OUR TACTICS: How to fish a Deep Weedline (Float Tube Fishing)

We're going DAILY VIDEOS in June! Make sure to subscribe not to miss any new videos: In this episode, Pontus goes float tube fishing for big pike in the Baltic Sea. He finds them along a deep weedline and except catching some stunning looking pike, he also explains how to properly fish a deep weedline. All gear used in this episode: We will release new videos EVERY DAY in June and add French, German and Polish subtitles available on ALL VIDEOS! 😀 🇫🇷🇵🇱🇩🇪 Top 5 pike lures bundle for clear waters: Top 5 pike lures bundle for muddy waters: Thanks to all you supportive fishing shops out in the world who makes this whole thing possible. If you have a fishing shop and want to support us by selling all our gear, please contact or read more here: Follow us on Instagram: #pikefishing #howtofishpike #piketactics

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