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Savo lakes are gold

The summer fishing season is in full swing and the walleye and perch to reach right now. Between mana by nearby lakes, while Ahti is not always generous. Should, however, always remember to be grateful for these waters, although the fish is every time you eat. Throughout the situation for walleye and perch in the lake are not so good and few days ago it again realized and the memory, when an Estonian friend blurted out that we’re really spoiled when we do have walleye to own järvissämme.

I got to know through my blog last summer, Estonian lehari’s. Lehar went to Colorado years ago, and was fishing with us a couple of days. I wrote that blog too. Link:

Lehar love was Savo lake and wanted this summer to come fishing for a week. He rented a cottage and arrived in Finland wife Kerlin with. Lehar love was last summer, also we Alutrollin and this year he had his own Alutroll car after 😁 Fishing Leharin and Kerlin with a few days together and we all learn from each other new stuff.

Before Lehar and Kerli arrived at Savo, we made John with one good perch of the trip Kallavedelle. Walleye have been somewhat missing in recent weeks, but now over the last week that has returned to the hideout the norm for summer places.

Kallavedellä bass average size is usually 150-250g, but last time we found a really good-sized fish. We got well over 30cm of perch and the fish was on the move a lot. I wonder yes, that bass are throughout the spring and early summer have been deep in ie 9-10 feet. Prefer bass jigailin a little lower…

The sea bass was so active before, none of the lure had been in water
Vertikaalijigaus works ahvenelle

The best jig was the Shaker f I Piggyshad and yes, it’s a good model of the jig, because it works just as well vertsussa than their. And the size is also suitable for kuhalle. And seethe speaking of, they came to the right place finding pretty hard. It was nice to throw, when every roll of the the rise of walleye in the boat.

Last Saturday we left Leharin and Kerlin with the fishing game water. Two Alutrollin sped in a row towards the fishing spots and the weather really favored us.

Fish started to find really immediately and yes Ahti seriously, it was really nice, because the Estonian guests were treated to good fishing every day of his stay. I have personally experienced many times that the fish can be shut up even if many days, but now I was glad Leharin and Kerlin, on behalf of that fish happens to eat for a week.

Orange was a very powerful color, jiginä Piggyshad
I said Kerlille to try a jig, which is orange.. he tried and immediately 3kg walleye =)

In estonia, the walleye is reportedly rare fish and Leharin and Kerlin have to go to sea, if they want to fish for zander. And if you want to buy, round the price of fish is more bucks per kilo. Unbelievable.

Perch and keep the standard destroyed the jigs pretty hard, this is the fourth jig going

Myself annoying at times, when the lake shows up as a little roll of the fishermen. Yes here jigaajille would fit more, although how much and what would be more comfortable, than get a fresh walleye dinner table. These us top of the lake also need to remember to keep your wits in hand, when you find a good jigipaikan, because a hundred walleye in a day it is no wonder.

The big ones keep the standard wheels under the boat
Common dining moment =)
Alutrollissa sky anchor in, yes those MG:s are accurate things
Per cottage

On Saturday the end of the day we grilled perch and they came out just great, of course, 😁 a full Stomach was a good keel almost to the shoreline to hang the hammock. The boat was five feet away, so the hammock was in the morning a short displacement of the boat and fishing spots 😁

Kerli was the first time in Finland jigikalastaja mass and during the first two days he got two record fish their. Three pounds of walleye was quite a great catch, but the next day, the boat rose still three times bigger fish. Nearly nine pounds of pike is already a rare catch and even here a lot of fish, not your line from the not so great fish still stuck to it. Good luck still a record of Kerli!

This 8.6 kg/115cm pike bite 8cm Savage Gear white salakkajigiin =)

Visit one day Leharin and Kerlin boat and left the three of us fishing. Their week vacation period was just one unstable one day and it just so happens to be that day, when I was in their boat with. And not those ”uncertainties” that the weather over, because the evening had been, or actually was, towed 😆

The fish ate throughout the day really well, but I had a little matter to observe stormtracker, because ukkosrintama was on the move Savo. We had to leave two times the thunder away and doing a few kilometers of displacement, the thunder was able to duck. The thunder were small and fast, but I still didn’t want to stay kind of under the.

Do you see the same when I, I wonder if it’s Mr. Thunder?
Small Lucky John makor-the jig tasted this 57cm kuhalle

Keep the standard and perch have now sekaparvia in and actually of all the fish place has become both species. When the three of us were fishing and we threw three different direction, the fishing rod could just as well be a walleye than ahvenkin. I got a day during the ten dimensions of the walleye, of which the biggest was 57cm and 54cm, in addition to small walleye were on the move a lot. Bass found +30cm size.

Peculiar, that keep the standard have been eating a lot better small than big jigiin. Kerlin, too, by 3kg walleye came with a small about 6cm size jigillä. Ten inch jigs are just the maximum size to what I use.

When was the beach departure time, the desk lit the oil lamp. Well, we’re at the lake may have been nothing to do, but the only solution was to run a motorguide on the cabin. The trip there was about 10 miles and the wind keulis not very hard to ride gone. We calculated that if a battery lasts, we are three hours from here. Phew.

We saw a boat and the boat driver say hello. Morjestin back and realized that it was my friend Lasse. Try to swing the stern of the boat, but Lasse went away. I picked up the phone in your hand, so I could call and ask for a tow, but I had no Lassen number. I sent it in a desperate Facebook message, and fortunately a few minutes the boat made a u-turn.

