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Pretty amazing weekend over, it lempikalani perch was activated and very hungry =) was Found in two different lakes-eating perch, although still a week ago the situation seemed desperate. However, I know that the autumnal perch jigauksen golden age was coming and judging by the results, I think we live a golden age right now ☺

This summer the rains have been able to circumvent the weekend pretty well and I don’t think than two trips throughout the summer months, when we’re caught in the rain under. So a very rare summer in that respect! And special was also the fact that once the whole summer I didn’t need on a fishing trip and ice fishing overalls, while the previous summer I had fishing lot jig jumpsuit.

Saturday morning was rainy and because the squalls were going to pass by noon, it was decided to move the fish left a little bit. Deer in the back has some places that interest a few weeks after the break, so immediately when the rain stopped Alutroll gasification towards the deer’s back.

It wasn’t long before the mouth turned into a smile. So much bass, that I again remember have I at last seen one perch on the carpets, or have I ever. Fish but was enough and was enough, when the boat away places. Or actually we were only one fish spot, because as soon as the first ”stalemate” began to draw so terribly active fish. We didn’t have to change seats throughout the day and throughout the five hours, what are we fishing spot was, the perch ate.

Perch carpet

Double some bites double bites after

The fish place was big, and clearly it was a bass and kuhilla its own drawbacks. Was between there kuhien side and also keep the standard of a good extract. There were numerous dimensions of the fish with the largest being in the 53cm and it felt unbelievable that a week ago the situation was the fact that we found than the minimum size fish. On Saturday we release all keep the standard, because the dream was perch soup ?

”Bass side” of the fish, actually, every throw, but two to three hours after the fish were no longer quite so greedy. Interesting phenomenon, that the top of the jig were jigipäätä deep in the perch’s mouth and held a pair of pliers to disconnect the hook, but towards the evening the jig wasn’t so deep.

No more jig sunk like drinking until, at this point eating had lasted over two hours

Ever I’m not around clearly noticed hitting a fade. I think it can be, that it is not, after all, even join in the eating of silence, but in any case, the closer towards the evening we went, the less the jig no longer was the fish’s mouth.

Also bass vertikaalijgaus was effective and it worked the same jig, as they

Saturday works best for Lunker City 7cm Swimfish color Arkansas Shiner, which is just one color Kallavedelle. It has operated every summer. One of the perch spit out your mouth shell and all matched Lunkerin jigiin ☺

New jig not long perch and kuhien reading lasted, when it was already mangled ruined

We had a lunch of bananas and if the bananas are supposedly affecting eating fish for a negative, so I’m just wondering what kind of catch would have been without bananas?

From now on, always eat bananas =)

Was taken, but the biggest bass according to

The day was amazing and I was so happy that they found food the fish. Perch had the stomach smelt and clear of them was/is eating a spike on top. One perch from the stomach to find the seven smelt!


Sunday morning the fishing spot was a little open and the figure was Unnukan and Suvasveden between, but since Saturday was such a good food fish and Unnukalla again we have never found a half pounds biggest bass, it was decided to go fishing Suvakselle ”all or nothing”-themed. Suvasvesi could give up a record ahveneni pieces are falling in place, though until now it has always given us its ”nothing”.

Was packed bananas eväslaukkuun and started off in ? If they are yellow pötkylä brought good luck Saturday, maybe they will surprise us also on Sunday.

Enonniemen fishing port is a narrow dirt road from the

There was a beach in the half at nine, and luckily the weather was overcast, it Suvas is so bright watery. There perch is always pretty deep, (if compared, for example, Kallaveteen), and in sunny weather the fish will go into deeper. Well, now that the previous sentence sounds like, that I had ever received Suvakselta more fish. I don’t have. I’ve only heard rumors that the fish are in there pretty deep =) But the lake can be compared to Puruveteen, there perch thrives in the deep.

Top kalakeli

I received a blog reader place tip, that where you should head big perch follow. The fishing spot was all so new to us area and never before had we there been. When I was looking for fish for a couple hours, I told Juha that I don’t come here again =D Yes, I’m already in the morning I know that day will come hard, but still wanted to go there to play it fast or nothing.

