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Hot winter

A week ago a drink was hard frosts, but despite that, I managed to find in the middle of the lake to the hot fishing spot. I’ve never seen or experienced a fishing trip similar, it was a moment that will not soon forget.

Last week Thursday and Friday were holidays, so you know where Jekkonen off today to spend. Although the frost meter lay about -20 degrees, it was nothing compared to the producer of the weather. The wind was almost zero, so, yes, twenty degrees of frost last yet easy. We packed up your toothbrush and jammies in the car, we took the cart and we headed to a lake.

Producer of ice-water loskaolosuhteiden after think I own the lake ice conditions are better. Not so bad can be anything, as Hummonselällä. I was wrong. When reached on the ice, so it was noticed immediately that the situation here is just as bad.

Juha said beach, that put the plotter into a sign, where we are going, so you can drive directly to the fishing spot. I said that I didn’t put, but the time sled to where to get and make a decision the place to fish until the run in. I had the lake depth contours are more or less in my own from memory, so I was able to run in to perceive where we went. And so, I had it plotterikin in the nose ?

The sled sank in the slush almost as soon as the mainland turned to ice. Time thumb sore wet passages over and not a chance, that would have dared to stop. One of the most familiar fishing spot passed over, soon another. Below was so wet, that could not possibly stay in those places to fish. I was wondering, do I have to drive directly to the opposite shore, in order to find a dry spot.

Looking at the pages and both sides appear a little matter of black holes in the ice. They were not man-made hole in the ice, but uveavantoja. I’ve never seen so much uveavantoja this time of year. Now what should be the best pilkkijäät, when it’s been so hard cold iron, but the reality is that ice is really weak. The guy had been to the North-Kallavedellä fish in and there clear ice had been: 0cm!

Snow insulates too well. Its non-existent on the ice, there is water, on top of which is a few ten centimeters of snow. Pretty hopeless situation. I don’t even want to think about next month, which is usually ice fishing season the best month, as well as the fish that the ice movement, that how us ice fishing mad then. So we go ice fishing at all anymore? This winter should keep Ursuit, floating overalls and my picks all the time on the ice on the top, although that’s what I do every winter… however, it is Now to be super careful.

But let’s get back to last Thursday’s ice fishing trip. Lynkka of so sped on the ice and I’m trying to find a suitable fishing spot. I saw a little distance from the dark area, which was clearly soaking wet. I continued the trip and soon I noticed another similar point. In the same tray below seems to be drier, so dare to stop the sled.

Two days of fishing spot

Wet place interesting enough that I wanted to try to fish them. When demolished goods pulk, I noticed yet a third dark point a little further.

More detailed examination revealed dark areas uveavantoja been made by the laikuiksi. Areas were several small holes, which at first I thought the old hole, but when I checked the hole size, I noticed that they were only 5-10cm in size and asymmetrical. Maybe uveavannot had begun to form from the old gully to the snow below and the water had risen on the ice.

Wet is

I did in the middle of the patch the hole and put the sensor in the water. I was wondering why the bottom had a weird meter thick ”thing”. Sometimes a small fish draw bottom single mat, but now it seemed that the bottom was just a terrible pile of bigger bass. Maybe I was hallucinating.

Bill information for the winter and it’s a pile begin to break apart and leave to rise fish towards the information. Oops! This is why patches are made? I got a few perch, of which the biggest was over 30cm.

I couldn’t believe sonar view to be true. Fish wheel display all the time, but the first perch after the bites stopped. I tried a number of different information and fish, you’ll rise to the lure, but make a u-turn a little information below. Start frustrating.

Shit was like this

I was the first put a patch on nearly a couple of hours, after which I set out to test another patch. I replaced the same with new information and decided to try the fish game Kid hilemuikun color.

The slush froze on the comfort of the trouser legs and trouser legs were rock-hard knees

I made a hole in the middle of the second patch and I put the sensor in an ice-hole. Sometimes I’ve wondered if that could be possible to find a hole in the ice, which was already ready to active the perch and eat the boot, so already before he even lures to calculate the ice-hole. Now then prove that in a vision.

