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This summer’s catches, I see you weaken as the closer to the fall we go. Previous years catches are starting in may little by little increased and at the end of July has started rytistä pretty properly. In August, the fish has become the doors and windows.

This year is different. See it already last winter, when it snowed so much, that something strange this year is. Summer starts early in may and the heat and the heat is a lot. Rain again, not so much, although in general it has been the Finnish summer trademark.

Ahti was the beginning of the summer so favorable, I guess they premature heat had mellowed its head. Now it has come back to his senses and put a stop to those a hundred thirty-five walleye of the day. Anymore their food, the fish are not apparently so just taken from the lake.

I bought a few weeks ago, the independent and I slept one night in the woods in a hammock, I fell in love with it to the fullest. Would do it all the time I go in search of the two by a suitable distance from each other on the wood and put a hammock between them to hang. Then crawl into that bed, pull the zipper closed and just pötkötellä and watch the world go by. This is the most relaxing place in the world!

We left on Saturday Kallavedelle fish and because of these the weather is still so summery and warm, we decided to spend the night on the island in hammocks sleeping. A week ago the fish can be found pretty weak and expectations of the fish have been high now either. Fish are strange places, and I can’t find them.

When you get to the lake, the situation looked very positive. Sonar starts to draw like a humongous fish and a spark of hope ignited. I think I found the bass of the kingdom ?

In a moment the terrible truth was revealed. Those little scammers weren’t bass, but keep the standard! And specifically pikkukuhia. I’ve never seen so many small keep the standard, as Saturday Kallavedellä. Whenever you go less than five meters into the water, the sonar went crazy and draw pompuloita the base of the full.


Pikkukuhia was enough

I have already a couple of years mistakenly think that know the difference between a perch and keep the standard sonar screen, but Saturday’s cheat got me pretty full. Pikkukuhat were flocks than bass ever and it was impossible to distinguish between fish and flocks form.

Saturday basic size

Walleye flock among come also dimensions of the fish and the big ones keep the standard were 50cm. A large part of the fish, however, was 30-40cm fish.

Motorguide bow electric motor is yes then great tools nowadays that I don’t understand how it’s come to get along without it. The below map shows well how carefully the boat stays in the sky anchor (the red close mess is a trail, which came to an anchor in). Scale is tens of meters, so the boat makes only a few meters of movement in place and Saturday, however, was the wind somewhat, so it really accurate is that thing. Fish found in the fish is easy to pick up, when the boat stays in the loft. It’s a flock of finding it is another story…

Xi3 to keep the boat very stationary in the sky at anchor in the

I’m looking for different places and depths, but I didn’t see a single genuine perch flocks. In the evening after eight, I found out the reason why I hadn’t seen perch flocks from the bottom of the whole day, perch namely swim up to the surface!

By chance I got one of bass just from the surface, when the reel I jig to the boat and any fish he tried to grab ascending jigiin the boat next to it. Calculate the jig back to the surface of the water and there was a shirt with stripes like a minute and tried to rip jig a second time. I got really terribly and Juhakin saw the situation. We were both stumped.

Bill’s jig for the third time the surface of the water and now the perch bite properly, and the hook grabbed into the mouth. I’ve never before had a fish in inches of water beneath the surface, if not now spinners. Therefore, you create, at least not seared perch to the bottom, when the flocks floating at the surface the sonar beam reach.

This glutton ate the jig right from the surface of the

Try ”surface-perch” after getting the perch spinners, but for some reason the fish did not accept the visor. Saturday perch catches remained poor, with a few chance fish, with the exception.

Sunset brought forward day by day and also dusk will come earlier. We decided to leave the islands for nine countries, and set up hammocks. Place your selection Törsö-the name of the island.

Kallavedellä has a lot of great island, although the landing is always a bit problematic. Törsön the entire second half was quite rocky and we thought we had, that we can’t get to the islands at all, but the island’s other side to find a small sandy beach, with access to land.

Törsö, fun name of the island olli back

The island was a couple of fire place, but the forest fire warning due to we couldn’t make fires. Fortunately, it was warm, so no fire even missed, although the morning coffee would have been nice to enjoy.

