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Ice fishing season open, the new record by

I’m shocked! I can’t really still believe, that what through the second trip happened. I’m afraid all the time that I wake up from this wonderful dream and left the perch wasn’t true.

But let’s go back in time a little backwards. Open water season ended a long time ago and at the beginning of November the ice entry seemed inevitable. In Pohjois-Savo was hard frosts and the guys ventured already to smaller ponds to fish.

Actually I was waiting for safer ice and I was sure that the frost is severe, not long to go, when the Lake is frozen. Then the situation turned on its head and the frosts were gone. I watched every day weather forecasts and I expect that the temperature would decline. Nothing happened.

Weeks passed and finally the December half after the weather cools down. The lake had ice cover on December 28. day. The back waters is not yet any issue.

Was reached to start the ice fishing season on one lake last Sunday, i.e. 29.12. Ice was pretty good, although the ice thickness varied eight and twelve inches between.

The excitement in the air outside, point head =)

Fishing break had accumulated to weeks and feel that I can no longer even fish. I couldn’t remember what had to be done. What ice fishing needs according? Well luckily the memory returns to the hotel in patches.

I rearranged the information box again to strike and some of the old information of the give way of the new road. The designs and colors left to continue his job, but the guy came a few novelties.

I have received fish in the game and Mr. Manulta for testing new colors and designs. In addition to myself, like a new acquaintance, Hemi-information for you, (manufacturer Henri Jauhiainen) sent me three simplified information on test use. Thank you all!

Fish game Kids and Kesseleitä
Mr. Manu different sizes hair tails
A bigger and a smaller model of the Hemi-tasurilta

Through the first trip was enthusiasm. The fish catch was of no importance, but the main thing was that we finally got back to the dear issue, i.e. like a flat balloon adjacent to the hole. One pretty small but there was a hole in the work, it was that much I had time to forget about the fishing basics, that the auger wasn’t quite in full blast.

Long time walk on water

I took teräsuojuksen off and I started to crank to the holes. Nothing happened. I continued spinning and I cursed the dull blade. Oddly when not to bite! Try a little tilt drilling, that the blades would take feast of ice, but no, borers, but the bike empty. I don’t know how any more boring, or am I doing something wrong? Way this crank?

Finally I realized look at the blades and noticed that they had not been! I started to laugh like a curl, what the hell! Who has stolen the auger blades? Then I remembered that we traded in last spring for my drill konekaira a temporary blade of the old drill. Fortunately, ice fishing outfit find more than one auger, so I got the help of a hole-making.

Looking for a picture of the error

Finally it through then get officially started when I got involved in water. The perch were pretty bad on the otilla, but the right information for the ice-hole in the event something events however.

The season started this Hemi-information for the

I got Hemi-involved in a few filekalan and I have to be satisfied when the season started the trip I went to half a kilo of broken! Good uintisia and comfortable-looking information info!

Through the first perch was able to continue his journey
Start a hole in the ice big 570g

Pike were purullaan and juha had room for that ice at the pike event. I got lucky, only two, but one of the fishermen to our outfit got seven. Total during the day became more pike than perch. Strange lake 😄

Half-day after the little perch, the events stopped. Not Only Sam Can. Sam had not received a single perch all day, but sometimes one is enough, if it is big enough 😄

Suddenly, from the adjacent hole from the top to hear swearing. I thought that now came to something bad was when Sam couldn’t blurt out anything sensible. Lips were moving, but I didn’t understand the content.

Rise from your hole in the ice of mine and I went to see what was the matter. When I get to Sam winter for, I almost fell to my knees. To understand why the mouth will not become sensible to the text. Ice lötkötti such a big perch, that I didn’t know one existed. Is that even a perch? How is it so big?

I’ve always had pounds of perch in large, but on Sunday I realized that they are actually a pretty average, if I let them live to see the 1662 grams of perch. That is namely the really big perch! Sam broke his own record for the giants, good luck again Sam!

Power perch come fish bandit little flash involved in

So I like sam, too, went to rest a little confused. Mind bike it left the fish and I said on the ice, that if something like that would be stuck to my line, I don’t think that the heart would have lasted. I was shocked so much already from Sam fish, when I didn’t really realize how much bigger 1.6 kg fish is pounds compared to.

We started the afternoon on the ice off and these early season trips are a soft landing for those long, long spring day trip to. Now the bright time is about six hours and it is already doing, but as long as the ice fishing condition in this growth, in the spring we sit on the ice almost twice as longer.

Through the second trip was made the next day. During the night it had rained an hour through the water and the temperature had risen many degrees above zero. Not good for the already forming for the rocks, these weather 😔

Another ice fishing day started better than the first, because this time I had the auger in the blades! We were on the ice for nine countries, and it was still a little obscure. Sunrise was only 9.45.

The morning of the first holes appear instantly in the bottom of the something life. Probe saw that the bottom was moving the fish, but even if I did what uitto movements, so anything in there is left to rise to the involved parties.

