PIKE FISHING: Huge vs Tiny Lures 🐊🔥 (40 cm vs 10 cm), and

Is it true that you catch bigger pike with bigger lures? Today we go pike fishing and will put HUGE lures (30 cm+) against tiny lures (smaller than 10 cm) to find out the answer once and for all. Due to the corona situation we have decided to upload as many videos as we absolutely can, trying to make your quarantine just a little more bearable. ❤️ Subscribe to get a notification every time we post a new video: Do you have a fishing shop and would like to support us by selling our lures? Send us an email to Check out the lures and gear used in this episode: Follow us on Instagram: Get the Bull Dawg Magnum from our friends at Sporting here: #pikefishing #challenge #kanalgratis

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