There should be a big tent too flat place 🙂

Was hammock time quickly put out, because we didn’t need tarppikatosta at all, when the rain was not coming. The first hammock spot right by the beach should reject the trees on the thickness, but luckily, I found a few skinny birch, whose ”tree-huggers” reach their around. I wonder if those straps somehow to continue, that should be they sometimes paksummankin around a tree attached, does anyone have experience?

Melkeinhän it was again a five minute job

Ready for bed

I woke up to the heat and maybe two pairs of wool socks superimposed were originally a little bit too much. In addition, it should open the sleeping bag, when night was really really hot. I had a t-shirt and I was only half-inside the sleeping bag, but still at night there was no cold.

Moon skate by between the trees

I bought an inflatable tent with mattress, independent to the bottom and that probably helped the temperature stay in. That our independent model base is two-layered and between the layers to get to fit in a camping mattress. Maybe that inflatable under the camping mattress is the fall in the cooler weather with more of a need.

I slept pretty well all night except for the heat awakening. In the morning I woke up also another time, when the beach was in the logs of the fight. The birds keep such a ruckus that tosikaan and Juhakin had awakened it. Whatever bickering at that time ?

One of the best places where people can wake up 🙂

Like this the roof on Sunday morning

The picture below shows very well how a small space all expedition supplies will go. Those three in the bag there are two hammocks, two thick sleeping bags, two independent ship felt, it all depends on the carpet of the mooring ropes, hammock the mosquito net support stick, air-filled camping mattress, camping pillow, four wool socks, two beanies, mittens, a couple of tours of the lamp and what yet =D

Trip rig goes to the incredibly small space

The bell was rang a little before five, and at six was breakfast eaten, gear unpacked and Alutroll heading ”certain” fishing spot. The previous day we were touring, actually, just new places, but because the catch was poor, Sunday’s war plan was to use the last resort, i.e. to go to the familiar, ”sure”, the fish on the scene.

Fish place the probe immediately began to draw in the fish and boat perch. The joy however was short, for the rest of the fish were revealed, surprise surprise, the minimum size for walleye to be ?

Driven pat to another and finally found a real perch loft. The swarm was almost ten feet, just like a week ago found a perch flocks. I got a flock of some fish, but biggest was only 28cm. The loft was really small compared to the previous weekend, the perch loft and yes it’s so, I think, that those bigger bass of the flock are somewhere in the shallows.

Low places the fish searching is really a challenge, after a couple of meters in the water is not able to distinguish the fish species, nor of the sloping probe are so low in benefit, especially if there is any vegetation or rocks below. Shallow fishing is the time of playing the lottery and luck games. Maybe that’s why I always like to search for fish and fish slightly deeper waters, when the electronics will be able to make better use of, and also sees and knows that what to fish.

Three hours of searching after I told Juha that it is now your turn to find the fish, I give up. So stupid not probe are drawn probably the whole summer.

Sometimes you always have to look at this emptiness

Some keep the standard was still the morning on the boat, but half a day after we decided to go home when the job is not made any progress. The previous day we, of course, the priest sought for the fish, because we did not want them for the night in the cooler.

Small walleye can be found shallow again on Sunday, but we have to stay to fish

On Sunday we would have taken food fish 45-50cm keep the standard, if we had them received, but all received the fish were less than 45cm. At least Kallavedessä they 42-44cm keep the standard are so scrawny, that’s not them on the food fish taken. Perhaps some time to get back home, brought kuhien and perch in the form of a ☺

Cabin bay port home

I’ve been thinking about lately on this blog and that I should blog writing to take a break. I like to write and I’ll take that fishing trip and a lot of photos, but I feel that today’s blog content does not interest readers, as the less often I get to blog from your visitors comments. I might do one blog post for five hours and in between comes to mind that is worth a blog to sacrifice so much time and, in general, pay for and maintain the website, if people don’t care ? No need now to watch how in the future, I think it can be that I can’t be without writing, time rutiin right this has already become a fair in four years 🙂

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