The probe began to draw active bass immediately and I think again, I was hallucinating. How come the hole in the ice below may be the fireworks start? Well of course there logically can be, because they do not perch to eat to live, but that happened to me so lucky, that I made the hole just the right point. Of course, mother nature had a hand in, when was that put a patch done for me, thank you for that. I just needed to make a hole in it ?

View hole in the ice, before I could put even involved there

The decline of the Punk ice-hole and it was like new year. Fireworks display full and I almost keep pinching myself that could this be true. I got pretty staggering for some bites and fish also on the ice, but the fish were so strangely skittish, that the hook didn’t stay in the mouth. I guess it was the same phenomenon as when yourself can get the delicious buffet table. It but to eat and eat everything in front of him to get and part of the food falling from the arms and part of the floor ?

Perch’s mouth were sticking kuoreita, but still there was one more Kid

Bass thundered and tärppivät, and they are what grabbed, spit like a fresh kuoreita mouth on the ice. I also noticed the probe that little matter under the ice went under bark. Part of the fish was really bad alakoukusta to catch up, while they perch, which ate the end bent, were really well captured. I made the decision to try something involved, which is not mahakoukku at all, maybe the problem will be solved.

I changed the Rantamäen Manu made by a small furry tail, by the size and appearance matched well with bass sylkemät of kuoreissa. After that, the fish remained better catch up when the uppercut by was no longer on the road.

Mr. Manu coat tail was quite kuoreiden looking

It was minus 20 degrees and never in the past I have had to raise the information of the hole in the middle of a ferocious hitting. Fingers simply were so frozen, that they are no longer able to take the fishing line from the catch. I couldn’t fish, staring at the probe and I was wondering.

The fingers were quite benumbed, and not working at all. And just have the thumb, iost producer of the trip, but when it is crazy, then that is crazy. The finger did not have any matter, when the eating was running ? , Fortunately, was Nevercoldin heated mitts included, then the heat returned to the fingers quickly and get back to continue my favorite.

Between the not involved the going to have been interested in, although what to do

Eating it took a couple hours and fish the size of a small my eating progresses. The biggest perch were half pounds, but at the final stage even rooster fish are hitting the information.

I’m still not going to believe how much fish the hot hole underneath was. The day was just staggering and yet incredibly effective, that makes it that Juha got during the day, only one bass ? that is, even if it feels like it sometimes, that hurjimmalla eating the moment it’s all the same, what the hole in the ice to put in and fish to offer, so it doesn’t seem to always go so. Eyes they have bass, too, ? His box was not found in the completely same information as me.

Games games

On Thursday the fish was moving a lot and between the probe draw a pretty decent mörköjäkin. So we’ll go on Friday to the same place to fish for monster hunting, even though the ice was really bad pass.

The morning begins with the hot winter and I didn’t have anything other than calculate the Punk ice-hole and raise nelisatanen perch up. So, hommako continue where I left off yesterday?

Friday morning’s first

Punk back to the ice-hole and the second filekala up. Yay, nice to know it’s between ice fishing and a good fishing spot where the fish run out. Maybe elvistelin too, as the third fish was involved on the scale. After the perches were sated and eating the end.

The size of a small my radical =D
Under the snow was horrible with water

Yes, it was so nice to find a fishing spot and just luck to hit eat the perch on top. That’s the ice-fishing (and fishing in general) interesting is that you can never know when a hot hole or fishing spot. It will create believe those empty days, when you know that because you just might start the fireworks. Fish may be a new year every day ?

Now the coming weekend in Helsinki exhibition and convention centre kicks off the boat show and I too head for the first time in my life. How many other people intend to visit the fairs? I have lowrance in the department from Friday to Sunday (8.-10.2.), come say hi, if fairs to visit you ☺

The article Hot ice was first published in the FISH WE LUCK.

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