thank you also Ruokkeen holiday village, the staff there is very friendly and the food so good, that there should go longer, too. And after all, it Puruvesi pretty unique lake ❤

Was brought home quite a large pile of perch and some of them ennobled Leino Pekka’s inspired by the perch nyyteiksi, unbelievably good!

The bottom of the potato slices, then onion, perch fillet, lemon pesto, white water rafting, the cherry tomatoes, leeks, dill, and finally, on top of another layer of potato slices
I recommend! These can be put on also other fish like a sea bass 🙂

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