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Ice fishing season the first involved the perch

Ice fishing season was to start the fair a couple of weeks ago and after we’ve been out ice fishing six times. We’ve been dancing around the various lakes and ponds, and most recently was Virmasvedellä. Kallavedelle had not yet ventured, because it froze a little while ago. Smaller lakes and ponds the ice has been well and Virmasvesi surprised really, because there was more than 20cm clear ice. See, I even snowmobile ?

Virmasveden ice bear ice fishing man very well =)

Self-propelled is still a foot in the game and not our sled was in running order at the moment. Maybe Juha would get it sorted in the next few weeks, or latest week four, when we left Puruvedelle information for wild winter date.

The first ice fishing trip you go relish and the fish relief is not hampered at all. The fourth trip, after getting some nasty bass, when information had become a swinging pull for days without results. Four different fishing spot and does not touch either involved. One rooster fish I got mikrojigit, but involved the perch, the balance was zero.

The fourth trip of the balance was this =D

Now christmas and new year period we are free and we get to ice fishing several times, so you could say that at the moment is the jig the pipe on top of ☺ the Weather forecast is promising very good for ice fishing the weather for future days!

Made two trips Virmasvedellä, the first of which was yesterday. The trip was so promising, that I wanted to go there today again. Virmasvesi has always been really challenging to the lake and I don’t remember how we ever been there backpack store fish.
Well the truth is yes I would remember if we’d obtained =D

Yesterday I set a goal involved the perch. I was waiting through the first involved the fish for too long, so one fish could bring, I believe jigging back. I namely began to feel that, that Savo, the fish have changed their diet morripainotteiseksi. In fact, I would like to at this stage of winter ”to fall” the caterpillar thing was, when I am, however, involved the wild, but yes they morripäivätkin still trying to just be sure ?

Yesterday was a terrible snow storm and during the day it must have rained 10 inches of snow. The rain started early this morning and since the snow was on the ice already, the conditions under the ice darkened more. I was wondering, what kind of information would be useful on such a day a try.

Float I, a few different information and after that memory that I have of Joensuu Tommi made by the cute pink fish pirate, which I have named Virmaksen just too involved the color.

It wasn’t long before Virmas get the boys home. Or could it be a girl. One of the best things about ice fishing is that, when the float involved the intermediate in the water and you can see the sonar display, when the determined perch on the leaves from the bottom towards the lure. That moment fit always so much excitement. Line thickness doesn’t necessarily tell the size of the fish anything if the fish comes to the echo beam from the edge, so a giant bass there is always the possibility, when the line is approaching ?

I eagerly await sharkbait and when the perch grabbed the stick, pulling the fishing line in a panic on the ice. Through the first involved the perch must remain the better side! And yes, it’s on ☺

Small and pretty perch went to shoot and after I let it back to grow. I was so happy, but hunger starts to grow eating as soon as the first fish after and I feel already a little bit bigger perch ?

Fish bandit involved the color in Virmas and through the first involved the perch

Forget it, that their bigger would no longer come, because it’s one of the only-begotten perch had been just passing through. Pike again bike hole below too and I know that they like to Virmas-tasurista, it involved the lost one eye Virmaan already last winter pike in the teeth.

Yesterday I had to pull information out of pike of emission, but still a few pike became such a lightning-fast page that I didn’t have time to do anything. And Virmas-poor lost now paint the back of their pike because of ?

Pike crash, I can just pull the information for the safe

But pike was enough, this individual didn’t show even a probe, coming from the side. And Virmas deep in his mouth 🙁

I leave this afternoon to try a new place and the first air hole draw as soon as the fish below. I got sharkbait Virmaksen and lifting a good-sized perch on the ice. The fish ate the end bent, so the perch were clearly biting. Fish tärppivät, but didn’t stay shut and I tried to change to the smallest information.

I got about a dozen perch, but the size wasn’t anything much. However, I was really glad when tasurihan are opened at last. It is so wonderful to fish for information, even if this means that fishing events is a time at long intervals.

The dark comes early, and we had a long walk in the snow tarvottavana. Left two towards the shore and since I was found eating perch until the afternoon side, I wonder, I wonder if the perch eating place have already in the morning.

Not that it helped other than to make a decision the next day’s fishing spot and place your selection naturally Virmasvesi ? After all, it’s a place definitely used to be testing also the sunrise time, when time in the afternoon there had been small-scale perch expo. I was pretty sure that the fish eat there in the morning.

Between I’m a megalomaniac. Yesterday’s goal was to get one involved the perch and today’s goal was already 50cm perch. So much trust the fish place ?

The snow was tuiskuttanut last night during yet more and pulk for pulling my ass sweat. In the snow however she could toddle, when you know, that soon gets to admire the fireworks of the sonar screen. Yes, perch tastes good a few days of ham mässäyksen after!

I found the beach lovely stones 🙂

I started ice fishing yesterday’s hot hole and pretty soon I got my first bass. Here it goes! Juhakin got one perch up and hopes were high.

Then start syömäkarkelot! It’s too bad that the fish were completely the wrong species, namely pike ? Yes got Virmas-involved again hits, when the pike came out of nowhere. Two days pike was on the ice a total of 14 pieces.

I wish I had the perch…

The day of the biggest perch was about a hundred grams, so 50 cents was a lot of time yet. You may need to slightly depress the objectives for the next trip ?

The weather was almost nil, but a hard north wind made the air feel chilly. Left side two towards the shore, because the pike fishing is no longer interested. The fingers were going to freeze.

On the way to the beach I heard a familiar phrase: ”I’m not coming here ever again.”

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