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Ice fishing walleye record broken

This has been an extraordinary winter in all respects. Firstly, as soon as through the first ice fishing trip of the broke pound limit of bass, and the second trip on the ice rose still almost every night, dreams of the upcoming record perch.

Every day watching the fish on the wall and I remember that day, when the fish I got. It was such an amazing thing, that I never dreamed I’d get such a situation. Well, in any case perch is now a souvenir on the wall, so I guess miracles do happen. And the same miracle can happen for each fisherman.

I’ve been getting this winter already four walleye for information on. Between the go, too many years, when you keep the standard do not jig the tärppine, but now it seems, that keep the standard of staying in the same depths of bass with. Well nice page hits they keep the standard are, because in the winter they don’t normally see.

Bass spent a quiet life for many weeks. Or my hole in the ice below the mouth was held shut, but John winter of the below was a pretty decent eating stuff running. I don’t find them in stripes. I know that I make generalizations, when I say that bass hasn’t eaten in weeks. The fact of the matter is certainly not so, but I don’t have enough skill to get those fish.

The fish you eat, because they don’t eat ask live. Their own empty trips can always explain that ”fish not biting”, but everyone knows that they are nonsense things. Sometimes should but honestly can say, that this time I didn’t know how to fish well enough.

Has now appeared on the John with a few times in the clear waters of tasuroimassa. I’ve actually been ice fishing before empty and relied on when excessive or too little of the snow amount on ice, too high, flat or low air pressure, too sunny or cloudy weather, and so on. Reasons and explanations has the world abuzz. Juha is, however, adjacent avannoilta always received a bag of filekalaa, so there’s no need to explain.

The truth is that I am a lousy fisherman and the fish you are taking me six-zero. But on the other hand, that fishing so a nice annoying makes, when nothing is predictable. This would be a boring hobby, if you always knew he’d get fish.

I received the 2015 information for the 1,74 kg zander. It was a great moment and still bright in memory. Blog post title was Blood, sweat and happy tears 😄

Almost exactly five years later, improved the ice-fishing walleye record my. There was a couple of weeks ago, ice fishing in the clear waters and Juha familiar way to raise the hotel from the adjacent hole in the ice from a good bass and myself, I focused on the empty probe looks. Not so worse events have been. Except for one.

From the bottom of the left line, towards information, and I was excited that finally I too will rise perch. The fish rise really slowly towards the lure and even before the bites, I was pretty sure that it is a walleye.

Float was Mr. Manu small six inch hairy tail and I started to doubt how such a small information for big fish. Apparently good enough, because the fish bite, but I knew immediately that the fish is not well captured. Lift the fish on ice as quickly as I could and kuhaksi fish revealed. And at the same moment, when I got the fish on the ice, involved the fall out of your mouth. Huh, was was close.

Walleye weight was of 1.88 kg and length 58cm
Mr. Manu good bass but also for big kuhiin will =)

After Juha continued to catch perch ice fishing next to the and I continued in a familiar way a blank screen staring at you. Sometimes it is like that 🙂

This winter it took a long time for safe ice formation Kallaveteen. The season’s first trip Kallavedelle stretch was February until. Yes now already lucky position, because the clear ice was 20cm, but in previous years this time the ice has been more. I wonder how short ice fishing season the ice…

Kallavedellä ice fishing day began promising, because as soon as the sun rose after the probe appear in the display perch. During the morning the line to get grabbed six filekalaa and yes, it will feel warmed, because it was six more than many of the rest of the trip. The average size wasn’t anything much, but yes 12 fillet already in the stomach to fill 😄

Pike were also active and maybe they drove the perches away, as they appeared in each winter, where it involved the waving. The morning after the perch events no longer existed. Day all bass, come in at the same time fish the game Nulikalla to get your own record ahveneni. It was the only information that ever got to attract fish on the sonar display.