Juha saw a couple of hundred metres away from the gulls, who apply to the surface of the little fish. I looked at the depth curves and the seagull below was at least 20 meters of water. Place care and time logs towards the quietly musing that if I go see if there perch run.

Before I had time to make a decision, I noticed that the sonar screen began to draw the arches of the intermediate water. I wonder what those are, pretty bright and good-looking ”bananas”. Suddenly Motorguide down and button sky anchor on top. Let’s try what is the job name!

And it starts as soon as the fireworks namely! Just wildly some bites and was in and fortunately also up to the top of the perch. I was completely crazy in that moment. Update I but all the time, that how can this be true! Perch were so crazy have extract, that have never before been in such a situation, and that fish was just shockingly, from the bottom to the surface 11 meters!

We had a really good and sharp Mr. Manu jigipäät use, but still very a large part of the fish came off as soon as sharkbait. Somehow the fish suck the jig in his mouth and sylkäisivät immediately it away, before you actually even get to feel the rod in anything. So many strikes come therefore late. Were all the fish vertsun and not in that situation couldn’t jig them say no, than a few times. The fish were so carefully just under the boat, maybe that’s why they simply didn’t come to anything.

In this picture we had just reached the scene, as soon as the screen starts to draw the fish as they also tärppivät jigiin (note the lucky banana console =D)

Yippee, this moment was amazing!

And even though the fish were so tough, for those not good enough for any other than the Savage Gear Bleak Paddle Tail and the Real Tail. They work for all three sizes, i.e. 8cm, 10cm and 13cm. Try, for example, Lunkerin ”lake of color” and about 11 meters of carpet I couldn’t get it jigiin touch either, which is really really weird.

Many times I’m in a perch eating received well done jig work, but maybe the bass saw the suvas of the clear water, that a fake fish is not worth eating. Savage bleak get however full ☺

Other jigs was junk floated, only these Savaget work

I was so happy when for once we found the right ajoahven loft and I was also happy to bow to the electric motor, thanks to which we got into the fish on top. I can’t even imagine the string anchor with the enactment of that depth, no, it should be managed. Wind and aallokkokin were pretty hard. So when the fish you find, it should work right away and anchor the fish on top, to keep the flock under us.

I’ve got a day of the biggest perch was 36cm

Although the situation was incredibly wonderful, to hear the suvas of the back, also a few curse words. Juha was a big perch and he received by 38cm perch was not nearly so great as was fish. And I ran away also, certainly in my life the biggest perch. I don’t usually ifs and fishing is such that was going on but the few times when it hurts like that flock to the site, so it would be left to perch on could a boat come. That perch was really big.

The day of the big perch’d Juha received by 38cm

The perch ate all the surface until the cheese and the boat next to hear läts, läts, läts, when the little fish jumping on the surface. Ferocious eating takes half an hour, after which the situation calmed down. We had a dozen good perch bracket and thank I my mind Erkkiä place the tip.

Bracket works well sumppuna

Ajoparvia can be anywhere and now I was lucky to escape that size on the lake happened to be driving its flock over. The situation was certainly one of our bass fishing history the best moment. Was found during the day, yet another perch on the loft, but it was significantly lower and fish the average size was much smaller.

Big back pienehkötkin the waves were rocking the boat hard

Although the end result was this time very successful, so still the day was for the most part awkward and difficult. During the day the fish ate a total of only an hour, so seven hours looking for the fish to empty the probe staring. Suvasvesi is a very challenging lake, that is sure to test fishermen often. Sometimes, however, it may be a little open secrets and then you should be game day.


Savage Gear jig to the functioning of the out the reason for the evening fish peratessa. Bass found inside as well as a little more than 10cm of cheese that little bit smaller. The greediest wlth bass had seven of vendace in the stomach, so from this we can draw the conclusion that the Lake and suvas of bass are just as hungry and perch gastric volume is seven fish ?

Thanks For The Suvasvesi <3

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