PIKE FISHING: Ultra Fast vs Slow Retrive 🐱🐇 (UNEXPECTED RESULT!)

When fishing for pike one of the most underrated factor is the retrieval speed. This means; how fast you reel in your bait. Sometimes the best thing is to speed it up, and the other time it is a better idea to slow it down. But if you fish two identical baits, one retrieving as fast as possible and the other as slow as possible, which teqnique would win? Team Hajmat with Mille Pettersson and Pontus Sjölund could not stop thinking about it, so they decided to go out on the water and put that theory to the test. They fished with identical Blastershads from Fiiish in two very different speeds and the result was rather unexpected… Thanks for taking the time to watch this episode, we will be back very very soon with more spicy episodes. You can get the Blastershad and all the other gear in the video here: Follow us on Instagram:
@kanalgratis @millepettersson
@pontus_sjolund #pikefishing #kanalgratis

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