North lake’s dark bass

This winter has been wonderful to go ice fishing, when there is a move for a propeller. Propeller weather lasted for weeks, and yes, annoyed, when the ice came the snow layer, and not the propeller no longer got to go.

Propeller keli you over?

The temperatures are the whole winter sailed zero on both sides and fortunately the snow the end of last week melted away. We were taken away again as soon as the prop you use and was directed on the ice. Snowmobiles have we not had this winter to shave yet, and it is currently not quite in running order even. Fortunately, it requires only small renovation, so perhaps in the near times to get it, too, skitter away.

Yippee, again get!

It was Friday Sotkalla. The day was going to be challenging, but then found a good white patches of dark ice in the middle. Put a patch on the had fish while the others share and I shared, too, as the guys scurried as soon as edged, when I began to hands over. Their rasioistaan does not, however, found that time the hardest to take the game, i.e. the fish bandit small cheese leather reduced, so the majority of the catch rose to my winter of.

The fish was so shockingly and perch from a small area of the many holes. Few involved in the swing with an empty hole in the ice and it was like a call to stripe shirts. Almost hear under the ice to catch perch in the language: ”come!”. And they will come.

Just awesome feeling to lift the hungry perch on the ice. When the lines going to mess probe on the screen and hands shaking waiting for you sharkbait, then it is a ice fishing old man or woman element. Jigging star of the moment.

Sotka the back of the perch loft information after
Sotka the back of the perch loft changing fillets

Information for jigging in the clear waters, what could be better? Well, no. After all, the information on ice fishing always fun, but when you get to the bright and deep waters, then information from properly rights.

On Saturday we were in the clear trout water in the ice fishing and last week on the basis of those brighter waters have been a little more ”John hay”, but always it myself, tiny spark of hope somewhere in the smoldering, that maybe this time for me…

Morning Ahti was still of the opinion that the bass is given only Juha. I’m running here and there, and holes to different depths. Juha had left the propeller a couple of miles away, I do smell a bass eating…

I got Juhalta picture messages perch and when cellphone goes off 825 grams of perch in the picture, the prop gassed pretty quickly to the same edged.

But not eaten by perch in my hole. I didn’t even see the fish, although a few meters from the rise of the bogeymen. I decided to try to myself to sniff the eating, and find your hottipaikan. A few hundred meters from the nose begins to run. Something strange was in the air, because I could make a hole in the ice to catch perch buffet table.

I didn’t get to float the fish bandit cheese leather lighten long after the probe began to show their stuff, which usually appears only in dreams. And ”those things” were huge, involved the fast rising bass. The situation came instantly and almost instantly it was over. I can get to flock to the two big perch and after the third fish she caught, heart pounding and hands are shaking like that, that I wonder pyörrynkö this.

Lift line its ass off. Classical was like a rubber band so deep in the water pilkkiessä and all the time it seems that the fish could swim faster up what I can to raise the fishing line on the ice. Heavy the monster was and perhaps a set boss, because a little before the ice surface the fish came off and at the same time called his friend with him. Hello flock. I’ll see you again sometime?

Why those situations end so fast? Well maybe one reason is that the heart is probably handle, if the flock could get a huge amount of fish. It went already too far and kind of events is not even there hurjimmissa in dreams. Maybe it’s the two fish is quite reasonable and after that, it is good to equalize the pulse. Have to explain these things to themselves for the best =)

I put Juha to the voice message immediately, when the situation was over. Listen to the message afterwards, and yes a little smile. Breathless and shocked by a woman’s voice and the crowd has slipped a few curse words, too, in I don’t even remember the whole message transmission situation 🤣

More than one would have been fine =D

The same giant perch of the loft is no longer seen, but the individual fish I still ronkittua from the bottom. Svartsenekkerin Arnoltti quote: I’ll be back.

Afternoon arrived in thick snow and had a nice kick to congratulate four miles from the shore. Was going to prop a little poke, when the ice had accumulated thick snow patches 😄

Beanie for the rest of the trip =D

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