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Food fish after

Perch has been otillaan around Savo and many friends and acquaintances have been good catches lately. Of course the holidays always have to myself to try whether Ahti generous. Any wild prey is not yet self sustained, but the perch food is, however, to reach to taste.

A week ago Saturday we left to visit the North-Kallavedellä. The guy told me on Friday that he had received there filekalat, so on Saturday we headed to the same place for a bigger group.

The day had involved the fishermen on the quiet. I got a few bass, with the biggest must have been a hundred grams of hujakoilla, very weak. Because of the information not caused by its own probe in the reaction of the fish among the, I asked the adjacent hole in the vertical ice fishing ice fishing a dead little boys on my ice watch ”on tv” ice under events.

The boy became excited pilkkivapani with me and I advised him of the sonar with the help of ice fishing. Didn’t go more than a few minutes, then empty the ice began to be events. Fish began to rise to the morrille and soon the boy got the first perch. After the ice will give at least 15 bass more and the smile was delicate for both of us.

I was drilling a spot for a total of three holes, so we were able to watch from the same probe, as well as a boy can go ice fishing that I involved. Sonar shows the fish, but I didn’t get involved in the touch either. The day the best lure would definitely be able to cut the line.

We go on the ice even before the two off, because the fish are not activated at any stage to eat information.

Last Sunday we went to visit Sotkalla. Sotka has this winter given to fishermen for wild catches and feel that there is this winter to become more fish than all of last winter combined.

We were sotka cape in good time Sunday morning and got our guy from a sled ride to the fishing spot. Or just one of us got, because the guy in the Lynx-seniors decided that we no longer take it. The rest of the crowd will then walk to the fishing spot.

Uncertain snowmobiles are scary, I hope I get to be your own sled in shape within the week =)

On Sunday the fish were as passive as Saturday. Sure you can do ice fishing would be there, too, received a big pile of perch, but the information didn’t go through. Between the screen came to perch on the loft, but almost as soon as the flock disappeared, when the pike turned. I’ve never seen so many pike in one day during the sonar screen, than on Sunday Sotkalla. Their bikes the area so much and one for angler of the rise of nine pike information.

Float I bigger information of kehivavoilla and I have a leader, but a little hair tails floated without a leader. Quite a few times I have time Sunday to pull the information for the pike to pounce away, but in the end one of the pike got stolen from me involved the ? It was the first involved the loss of the searches ever.

Facebook’s side had long discussions about it, when I left pike fish probe line basis. Many think ahvenkin I can do a quick burst of, but in fact I have never yet seen the ”final plunge” to the bass. Perch yes is may have increased information for a nearly vertical, but its pace has been steady, a couple of meters of a crash is always missing. If someone perch-expert video of this type of incident, so after, I believe ☺ until I left the perch a flock away run lone syöksyilijät fish ?

I think the image of the fish is a pike

On Sunday I got the only fish in a small Mr. Manu hair tail involved, which was the color of the hook. Although always said that I don’t use the information for the under the color of the hooks, so in some small and lightweight at less than five inches tall in tasureissa the color of the hook is. The end of the day I had a few good food fish, of which the biggest weighed 470g.

Sunday Sotkalla was all savolainen
Traffic has been terrible…
The beach in the beautiful people were on the grill had hot dogs and for us offered, thank you!
Very good food fish

Friday, Saturday and today, Sunday was ice fishing day. On Friday we left John with already at the beach from different directions and eventually pilkitty a few hundred meters from each other. My winter was quiet, but Juhalla again had events. I received a Whatsapp image of the fair 700g size of a perch. At that point I wondered if I should go to the same edged.

Malta’s, however, my mind and continued jigging. Soon I received another message and this time Juha had gotten a big walleye fish game Nulikalla. I asked if the dimensions of the fish and it was when the weight was 1.7 kg ? the Credit for their own fish place began to shake and I was in two minds should I go John’s house.

Juha 1.7 kg walleye fish game Nulikalla

I got a few filekaloja from your hole in the ice and thought maybe it was a bigger fish will eat this, too. I waited and waited, but nothing happened. Juha’s place to have a bike big fish all the time and when I got the message the data that the pounds of class perch had loosened the ice, I almost ran to John’s house.

Their own winter was events, but the perch were pretty small
A few filekala

When I get to the same edged, the place fell silent. I got one 300g fish it, but then the fish disappeared. I probably should have left first thing in the morning in the same direction ?

Mr. Manu small hair tail tasted

Friday’s fish had empty stomachs, so we had high expectations for Saturday. We were ice fishing a place with already a lot of before sunrise, but quite in vain, for all day Saturday the fish were really nirsolla otilla. I only got four to take fish, but the biggest was at least a little more than half a pound. Juhalla Saturday was the weaker of the day and catch as there was only one perch.

On Saturday morning the first fish broke the one-pound limit, from the mouth of Mr. Manu lightened little information for the ”luxusmuikku”
The movement was arduous, when all the time legs and the shoes froze ten pounds of slush…

Today was still doing one of the ice fishing trip before the ark of toil. Friday and Saturday was like a dreadful wind, but fortunately it was nearly zero degrees, so not cold. Today, again, the frost was -15C, but the wind was quieted. Not on the ice could have been, when the fingers were gonna freeze this freezing weather, let alone if there was still wind.

Perfect pilkkikeli

There was a bright vetisellä the lake, where the fishing depth are several meters more, than, for example, Kallavedellä. We fished less than ten feet of water today at all. Juha left again a little my own and I should have known that when Hannu Goose from among them, it is someone’s vision of good catches.

Point started screaming heard from a distance. Juha screamed, ”no, this wasn’t a perch”. He had received the 13-metre fish, which had risen involved, just like perch. Yet the fishing line of väsytellessä he thought he was raising bass. Only sideways in the hole below the silver side was revealed, that not it at least perch.

Two pounds of white fish, two kilos whitefish! Just had to scream on the ice that legendary phrase, when it became clear that Juha got 60cm of whitefish. Phew, that was piggy. That fish was dinner time at home. Whitefish fish bandit a big kuorekevennetyllä.

Of 2.36 kg and 60cm, good luck!
Perhaps the biggest fish robbers have obtained whitefish?
My catch today, biggest perch 440g/33cm

Yes, we wonder was it the ice pötköttävää fish for a long time. Can that big siiat even exist!? Apparently you can. From now on, I follow Juha ice fishing than shark ship, for some reason, it knows where the big fish lurk. This trip report was for the most part John fish reporting, I hope things will change by week four, when the direction of our information for wild winter date Puruvedelle ☺

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