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I haven’t had time to write a blog for a long time, when there have been all kinds of busy. Fortunately, the rush of interspersed I’ve had time to visit a couple of times ice fishing.

All probably noticed the social media and the newspaper that Helsinki was the boat show. Time many there I also visit the site and myself I was there the first weekend. Really a great event and lots to see. It was nice experience to get messuile country ?

Last Friday I had time at last while ice fishing two weeks after the break. When was the last time the fish in, so the ice was really bad and heavy to move, and the sled was going to stay stuck in the slush. We didn’t know what the ice was two weeks happened, so on Friday we left the sled recommended to be home and we go ice fishing on foot in the game.

When we went on the ice, so moving around was quite different than a couple of weeks earlier. It was strange, when the ice was able to walk miles. The previous trip already ten meters to walk to produce pain. Hope woke up, maybe we pilkitty still march…

We’re a little annoyed on the ice, when we had not taken the sled. On the other hand, I’ve had enough already just the very fact that I get on the ice to breathe fresh air, long fishing break was so painful. The weather was on Friday so pretty, but windy. Need to keep stuff to catch up properly, because the wind speed was ten meters per second and gusts even more.

I met a boat show in Joensuu, Tommi and Tommi had made the fish bandit a new lead-proton. I got one information, I tested and the new model worked very well already as soon as Friday, for the day of all the bass coming from it.

The bright day was challenging and bass shy, and Juha didn’t even see the perch in their probe the entire day. I got just under a dozen fish, but none of them had giant. We leave on Friday on the ice off already at two o’clock, when the fish showed no activation of the signs.

On Saturday we headed to Great-you can Hit the name of the lake. We’ve been there once before a few years ago and that’s when the catch was a pike-oriented. The lake has been good perch are rumors, so we’ll leave the interest to try if I can find myself there in the striped shirt.

Spring will come in a furious pace and the length of day keeps on growing. We leave from Kuopio at seven o’clock, because the sun is already rising before eight. Actually, we were late anyway, because mornings are no longer very obscure. Point have probably put on a jig the morning as the bell rang already four o’clock.

We were on the ice after eight, and, yes, frames were fine. The weather was nice and the previous day the wind is down. The ice movement was luxury. When we left the sled at the beach, so the sled remained on snow. I was surprised when you didn’t have your thumb aching as gasification have loskapaikkojen over but was able to calmly drive towards the fishing spot and at the same time still admire the scenery.

The fishing spot was quiet. Actually, I don’t even expect that I would have got fish, when I enjoy so much about everything else. The bottom view between the small individual bass and I think I’m someone’s fish in the morning get.

Juha ice fishing fifty feet away from me and at one point I glanced at him and wondered, that what he swung at. I stood up and I looked closer and I realized that he was waving me to come to her. Now, by the way, I think the fish eat!

I gathered quickly the goods pulk and I left long step towards Juha. When I got there, I saw that Juha had gotten a couple of filekalaa on the ice. Juha says: ”I switched to just cheese the color of Punk and the hole under immediately a terrible swarm, the screen was so full of bass that I have never before seen.”

I immediately myself a hole Juha’s next and I put the cheese color-based Punk swim. Your probe started to draw lines and soon I had the first filekala up.

The adjacent hole in the ice on the little matter of profanity, when the monster bass didn’t stay closed. The same flock wheel my air hole, but for some reason I didn’t get some bites. Part of the fish was so big that I can’t even remember have I ever its size perch in his own probe in to see you.

It was one heck of a cliffhanger, when the large perch rotating on the screen. Whenever information appears under the bogeymen, so retaining your breath and wait for the bites. I was probably two minutes without breathing, when I thought and I was hoping to have left the perch of the ?

I got fooled one 550g bass to take, but I still don’t understand why the fish were so reluctant to tärppimään. However, they wheel involved all the time, so they were active, but something’s wrong with it, that they didn’t eat information. Look involved then, however, too much fake, if the bass were driving the right fish?

I have a day perch, the balance must have been eight pieces, of which the two largest 550g and 540g. There would have been a jackpot, but still need a little practice to ice fishing, when not skills enough its for the better.

I was thinking afterwards, that would be a big bass taken, for example, morriin, if it was dropped in their nose in front. Clear information for the hooked fish to the scene and try to offer them several various models like the micro involved in since, but that final touch, i.e. sharkbait was left exhausted. Soaked I also jig, but even that wasn’t interested. Challenging fish. And the challenging situation involved went on that terrifying anyway, when the mind began to gimpel rolling…

On the ice, the snow was filled with a bear paw that looks =)

Afternoon came, then the day of the mandatory pike contact and fortunately, the situation was a little luck involved. Floated I was a Kid without a leader and the pike did so with a quick lunge, that I didn’t have time to pull information off but the fish got to hold onto the stick. I started to lift the fish quickly on the ice, because I wanted to save Punk. The fishing line could however break, but Punk flew to the hole in the ice directly from the ice and was saved ?

The fact that Punk bounce =)

I’ve been to since last autumn included in Kuopio, the children of fish club. The club is in Finnish Recreational fisheries of the central organization and the Heart of Ice fishing, organized by and convened once a week. Last year we had a side of the one club night the subject of jigikalastus and we got OPM international of jigilahjoituksen, so that children will have access to a jig. Thank you for your donation OPM!

A couple of the latest club time we have been the subject of madepilkintä and last week we did with the children madeonget. We received a donation of Mollukka-mademorri, so we get to try madepilkintä also in practice.

Mollukka-mademorri you

Was yesterday the fish club with madepilkillä and the evening was nice and atmospheric, even though the weather wasn’t very favorable. Maybe we made a mistake, when I was ice fishing-night math storm, because that storm we really were. A gust of wind reached 17 meters per second, and between snow flurries, so much so that in front of him to see you.

The ice was nice-looking, after children’s head torches were flashing at dusk. All the kids ice fishing hard all night storm over here and despite. Alpha fry us gas grill sausage and in between was taken with a warm drink in a thermos.

Morriin become a bait fish tail

Were received during the evening a few madekontakteja, but unfortunately this time did not come yet any math on the ice. I hope the kids however, were given a small spark of madepilkintä and are independently to try out ice fishing, when they now have the tools too do it. Thanks again Juha Mud-Mollukka-mademorri the donation!

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