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The blog has been quiet, although the summer is already long. Now things will change and I can get back to do the fish updates. The reason for silence life was a craft in default.

I started this summer as a fishing guide operation, so the old Alutroll 485CC need to upgrade to a bit bigger. The new boat selection of Alutroll 605CC. Old boat already left for the winter in exchange for päijät motto, so the open water season was to be without a boat. Yes, they were in agony for weeks, but fortunately I get one on the Lake’s waves kalaman of Janne ride.

Yay, open water season first fish, yes smiling!
Kalaman of Janne and the Lake’s walleye

It was nice to get to a professional travel and hear advice and tips to guide activities. Janne is also 605CC guide boat, so therefore it was nice to get to just for boat fishing, while at the same time saw how the boat works.

Janne boat

Corona mess probably time to many people things and plans for this during the spring and also a new boat delivery was a little delayed. But someone comes up sometimes saying: all good things are worth waiting for, and now I understand myself saying I meaning better. Good really worth the wait!

Jaana boat (photo: Ilkka Turunen)

Since the new boat becomes a fishing guide use, I wanted the boat’s interior to be just perfect for it purpose. The old boat I had noticed what you throw the fishing boat are functional and I wanted to take advantage of effective solutions also in the new boat.

(photo: Ilkka Turunen)

For example, in the old boat, the bow’s throw level was really a good solution, because it hid inside also storage space. The new boat I wanted to absolutely throw the level on the bow. The level is covered with the same thick padding, as 485CC:in. It is just great; dries instantly after rain and is not at all slippery.

The bow-throwing level below is royally storage space

Guide to the use of the boat will need to find storage space for fishing rods to. I didn’t want to, that the rods be kept only for the handrails in the vapaputkissa, so the rod box was one of those mandatory things that a new boat had to find. The boat’s width thanks to the rod box was to fit the two pieces (the desk on both sides) and both boxes have the place seven rods, so the total box is space for 14 rods to. When the box is not my rod, so the space can be used for other storage.

The desks on both sides of the long rod box
Customers Fish we luck-set export almost all vapapaikat 😉
Extra fishing rods under the trap door hidden

I noticed in an old boat that put the mounted rod tubes were often on the road to the fishing situation, and often I got siimankin them mixed up. The new boat I wanted as little as possible any ”obstacles” fishing on the road, so that the customer need not be wary of fishing line entanglement of the place.

High vapaputkia is the only console yläkaiteen in, when they are not fishing situation, in the face. The boat tail to find 6pcs put into the embedded pipes. Bollards are this time folding, because in the old boat they had not been, and probably every trip I managed to somehow line their spin to 😅

I liked a lot of the old craft desk. It wasn’t very wide, but its size, that fit neatly on the 12” probe to screen yläkaiteen the. The desk was also the design of the very functional and the inside was very of storage space.

Alutroll 605CC model normally slightly wider than the desk, but in fact I experienced the need for such a big desk, so I wanted to change it to a narrower. The new boat shed is exactly the same as 485CC in the eu, but because I like to run almost always in a standing position, I wanted to shed a little bit normal higher. It has now been increased to ten cents, and, incidentally, is very ergonomic, as well as standing up that sitting down to drive in, need not be at all kyyryselk to as 😅 a Narrow desk thanks site is good room to move or even to fish.

A narrow desk is perfectly adequate for this size boat
The desk is a miracle of spacious dimensions in relation to

605CC is registered for six, so if a ride leaves me with five people, all would be good to have a comfortable place to sit. Because the boat is so spacious, it could accommodate a throw level with the back. I’ve seen a lot of different solutions for various brands in fishing boats in the backseat and their Alutrollin the direction of the idea of my wishes. There was a very good and functional solution for the rear roll of the plane and the seats.

Rear ejection level to accommodate two jigaajan very well
Middle seat is convenient because the front seat can raise up, thus it supports the standing position to run in
Roll levels is coated with a cellular plastic

I wanted a seat height of around 45cm, which pidemmänkään people don’t need to sit on the knees in the mouth. Not otherwise believe how good aluminum bench can be for sitting, these armchairs are luxurious from 😅 the rear roll of the level is easy to rise on the sides of the small stairs thanks.

The backrest rose were throwing the level of a jiffy

Under seats is storage space, as also the seats behind the long box. One of the best things about this boat is the storage amount. Absolutely top-notch, that all the bulk level of less than hidden, when there is no need to worry about driving or fishing, that some stuff is in the way. Back throw level over the passing rainwater, so the boxes are not completely dry, but the bow throw level as found under dry storage space.

I sat under the cover to get the goods hidden
Rear bench unified storage space has a size of about 1,9mx45cmx40cm
Here to accommodate half the property of the detention
Also the back inside the box is space for fishing goods
Average under the seat was left empty open space Igloon big for the cooler
Bow electric motor was a little to one side Elovaaran Roke planned by the ship plate, thanks, now the passage of the boat the bow is more comfortable
Tape the design and execution are Resounding handwriting (photo: Ilkka Turunen)

605CC boat may install a maximum of 150hv the engine and yes I do it its the size of the engine also wanted to 😄 in the Old boat 50hv Tohatsu served well and now then after I found degrees the bigger the Tohatsu. I have to admit, that the first test drive took stomach, when I started to lift the boat onto the plane.

It was a little more powerful than the old engine and when I turn the gas handle, it felt like I was on the plane. I had to quickly turn the handle back to the free and to equalize the pulse. Really scared me, when you bring the boat and motor were a little ärhäkämmät. Now then a few days to shave after the plane the output is no longer for the sheer pleasure 😄

The big man looks pretty small 150hv Tohatsu next to
Tohatsulla gets hard, but also worth a stop to admire the world =)
Yeah, it’s a new engine a tiny bit more hörppäisee, than the old, but I just always remember (and don’t) run the economic rounds

The new boat has now become pörhällettyä a few days. I had made many weeks imaginary fishing trip on my thoughts and wondered about the Lake’s fishing spots, which I was going to head as soon as the boat would come into the yard. Now then, there are places been around the block, and let’s just say that those imaginary trips fish can be found considerably better 😅

Keep the standard and perch are still in big flocks, or then I just haven’t found them. Small walleye are scattered along the banks and clogs. Anchoring is challenging, when one walleye is there and another here. Well but the positive is that yksinäisetkin keep the standard are hungry.

Yes there’s always some fish on the fishing line to become tighten your store, but bigger walleye or perch is not found. Or I haven’t found, but when you put the child in it, so start the event. My girls were the day before yesterday on a fishing trip with and they couldn’t get out of the lake, when they were excited about fishing.

The fish themselves in favour of the first two hours of stupid at the same time, when the girls swam, but as soon as I gave the girls a spinning rod in your hand, start the fish to rise. Was ashamed, but the main thing I guess is that I can guide others to fish 😅 Day the biggest walleye was the older girl by 49cm and the day of the biggest perch of the younger by 31cm stripe shirt. Great!

The daughter looked like a model =)

Fishing this weekend was John with and even find some fish. Is yes kalamat your still looking. Maybe accidentally live already in July-August of them in my imagination in my travels, because this IRL, fishing is much more difficult. Well but now the weather is gentle and the waters warming up, don’t you think the fish you find each other’s company, when a little time passes.

Go for the fish alone or together, or even with me ☺ you Are welcome to Kuopio and Kallavedelle because just!

Article on Consultation was first published in the FISH WE LUCK.

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