Lasse saving angel offered to tow us closer to the cabins and it was a funny coincidence, I knew exactly one person game against water and just he happened to run against us 😁

Thank You Lasse =)
The last few miles driven bow electric engine

The end well all well and the cottage to the shore was reached. I called the next morning VML Sponsor and told them that soon will become customers…

Thanks to Kerli and Lehar fishing company, was top fun! Maybe we’ll meet next time in winter ice fishing terms ☺

Me and juha had room for midsummer plans to fish a couple different lakes. We left on Thursday Koirukselle and we packed our hammocks, according to the. Last summer Koirus swarming keep the standard and we find there’s also bass. This year, however, was different.

Game water the fish was really that place, but Koirukselle it wasn’t anything. Absolutely amazing, what kind of u-turn fishing to come. Even though we’re spoiled in the lake with, so it’s not that easy always for us either.

We walked around on Thursday and Friday the lake very carefully, and we tried to find fish both deep and shallow. Minimum size for walleye visible 10-12 feet, but so deep we didn’t want to walleye fish. And the lower seats were empty.

Last summer Koiruksen keep the standard were 5-7 feet, but now those places were deserted. Ahveniahan we primarily want to fish, but when they are not seen anywhere.

The last resort was to go quite low and a trip to the only bass they came, after all, really low places. Was fishing as well as 2-3m back patti and the reeds islets. Perch were like the reeds next to the and strange was it that the first pike contact we low received. And of course it’s better when the perch thing jigailtiin.

Or low in those stripe shirts hanging out…

Jigs are ideal lures matalikkoihin, because many times there is a rock on the bottom. Was more bottom some bites and yes jigs goes to the low fishing much more, than the deeper clay pateilla.

Koirukselle is a lot of nice islands and found a place to stay your lovely rocky beach of paradise. The evening and breakfast were done we, because of the forest fire warning was in force.

Oh I love these island hotels <3
On the roof, because the night promised rain
Nice wallpaper in our kitchen…
Your morning, after lunch I was directed to fish in the morning to eat for

The whole trip balance as there was only one minimum size for walleye, although until now I have been Koirusta a good walleye lake to. Bass sure, then come and more, were found in stripes of four different shoal.

We had to leave Koiruksen off already noon, because the us was coming ukkosrintama terrible ride. Fortunately I was home before the storm and would have been quite a treat to be at the lake in that weather, I don’t remember when was the last time would have been so much thunder…

Expected weather improved the next day. That’s when the thunder had receded, but was replaced quite shocking wind. We decided to choose Saturday’s fishing spot as possible for a small lake, so the waves would not be so bad.

We Headed Karttulaan Kuttajärvellä. The intention was first to go in search of a suitable island and be the island in a few hours, when the worst of the wind had quieted.

Lowered skiff and started quietly to move towards mökittömiä the island. The weather got worse the whole time and the wind was terrible. Well, thankfully not a thunderstorm coming, we’ll wind up with be fine as long as find a suitable place to camp.

Suddenly, the sky appeared two black giant clouds and when it was considered the rain to explore, quite close to us were born two ukkosrintama from out of nowhere. What the hell? This was not the Pekka fair weather with no speech…

Tried to look for a suitable island, but the island the beach was steep and rocky. I know that Kuttajärvi is really rocky and there is a lot of the map unmarked stones. Tohatsu was scared, when driven low, and although the water was four feet, right in front of us was suddenly the stone surface. And it certainly wasn’t anywhere on the map; not C-maps, not Navionics and the map in the browser. I had three maps open while driving and still there those surprise stones to appear.

I go fast the same trail back and the thunder of its approach. The wind swung the boat all the time and the driving was challenging. We would have been forced to get ashore before the thunderstorm, but landfall could not be found. So I made the decision that the time on the bus to the fullest on the beach. Lifted the boat on a trailer and head home…

We had luckily only a 10 minute drive to the beach. When you get to port, the boat had no maneuverability unless the motor trimming right down. About Tohatsu and Alutroll get in the mood and aallokolle, when the boat left all the time by force somewhere.

I’ve never been in that kind of weather, that the boat does what happens. Yes water is a terrible force-and yes, it’s the wind forecast had promised illut up to 20 meters a gust of wind. The wind went straight to the port and hard that a gust of wind, indeed, was, gosh.

I almost didn’t get to Juha left the dock when the waves came straight way up and rock the boat. Finally I managed and Juha went to pick up the trailer. Ukkosrintama come from two directions and I had already put the rods on the floor, don’t but the boat struck.

Phew what a relief it was when I got the boat rides on a trailer. Kuttajärvi, indeed, was challenging the lake and we did there pikaisimman stitch I ever 😆 Learned it, that if the weather report is given to the wind warning, it should obey.

We had lunch and hammock packed ready and we were prepared for outdoor sleeping, so in the end we took the boat home and we go hammock camping without fishing equipment. Nice it was too.

Provincial tourism, those vänkyröi in no hammocks caught =)

The wind is yes in recent weeks have been enough and it appears, according to forecasts, sufficient to continue. I hope, however, it would remain in such read in that lake the courage to leave, start, namely to make the mind smoked fish ☺

Smoker midsummer perch fillets without skin, they managed well and were really delicious. And best of all, quick to eat 😁 electric smoker is a top of the invention ☺👌

The article Savo, the lake is gold was first published in the FISH WE LUCK.

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