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Now when the monkey really off the back of the focus can be on a slightly smaller perch fishing 😅 We’ve been to a few different lakes to fish in, but Kallavedelle had not yet ventured. I am enough of a sore feet first on the rocks that let the other go first, testing the ice and I went in after only then, when the ice is safe to go. Now the clear ice of ten cents up to twenty of them in places where we’ve been. Such places already ventured Ursuit and floating overalls on top of the ice fishing directed.

When I got it left the perch, I thought, that’s nice, when finally I learned to ice fishing. Believe in my skills was tough. And believe will always remain, until then, when I headed the next time fishing. Visit Virmasvedellä returned to the surface.

Conditions on the ice are currently the ideal you can go kicksledding. Landscape change as hard a ride you don’t tosikaan, I love that your own propeller! I wish this penetrates the ice would continue throughout the winter, I mean, who needs snowmobiles?

We had a propeller with Virmasvedellä. During the day you will kick on more miles and in the morning all still going well, in other words, the prop still slips. I don’t know whose idea it was to install the propeller to the sliding skids, well I think it is, of course, be you, but Virmasveden trip after they leave time livakkaan out. When the ice rain during the day snow, the propeller did not slip by any more. Walk to the beach took forever, when we don’t get to take the slide skid out, but was pushed to the propellers walking pace.

We were virmaksen have four people and I almost think I can get the fingers of one hand to count our common perch catch. Well, I got one rooster fish 😄 It was totally back to normal, its a 1.8 pound after.

Virmaksen not a lot of fish images obtained…
The propeller was a nice push to the beach =D

We not at one time been learned, but go to the same lake on the ice the next day. Another day to give a few food fish, but a difficult day it was still. On the third day we’re not there anymore 😄

Yes these landscapes amazing every time as much, this view can not be bored!

Ice conditions because of which the place did not even dare to go ice fishing. I had heard that the outfit has been sotka’s back and there the ice was heard by more than ten cents. So we ventured to go there.

Virmasveden after was nice, when the probe was something to look at. A blank screen staring began getting a bit old. Sotkalla fish events were long intervals throughout the day and fish size was quite small. This afternoon I put the fish in the game the Kessel line away and I don’t know if it was the color or what, but the point was the fishfinder full of fish. Kesseli got the fish in like a miracle reaction time and even rooster fish tärppivät involved in.

Rarely sees that even the littlest small fry spit smelt

The perch were pretty small shell, and therefore, the thin-hull information was hard word. The day the fish came from Mr. manu’s hair pyrstöllä and fish game Kesselillä, in both shape and size were close to that moment of perch food fish.

Fish game Kesseli (yeah there is a big lock and even though that to me always set off at, so it’s not fishing income contributed =))

Home fish peratessa I notice that the bass stomachs were empty. Sotka of the perch were eating on.

The day’s biggest bass were four hundred grams of hujakoilla

Went to see sotka of the perch to the hunger situation in a couple of days again. We were on the ice for half an hour before sun rise and it was strange that the perch started eating already at that stage. The fish was all the time on the screen, even though the morning still blur. Yes, the day began particularly!

I was fishing with a friend and his mother had in the morning asked to bring all the fish what do you get at this time so I’m not putting any fish back to the hole in the ice.

The guy got in the morning the three dimensions of the walleye on their own hole in the ice and the largest of them was over a pound. Amazing that the big walleye will morrilla. You were sitting adjacent avannoilla and both had all the time events on the screen. Couldn’t believe what we saw, when the fish just get involved to constantly.

How can this be even possible? Usually a swarm will appear on the screen and it gets one or a couple of fish to get, but now the flock but stayed below the whole time. Perch size ranged from small sinteistä just under half a kilo and most of it was a size of 150-200g.

We didn’t have to exchange the whole day, but we got all the fish you two plunging. Was received during the day in addition to a couple of pikes and overall, the fish came more than 19kg, with the bass of 14.2 kg. Rarely am I so hard in eating or in fact in the winter I never. Even if we’re not more than a one-pound perch will get in the film, so yes we were on this trip really happy. Those ice fishing days is so rarely! I personally took the pot 14 filekalaa and at home peratessa I noticed the same thing as last time, stomachs were quite empty.

A large part of the day the fish came from Mr. manu’s hair pyrstöllä

A few days later, was directed again Sotkalle. No the fish did not eat as bad and this time forced himself to move and find fish, since the fish had come to me. Propeller was nice to drive from one place to another and fish the place was easy to navigate, when I put the Navionics map software cell open and cell phone to prop the backpack on.

One thing I don’t understand. Why do some fishermen to leave piles of fish on the ice? Not a very nice sight when the ice around them as all sizes of fish, the largest being in the pound class pike. What’s the purpose? Why, for example, their pike and even a big the most perch can not be put back in the ice-hole, if they are not going to take?

Myself yes I admit sometimes I left the rooster fish hole in the ice if the fish is badly damaged and it must have killed, but sotkalla, too, one winter had 15 fish and it wasn’t the only hole in the ice, where the fish had been left. I don’t understand.

Fortunately, all fishermen do not work like this!

Between the bass in order to get the need to try all sorts of tricks. This on the day in question involved should float got really rough in the water bath movements, in order to fish at all I got the sonar screen. In addition, information should be many meters above the base. Then the fish saw the lure for some distance and yes again, Mr. Manu hair tail got a perch day hard ride, because all the day the fish came with it. The day of the big perch was 400g.

Food fish had come on the previous trips is commendable, so I wanted to between ice fishing also empty. Left vehmersalmi for roikan water and the lake is once again betrayed. Was ice fishing just in peace and none of the perch did not rise during the day involved the see. These empty days are pretty rewarding, because then you remember how challenging fishing can be.

The clear ice was everywhere at least 15cm

We day passed, however, quickly fish free despite. The focus was on more photo taking and a propeller drive for. It was like driving a melt lake on the surface, rarely is that kind of weather!

Roikan after Sotka started again a little to attract, so I was watching what mood the fish, you must for the time be. Perhaps they were sated a small envelope mutustelusta, when the time little visible life anywhere, but a few filekalat I got according.

Fish bandit the little Flash was the only one involved, which even got the fish on the screen and it got also a day of only one fish, the biggest perch was 460g

I like to take lots of photos of fishing trips, and at other times. However, I have received other fisherman from the complaints, when based on photographs I will burn their fishing spot. Point I no longer know if I dare put on the blog or social media anything without that someone’s gonna get hurt.

Once I got the message that I’m not supposed to tell in a blog, if I Virmasvedellä in fish, by the way, I hear all kuopio professionals go to clear lake. I have received messages that the Lake’s fishing spot to return to when the picture is seen reimarien on the basis of which all now can be found in the place.

Lake taken a picture of the ”whole village” sees the jig place the exact location of and most likely now that information after the site lost all the fish.

Kuopio and the surrounding area is really a lot of fishermen and no one can own the lake fishing spots. If any photo on to perceive where I’ve been fishing, so most likely a lake and a fishing spot are to him already familiar.

I’m no longer surprised why there is a saying that no one is as jealous as a fisherman. It is totally true and you do so or so, someone always gets hurt. If I don’t tell you where I’ve been, hurt. If I tell you where I’ve been, hurt.

Yes I’m going to continue to take photographs of the fishing trip the evening and if any fish the place to find the picture, so not other than tight lines! I think we all fit in to the lake to fish just as much, envy is not at least raise this hobby popularity.

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