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Autumn arrived

Running short before the end. Always this time of year is beginning to scare me, when the season nears its end. Just this is the pace was reached, and in a few weeks, I should already put straws in the bag. Duh. Fortunately, the open water season, there’s always a wonderful information for winter, so in the absence of fishing does not need to be in the boat for the winter … illegal after. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, yet it is perch time left ☺

We have been trying to go fishing whenever the weather is given that opportunity. Terrible wind, was between and it’s not like we boat on a ten meter winds go, when fishing does not come with any. Although the summer is a wonderful time and the bright nights super beautiful, it is autumn now, even my career. Especially if the autumn night to spend outside.

We are now in autumn stay has been a couple of times on the island and it is so magical when it’s pitch dark and the only light sources are the sky shone with a million stars. In a hammock you just don’t want to close her eyes, when you want to, but staring at the stars.

There was a couple of weeks ago Karhonvedellä. I’ve been waiting to catch perch parveutua where, because autumn is one of the best bass fisherman in the season of. At least the still waters seem to be too warm, but maybe little by little perch are starting to gather into a swarm. Karhonvedellä bass are hiding almost all the time somewhere, but keep the standard found in more than one place.

Game water pour the rain caught in the middle of fishing

The day has shortened a lot. Bright time is already evening at eight, when the need to be at the beach. In the dark lake moving is not fun. Also in the morning is not worth even a three-time lake head, because the sun rises until after six.

We had Karhonvedellä a decent picnic lunch included =D

During the two days was found Karhonvedeltä perch only a couple of places and they perch were walleye flock among. I got the test LMAB-jigs, which I tried Karhonvedellä for the first time. I like to jig the model and colors. I fish usually quite small jigeillä and seven inch jigs were just the perfect size. That size jig you taste ahvenelle and kuhiin is surprisingly well, because the dietary fish size is generally not much greater.

LMAB Köften jigs are real little fish-shaped
Organic colors are working very well

Originally, the intention was to stay in a familiar Purtosaaressa, but the waters were so low, that the landing was not successful. Were lucky to get a few miles from the location of the travel in the islands, because the beaches were more pronounced disparities. In addition, the island happens to be lean, which was nice to fry the sausages and steaks. I had missed the barbecue goodies, because a forest fire warning had been so long in force and was being forced to do the dishes trangia in.

Purtosaari stayed a dream, because the beach was full of big underwater rocks
Travel the islands was much easier to go

Dark September evenings are wonderfully moody. Barbecue was food and sat down around the campfire in front of the fire. The night was not coming rain, so we didn’t have to put tarppeja. The starry sky ceiling it was wonderful to fall asleep to.

Every time we have this summer to go to the island for the night, we decided the evening before going to bed, the next morning we leave really early in the morning intake. And every time that plan has gone awry.

Hammock but gets so sikeät dream, that the eyes simply do not open before six in the morning to. It’s become a pretty common joke with me and John in the middle, when in the evening always tends to affirm to each other that tomorrow will wake up early. And at the same time we look into each other’s eyes and we start to laugh. Not going to happen 🤣

Maybe it is old age become that much convenience that the more important is sleeping than fishing. But on the other hand, eat the fish later 😁

Travel the island were heard in the evening while those legendary words, that tomorrow will wake up early. And lookie here, we’re before eight we were on the lake.

Good morning! Morning eating was and went…

But it can also explain to yourself the best. There was so much fog that the boat driving would be slow and difficult, so there is no point to go sankkaan-studded hours to wander. Eight countries of the lake was still fog, but the plotter was facilitated by the movement. The clock was eleven, before the fog eventually lost completely.

The previous evening we found maybe a couple of dozen perch, but on Sunday only a fraction of it. This summer has been difficult to interpret the sonar displays, when you don’t always know whether to buzz or bass. And when the bass have been so a lot of walleye flock to the sea, so it is complicate things further.

Sunday bass were pretty scattered

Between the two is thought to have found walleye of the flock and the first boat ascended the fish is perch or the other way around. That is why I now no longer say as confidently as before, is there a fish for walleye or perch loft. It sees only then, when the fish rises to the boat.

We got a few ruokakun and individual bass kuhien among. At least Karhonvedellä bigger bass parveutua where was not yet noticeable.

A little over a week ago on Saturday we went to visit sotka’s back. I’ve never really found Sotkalta bass in the summer, with the exception of a few individual absolutely nothing. Sotkalta found sooner keep the standard like bass. I know that Sotkalta could, however, good luck to hit the find big bass. Therefore, once or twice a year Sotkalle should drone on to play it fast or nothing.

Five hours of fish after searching rutiköyhyyttä begin to flesh themselves. I remembered why Sotkalla is not worth to visit. It is in the summer always empty. We had received only a couple walleye for hours, but the perch was a familiar way of hiding. When Sotka was driven from end to end, said Juha, that now let’s go Kallavedelle.

Five hours in the balance wasn’t huraamista

Time gas on the bottom towards the Kallavettä, but some strange whim I stopped the boat for one of the potential appearance on the scene. We were five hours looking for the fish closest to the wind side of the embankment, but now a bit like accidentally drive with the wind against the embankment. And it was a good thing, because the first condition of the fish screen to find the ”wrong side of the embankment”.

Well, all sotka of fish you would be them to the wrong side, the side in? Well, the main thing that we found something. We put the boat in the sky anchor and it it with pleasure then began. Stripe shirt, you ate like a tough jig and the largest fish was 36 inches.