Change I different models and the top jig probably too fast swimming for the information in. I had tried smaller and bigger, but none of the information is not interested in fish yet enough so that it would have risen to a bite to.

17 minutes before H-day

I took the information box in the hand and I began skimming the information through. Gaze was drawn to the last winter very well-functioning hilemuikku Boy. It the bass could not resist the last winter, so I doubt they can this winter.

I put the information for the fishing line to the head and fell of the lure of the ice-hole. Did the temptation of swimming movements for several more meters before the base and I took involved the little quiet down. I left information of about 1.5 meters above the bottom, and clearly calmer swimming was of the essence, as from out of town started the fish to come towards.

The top line was pretty thin, but the closer the fish got, the thicker it became. I doubt fish ahvenkin, because it came so slowly and purposefully involved the per.

Fish became involved, and because the bites did not come, sending a shudder up information slowly upward. Then the fish bite and I thought this is a good perch bites and the weight of judging. After the fish, however, started pumping country pike-like line from.

Oh, damn, I should’ve guessed, hundred sure the pike! The water was ice under the 8.5 meters and raising fish nothing but net up. Just thought, don’t pike break my Punk trailer discs. I got the fish hole in the ice below and try even a little to shake the fishing line, that pike is coming off. Dare to do it without seeing the fish, because I have received so many pikes, that identify the fired line from always.

The fish was so well hooked stick, that it doesn’t come loose, so the pliers were in my mind thinking of raising the ”pike” on the ice. The eyes see something other than the pike, but the brain registered the view. Time stopped.

How could I be so wrong in their own ”pike of my knowledge” with? Staring at fish and I started to bounce to flat feet. What in the world happened???

Screaming, cursing, laughing, maybe crying, too. I don’t even remember! Juha went on to become a few tens of metres towards me. Or let’s say, that we 😄

How can this be possible? I had already completely given up hope that I could get in my life the second time pounds of excess fish, but now I think it will happen. I told Juha that that fish might break my record, that fish might weigh more than a kilogram! My former ennätyshän was 1087g.

Juha says that perch is one and a half pounds. I don’t believe I do. Can’t hit me. On the other hand, there are probability calculations and in between I’ve been wondering, that how can always defy the odds without getting those really big fish. Friends and familiar pulling huge perch and their are always three-digit, I went ice fishing to any extent. Well, now it’s likely I’ll finally be on my side.

Can somebody pinch me?
Even during the day, I only got one fish, it was a memorable perch trip ever!
Hook couldn’t remove the lip in any, this fish wouldn’t be escaped

Two different scales and the three after weighing the bass weight was 1800g. I don’t know whether the scales of grams to his place, but at least very close to and yes it says to me invalid!

Phew, it was such a big perch, that it is still impossible to believe or comprehend. I’ve been waiting for, that when I wake up from this dream. Fortunately, at least so far, the perch is still true and nothing but true.

Perch record new readings 1800g/49cm

Maybe the weather conditions had something to do with the big bass eating with, because I’ve never seen air pressure, so great a change in so short a time. The air pressure sent a sharp decline in Saturday and fell rite on Monday until the evening. Overall, the air pressure in the drip fair from 1040 hPa to 983 hPa, respectively. Impossible to change!


Sometimes years ago I decided, while still a child to believe in thought I had a big perch, that if sometimes I had a 1.5 kg bass, do I about a trophy. It was just a silly little idea and a long time ago I realized that I really should never be so big for bass to get, don’t even think about things like that.

Yesterday then it came to the fore and immediately after the bass after the intake in mind the bike only two questions, would this fish or do I look for it its a trophy? Time for decision-making was a minute. In the end I made a selfish choice and I took the bass with me. I certainly will never that size of fish to get.

Summer and winter perch release is a lot of difference. In the summer perch can put in there to wait for the images and dimensions of admission, in the winter we are usually frost at the mercy of and things you need to take care of it quickly. Fish can not be put into the water to wait. Time is more or less that one minute, during very cold temperatures is not that, either, because the fish eyes will freeze instantly. I wasn’t prepared for yesterday’s situation in any way and therefore decision-making was difficult.

That my decision to take the perch I got a lot of negative comments. I understand the point, but I was accused of that one perch for fish stocks, ruining and setting a bad example. This works because I’m sure in the future responsible for all the big bass of the deaths, because in my example to incite people to kill.

I have sought accountability and acknowledge that this trofeekalan taking it wasn’t, but every other moment I’ve been trying to act as responsibly as possible. I know that it was a selfish act, but I can live with it, it’s a shame, when so many others can’t. For their part the case is closed, because it can no longer be changed.

Yesterday was the negative comments despite the kalastuksellisesti the best day of my life. The big bass after the run and will be run, I see it sometimes produces results. A pinch of faith, a dash of hope a pinch of luck and maybe a touch of skill, too 😉

Thank you Ahti the year 2019!

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