PIKE FISHING: Curly vs. Outdoor Lures for the CHALLENGE (Summer Fishing) 🎣🇦🇽

On your request, here's finally the curly vs paddle tail lures PIKE FISHING CHALLENGE! What lure type will work best during the summer? In this episode, Pontus and Mille goes to Åland Islands to find out… Be prepared for some epic pike fishing action! BEFORE WATCHING!!! Which one do you think will win? Leave a comment! (don't cheat) More information about the fishing at Åland Islands: Get the Shark Shad, Nettel Juvenile, Flatnose Dragon and all our other lures here: Do you have a fishing shop and want to sell these lures? Send us an email to! Follow us on Instagram: #pikefishing #åland #northsilverboats

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