NEW PB!!! Big Pike Fishing in Germany 🇩🇪vs🇸🇪 (the Battle of the das Pike)

Swedish or German – who are the best pike fisherman?! In this video we go pike fishing together with – Einfach Angeln! to battle it out on a big lake in Germany. Tune in for an action-packed battle where we once and for all will determine wether Swedish or German anglers are the best!!! Check out the latest episode of YouTube Predator Cup ft. Tobias: More information about the fishing in this area: Buy the Flatnose Dragon from Hecht und Barsch: Use discount code "swedishanglersarethebest" to get 10% off all Kanalgratis lures at Hecht und Barsch! Check out their channel: #pikefishing #kanalgratis #hechtundbarsch

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