LMAB jigs were superior Sotkalla

Perch ate a small fish from the surface and was unbelievably fine-looking, when more perch chasing small fish to the surface and perch dorsal fin seen above the surface.

And there was the lake of birds, but the funny thing that for once things went that way, that we’re looking for the fishing spot the gulls. The logs, therefore, arrived at the scene only after us 😁 So that let but good logs!

Juhakin got handsome kölliköitä, juha had room at Lucky John’s Makor line from

We fished for bass for three hours, after which we were forced to go in search of a place to stay, even though eating was still in progress. The lake side was one of the most familiar island where we had planned to go to. If the place was not busy, it was just a good place to camp the wind direction point of view. The evening was a quite hard wind and because the nights are no longer any all warmer, had better to look for a place to camp wind protection.

The island was free, so we got to camp around there

That Saturday was the Finnish nature day and the theme of sleep the night outside. Fishing hit, so just the right day, because our purpose was to sleep a night outside.

The Finnish nature offers the best for you and I think that time many finns slept through the night happily outside in the warmer weather and good weather.

Who wouldn’t want to sleep outside in these landscapes?

We did you come to the fire and we had a deli included. Fry was halsteria in steaks and chaser drank a glass of wine. Or maybe a couple of you 😉 Luxury.

The fire began to fade and the stomach meet. We looked at John with each other and almost in unison, we decided that now was not made vain promises of early awakening and morning eating the output. Wake up when you wake up.

The evening full of atmosphere
And moody are these morning too… beautiful!
Put the coffee in the lap of nature, the best <3
On Sunday morning, nearly 30 logs will beg can again search for those fish…

Sunday had not been eating day and I don’t think waking up early would have changed the situation. Fishing can occasionally be also really difficult. The previous day’s ferocious eating had given a false picture of the fishing ease, but on Sunday the Lake dropped us back down to earth. Not to be sweet.

In the morning the perch ate the minutes, then the stomach was probably full

We’re looking for a Sunday fish all day and we drove a total of 48 miles. The catch was only a few perch and a couple of food fishes. The lake has not yet had a noticeable bass parveutua where. The water heat was 18C.

The lake I keep the standard from the smoker to the

Couple the previous summer we’ve been Unnukalla fish in. Leppävirta is located in the lake is very good for walleye and perch lake, but can it also be capricious. We have Unnukalla yet this year at all, so last Saturday we decided to head there.

We were already in the early morning traffic, so that we have time to fish as long as possible before dark. I had in mind a certain familiar fishing spot, which we have in the past for summer fishing.

Hellou Unnukka long time no see =)

We had not been on the lake long ago, when already we find a huge amount of fish. Left in the flock was as well as keep the standard of that bass, and I thought that or so, Unnukalla perch must have parveutua. Water temperature was 17C.

The first fishing spot was good =)

We got in the morning a lot of bass as well as some keep the standard, but we didn’t take any food fish, according. If the first fish spot fish is so much and it is so active, I think that during the day we found fish in several more places.

We continued our journey and walked around the familiar places. However, we found no similar perch flocks elsewhere, as the day of the first hotspot from. Well, maybe it’s perch then it wasn’t yet parveutunut, why don’t you take these out 😁

We were Unnukalla about ten hours and in between had a couple of hours fish-free periods. Many of the familiar places were empty. I also made the same observation, as Sotkalla a week ago, that the fish do not necessarily weren’t wind-hand side, but partly also the wind have on the banks. Sometimes it actually is so set in my ways, that circling always just them on the wind side of the bench and forget about vastaise. It can be a bad mistake.

From one fishing spot to find really a lot of walleye and it would’ve been a fish probably scads. We took a few ruokakun according to, after which we leave the place alone. Usually we will take, therefore if but we get 2-4 food walleye, because the more we can freshly eat. And we don’t like frozen fish. Bass leaves a little bit higher number, if it Ahtiherra swamp.

I was wondering Juha out loud, that I wonder where those fish disappeared probe. Juha said that the well on that floor.

Special Unnukan trip was the fact that the traditional ”luottovärijigit” didn’t work. Usually cheese/salakan color smaller luomujigi works in every place. It is always a last resort, if the fish are going to be nirsolla mood. This time it is not then caused absolutely no interest in fish. Actually, the only jigs that fish came in, were green or green shades.

Nice double sharkbait green jigeillä
The counter should be used very rarely. Unnukalla it was after long time use and it was pretty good chapter, even though the day time had some stupid moments 🙂

One of the reasons the credit color of the inaction may have been that the bass and keep the standard not the shell of the suit, but each other after. One of the perch, which I got, spit life of the walleye fry in his mouth. And one kuhalla again chopped the big bass of the tail in the mouth. Those were pretty rare situations, because actually, always our area of the lake perch and kuhien food fish is smelt. On the other hand, I don’t have Unnukasta have so much experience that I can confidently say. Perhaps there predator fish eat other predatory fish more often…

Bass sylkäisemä life walleye fry and this was a C&R, because the minimum size to be released always 🙂
Walleye’s mouth chopped by more than 20cm perch

It was nice to visit Unnukalla after a long time, and even nicer was that the fish happened to eat the day. Yes this fishing is obviously the ups and downs all the time, between eating and not eating. And you can never know in advance what the day will bring. Continue it pounds of perch for open water is getting, but to know while it comes on the next trip 😁

How’s the rest of the country, it’s either that perch is parveutunut? 😁

Unnukan catch further processed: polentalla breaded walleye and ahvenpata of people.
Cats small tidbits without panerointia 🙂

The article Autumn arrival was first published in the FISH WE LUCK.

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